Out on the Road with the AWS Technical Specialists – Speedglas with Adflo powered air respirator

Welding and grinding sound. I had a different brand and I wasn’t happy with it. I had a mate who had Speedglas. I tried it and now I would never go back to anything else. Thank you. Just tried the new Speedglas 9002NC Welding Helmet. How does that compare to your old 9000 series helmet? […]

Кондиционер на элементе Пельте / Peltier air conditioning

Let’s try to make a miniature air conditioner operating with 12 volts All air conditioners that are on sale… …use 220/110 volts. All air conditioners need external heat dissipation. In the Internet there are many descriptions of homemade. There is even a video of how to make them. What is feature of my conditioner – […]

Speedglas v Speedglas Adflo | What are the differences?

What’s the difference in these two helmets Aaron? Well the one you have in your hand is your 9100 Standard Helmet, whereas this is your 9100 Adflo. So you have your face seal in this as well as your air hose. Your air hose connects onto the turbo unit which allows you to filter your […]

How to Make a Bladeless Fan using Plastic bucket at Home

Wikipedia: A bladeless fan (sometimes called an air multiplier) blows air from a ring with no external blades. Its blades are hidden in its base. The first concept was created by Toshiba in 1981 Use ready-made computer cooling fan to reduce noise

Bobcat 200 Air Pak: Go All in With an All-In-One

As a technician, I figured out pretty quickly there are only so many hours in a day, and with so much to do, I need to stay productive, especially if I want to get home to my family at the end of the day. I also learned the hard way that overloading my truck or […]