Hammer vs. Sanding – which makes the best aluminum foil ball?

Science Mom here with Math Dad and today I have a challenge for Math Dad. So, I’m going to challenge you to take an entire roll of tin foil, crumple it into a ball and then compact it down enough that it becomes completely shiny and smooth. The aluminum ball challenge. I’ve seen this. So, […]

How To TIG Weld with the NEW Eastwood Digital TIG 200 AC/DC Welder!

everybody it’s matt from eastwood we’re here in the eastwood garage doing another live-text session today we are going to be covering some TIG welding so you’re just turning in make sure you stick with us for anybody hasn’t watched one of these before we wanted to be as interactive as possible so like you […]

Cut up to 7/8″ Metal With the Eastwood Versa-Cut 60!

this is averse cut 60 this will cut up to 78 plate it’s a it’s a monster yeah I I’ve cut seven eighths within it . it does it’s impressive and its light so I mean only about 45 pounds yeah you can carry it around I mean it will do everything on your restoration […]

How to Choose the Right Welding Gas – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Choose the Right Welding Gas, Kevin Caron, www.kevincaron.com The Voice: Hey, Kevin. Why are you looking at us like that? Kevin Caron: Because somebody’s sleeping out there. I’ve had several questions here lately about shielding gas: How come I have to use two different bottles? You know, one for TIG […]

4943 Aluminum TIG Rod Is Key to Medical Equipment Quality

We built a pressure chamber mainly for sterilization and stuff. I used the Hobart 4943 rod, works really good for us. We get the extra strength that we’re looking for. Just a very good weldability. Quality is our number one priority, and it flows well into the joints and we don’t see any leaks with […]

NSERC Presents 2 Minutes With Daniel Marceau

My name is Daniel Marceau. I am a full professor in the Department of Applied Science at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi and director of CURAL, the university’s centre for research on aluminum. The research activities that CURAL carries out in partnership with Rio Tinto Alcan have the primary objective of improving existing technologies […]

Molten Metal in a Vacuum

[Captioned via Y Translator] This video is sponsored by NordVPN. Molten metal in a vacuum chamber, what happens to it? Will it bubble and boil like water? Will it hold its heat for a really long time? We’re going to find out. [Music] For years, we have done experiments using a vacuum chamber, and we’ve […]

Power Builds Ships: Northwest Hydropower Helps Win World War II (1942)

“Power Builds Ships” (1942, 11 minutes) [Music] [On Screen: United States Department of the Interior Presents — Power Builds Ships Written by — Henry Alderman Narrated by — Gene W. Daniels Photography — Charles S. Piper — T.C. Corrie Recording — E. Eversman Directed by Irving B. Dyatt] [Off Screen Narrator] From all corners of […]

Making a Table for my Portable Bandsaw

In this video I wanted to show you one of my favorite new toys that I bought recently to help with breaking down aluminum scrap and cutting off sprues and how I made it even better! This is a Milwaulkie portable bandsaw and it is more useful than I could ever have hoped. In fact […]

TIG Welding Aluminum Part 1: How to Hold the Torch

Hi, I’m Andy Weyenberg with Miller® Electric. I handle the motorsports marketing for Miller and we get a lot of questions for TIG welding, precisely aluminum. Even from beginners to experienced welders who do a lot of welding with steel, a lot of people have some problems that are working with aluminum. So we’re going […]