Ice Melt @ BOTH Poles Wreaks Havoc: Robert L. Hunziker

welcome back to work here robert altman secure is an environmental journalist based in los angeles he joined one of our affiliate program to discuss climate change we invited him back this week after the janu walkins interview to further discuss the subject important to him and to all of us power to endangered holes […]


hi guys this is Geramicc85 and today I’ll be replacing the upper and lower ball joints on my Dodge Ram 1500 i bought 4 new ball joints two upper ball joints and these are the two lower ball joints I’ll be replacing one side first and then the second side, passenger side, is usually all […]

Joint Press Conference with US Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Pence, ladies and gentlemen. May I extend a very warm welcome to Vice President and Mrs Karen Pence to Singapore. We last met at the White House last year in October when President Trump very kindly hosted me to lunch. And I’m very happy that the Vice President is now here for his […]

Before Merger News, Comcast Donated to All Involved Congressmen

we’ve talked about the Comcast Time Warner proposed merger we told you about how Comcast claims that everybody involved including their customers are really really excited I would love to talk to even one customer who’s excited about Comcast and Time Warner to have the least liked companies when it comes to customer service are […]

Keeping The Flame Alive Documentary – Official Trailer (2018)

Small places in the middle of the Great Plains in the mountains in Montana in North Dakota, in South Dakota in Alberta there are small, little Jewish communities everywhere and there’s Judaism everywhere We’re good to go! (Psalm 96 singing) It is the defining characteristic of who we are and what we’ve become In living […]

Dr. Michael Brown Says Anti-Gay Fight Must Continue, Implies Host is Gay

joining me is doctor michael brown he’s the host of the nationally-syndicated daily talk program the line of also author of acc we are thing happened to america and twenty other books also director of the coalition of conscience uh… michael you had this interesting article and townhall dot com called is it time to […]

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

By the end of the first quarter of the 21st century… …beginning with a large-scale military coup d’etat that erupted in various cities throughout the nation… …freedom was dead in America. However, one final hope in opposing the coup d’etat forces remain. This final hope being the US president. [MUSIC PLAYING] Richard!!!!!!! What do you […]

Is America Actually Metric?

I’m here at the National Institute for Standards and Technology, and I’m about to see some of the original kilogram standards. Is that right? Patrick: You are, you are. When were these made? Well the originals were made in the 1880s. There were 40 of them that were brethren of the International prototype kilogram and […]