How to combine two pictures in photoshop cs6 ( 1# PS tutorial)

today im going to show you how to combine two pictures. okay first you should create a new layer after you make the layer we should drag the picture you want to combine into a photshop document then you have to adjust it then you have to click on the tick button after that you […]

Combine Multiple InDesign Files Into One Layout

Hi, everybody! David Dilling from Markzware. Today’s tip is how to merge multiple InDesign files into one document, for lack of better words. Many of our Q2ID customers, our QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign plugin customers, are used to, in modern versions of QuarkXPress 9 and 10, to have tabbed individual layouts, all within one layout […]

Episode 2: Data Merge to Unique Names: Warnings (InDesign Javascript by Colecandoo)

Welcome back to Colecandoo. In this episode, we’re going to have another look at the Data Merge to Single Record script. In this instance, I’ve made a database that will deliberately throw errors, so let’s have a look. Record 61 has a missing image which we’re about to see. The file is also set up […]

InDesign CC Timesavers 1: Data Merge

Hi. My name is Riotta Scott, and I’m with the Division of IT’s IT Training Department at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Today I’m going to show you how to insert data from a data source like a comma-separated or tab-delimited file into a text frame in an InDesign file. Our document is a letter-sized, double-sided […]

Episode 4: Moving graphics with Data Merge in InDesign

Welcome back to Colecandoo In this episode, I’ll demonstrate how to use data merge to move a graphic to a precise point. This example uses a blood pressure graph and a graphic that marks the result of the recipient. As I cycle from record to record, note that the position of the target on the […]

Episode 6: Making Sequential Numbers for a Data Merge

Welcome back to Colecandoo! In this episode, I’ll demonstrate how to create simple sequential numbering using Data Merge. This example uses the following invoice where the number range will be 9001 through to 11000, but it will have leading zeroes so that the number is always seven characters long. I’ll demonstrate two methods that will […]

Episode 1: Data Merge to Unique Names – InDesign Javascript by Colecandoo

Welcome to the first episode of Colecandoo. This video demonstrates the Export Single Records to PDF or InDesign files script. To begin, create a Data Merge file as normal, and from the scripts palette, run the script. A new user interface will appear. Choose a location for the finished files, Choose whether InDesign or PDF, […]