Big Metal Bird: Episode 3 – Eco-Skies

Ever wonder what happens to one of these after you get off a plane? Me too! We all have to do our part to help the environment and today we’re going to learn about some of the ways United is doing just that. First, let’s meet Aaron Stash, Manager of Environmental Strategy and Sustainability at […]

Big Metal Bird Episode 10: Veterans

This great nation of ours was built by people devoted to serving it. Today, those heroes are our friends, family, coworkers, and protectors. I’m talking about Veterans. So, buckle up as we take off to meet some of the Veterans who work at United on this episode of Big Metal Bird. ♪♪ Veterans have always […]

Big Metal Bird Episode 8: Island Hopper

Just north of the Equator in the West Pacific is a rare jewel of a place, every bit as beautiful as it is far away. We’re talking about Micronesia! And this place, and its people, are unique in all the world. But don’t take my word for it. We’re going to let the islands, and […]

Big Metal Bird: Episode 1 — Basic Economy

Yeah buddy, who’s a good boy? Today I’m going to find out what United’s Basic Economy fare is all about and explain why I’m holding this baby American Alligator. Smile. I’m in New York City where it’s somewhere between five and negative five-hundred degrees out. As I can’t really feel my fingers right now I thought […]

Big Metal Bird: Episode 2 — Newark

Does anybody know how to get to Newark Airport? On second thought, there are probably faster ways to get to New Jersey Hey everyone, when coming from Manhattan My go-to airport in the Tri-State area is Newark Airport. And today I get to show you why. Let’s check it out. Most people don’t know this but […]

Big Metal Bird Episode 11: Interesting Jobs

When you think airline jobs, you probably think pilots, flight attendants, or, mechanics. Hey Bill! Hey Phil! But at United, that’s just the beginning. Today we’re learning about some of the jobs at United that just might surprise you, and why I’m wearing this styling jumpsuit, on this episode of Big Metal Bird. Ugh. Looks […]

Heat Exchangers – Liebherr-Aerospace Saline, Inc.

When we were in the planning stages of this Heat Exchanger Facility we did our research to figure out what the best solutions were in the industry for each process. By combining all of these best practices, and designing our own solutions where no good solution currently existed, we developed a facility that is state […]