We Finish The Floor Pans – 69 VW Beetle “The Love Bug” (Part 5)

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How To Fit SCAT Pushrod Tubes J27882 & Stainless Steel Rocker Covers J14337 to your air-cooled VW

So today we’re going to be looking at a common problem with VW air-cooled engines and that’s the dreaded oil leak I’m using a drip tray at the moment to capture my drips of oil as you can see it’s pretty bad scene so a common problem is the pushrod tubes leaking so I’m going […]

Ep3 Cheap High SCFM Air with Parallel Compressors

OK, Hi Kids! Welcome back to Hannah’s Bug! To remove the paint and rust from my bug, I’m going to use a lot of sandblasting. Now, sand blasting requires a lot of air volume, not so much air pressure. Air pressure is measured in PSI while air volume is measured in SCFM, or Sustained Cubic […]

Ep9 Welded Door Patch Panels

So what I have here is my passenger side door, which I’ve had to cut a large portion of the bottom out. Which, as you can see here on the outer panel, it was very rusty. Along this out panel edge, I allowed the edge to have a flange. That way once I bring my […]