My Little Pony My Little Pony What is frienship all about My Little Pony My Little Pony Friendship is magic! My Little Pony I used to wonder what friendship could be My Little Pony Until you all shared its magic with me When I was young I was too busy to make any friends Such […]

【♪Radix♪】Metal Crusher Lyrical Remix

DRAMA! BLOODSHED! Its time kid! For you to learn your lesson!! I AM METTATON! I am an incredible machine! YOU WILL NOT STOP ME! Now kid you better be ready. i have a series of questions for you. You better answer them…. OR DIE! Welcome to my game I will tell you all the rules […]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – The Movie [HD] Full Story

“Soldiers Without Borders” November 4, 1974 15:42 Barranquilla Coast, Colombia Boss! What’s going on, Kaz? We’ve got guests. Time to move? Don’t worry. It’s not our friends from Langley. I brought ’em. Made sure we weren’t followed. Thank you, Big Boss! Call me Snake. Oh, uh, sorry… Vic Boss! Listen up. For us, there is […]

Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Official Music Video – League of Legends

Blinded by hate brought by the fall As I swear death to all You will feel my vengeance As I claim your mortal soul I will punish and destroy Those responsible for this ploy I will seek a thousand deaths I will bring a thousand years of war All that I had taken away My […]

Project Reality v1.5 ► All weapons

1. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. (Something which applies to all pistols and a lot of other weapons, the old mags still have rounds in them) 1. The player doesn’t push the magazine release. 1. Incorrectly used by the Canadian army (they would be using the older Inglis HP). 1. The player doesn’t […]

Making Metal Geodesic Dome struts under $2 each DYI – Part 1 (2018)

This is all Home Depo’s fault, I went there the other day and saw what they were charging for 10 foot 3/4″ metal conduit pipe. In Canada, we often pay twice s much as Americans do for things so $3.85 for 10 feet of metal conduit really caught my attention. Instantly I thought SCORE! So […]

Girls Hate Metal!

This video is dedicated to all you girls out there who are metalheads! ♫ Hannah Montana LIVE ♫ ♫ Best of both worlds! ♫ m/ Real Music m/ Yeah! [Stomping] CUT IT!!!! [Stomping more]Turn that down! I’m trying to watch Miley Cyrus Live! It sounds like math. Well, the music you listen to sounds like […]

How to MIG Weld : How to Be Safe While MIG Welding

Hi I’m Mike Rogers and we are making this video on welding safety for First we are going to look at this safety equipment. Most important of all first of all there is the fireproof overalls which you could see that I’m wearing. Secondly we have the safety gloves. Nice big sleeves to stop […]