How to strip rust and paint on the cheap | Hagerty DIY

– Hello, this is Davin Reckow with Hagerty. And today I’m gonna go through a real quick, simple, and cheap way to strip all the rust and paint off of this crank pulley. So I got a little tip from a friend of mine that’s a farmer. When he cleans his milk machine, he uses […]

This Young Scientist Is Bringing Cheap Electricity To Those Without It

For over one fifth of the global population, this darkness is a permanent reality, and I wanted to make a difference. The ultimate goal is to actually deploy Harvest so people across the world, especially in Third World countries, can have access to electricity. I started off by experimenting with this piezoelectric effect, and it’s […]

Nicolet My Way-Welding-Warren Barkey Testimonial

It’s an ideal program for somebody who’s trying to build a better quality of life for themselves and their family, but you don’t have to stop everything in order to do it. I grew up in a shop environment and it’s just something that’s always been intriguing to me to be able to build stuff […]