DaniLeigh – FLAME

Niggas lines I’m the ring leader in the circus Working hard you can hear it all in my verses Apologize if the way I flex make you nervous shit is deeper than the surface I’m just sayin’ its all worth it ‘Cause lately woah, yeh I been cooking in the kitchen, yeh ‘Cause i been […]

Lankford – MELT (Music Video)

picture perfect life shattered like ice cannot find the pieces as they melt before my eyes can’t keep this all together will you love me till I’m better? the fires burning through as I melt with you the cold ground should have kept it all together as we chiseled our hard bodies in the coldness […]

Kids perform Pompeii by Bastille – Fuse Bucket Drumming

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Natural Alternative Ice Melt

Hi, I’m Bryan, here to talk with you about Natural Alternative ice melt and how to apply it to your driveway and sidewalk. Natural Alternative ice melt covers 3x more surface area than rock salt. That means fewer bags to carry and less storage space needed. An application of Natural Alternative ice melt should look […]

Parametrizing sheet metal parts – BricsCAD Mechanical

Sheet metal for BricsCAD adds new design intelligence by automatically placing 3D constraints within your model as you work. The result: better dimensional control over your designs with the automated creation of these constraints. This part is created in SolidWorks. With the communicator add-on you can report it to BricsCAD and convert it the sheet […]

BFH | Night Job | Battlefield Friends Easter Egg

What does this button do? That’s the PA system, don’t touch it! I didn’t touch it! OK, great! Don’t touch it. OK! What is it? It’s the PA system, never touch that. I didn’t touch it! I didn’t say you touched it; just don’t, OK? OK! Just leave that off. Can I steer? No, you […]

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The One-Man Industrial Doom Metal Band