How to repair a 12 volt car battery using food grade Alum and baking soda for under 5 dollars

All right, I’m going to be trying to do today is convert Some of these old batteries that don’t hold charge anymore like this one this one has Not even a volt no oh two volts there Well over 2 volts 30 so basically nothing Screwdriver for this, but I just grabbed this because it […]

The New Metal Threatening Carbon Fiber Bike Frames | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 60

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we’ve got a new bike from Battaglin we’ve got a Bluetooth smart pump, we’ve got your bikes your upgrades and of course, the bike vault. – And we’ve also got a certain aluminum that you couldn’t weld, but now you can. – Yeah, that’s going […]

Dlaczego metodą Tig nie spawamy aluminium prądem o częstotliwości stałej . Test i demonstracja .

Hey In today’s episode I will try to answer one of the questions, which appeared on my channel, and more specifically. If you have a device at your disposal, which is equipped only with DC constant frequency welding options , we can weld aluminum using the tig method? Those who weld using the tig method […]

Carbon Fiber Vs Aluminium – 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Aluminium

aluminium is one of the most common materials with which to build bikes while the cheapest buy extends me steal the most expensive a typically carbon fiber the middle ground is occupied by aluminium which to many people I guess Masek seem particularly unexcited and also gets a bad rap it’s less comfortable than steel […]

Kemppi reference: Buster Boats, Finland, X8 MIG Welder

Buster is the largest manufacturer of aluminum boats in the Nordic countries. There are 125 employees here at the factory, – and there are 25 employees at our headquarters in Raisio. So in total, 150 employees. The Ähtäri factory is purely a production facility. We produce all the boats here. The success of the factory […]

Aluminium Foil Thermite?!?!

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab So today I wanted to make thermite but challenged myself to use aluminum foil rather than the aluminum powder normally used ‘luminum foil is after all still rather popular on YouTube, right? So this will be probably a lot more difficult due to the larger, you know thickness […]