Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode19: Gold From Mercury

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab So this here’s my mercury distillation apparatus that I built in a previous video link in the description I just got through using this to distill several hundred pounds of mercury and it worked flawlessly right up to the point where the tube somewhere got plugged. Uh… I […]

Metal Refining & Recovery, 18: Lead Free Solder

Hi everyone welcome back to my lab, so many of you will be excited to know that I am bringing back the precious metals Refining and recovery series so one thing that has been requested many times by people is to refine some of this Silver Solder here This is the stuff used in plumbing […]

Ruthenium Metal – Invulnerable to Aqua Regia

Greetings fellow nerds. I have here a one gram sample of pure ruthenium metal. It’s very useful to a professional inorganic chemist, but has limited use for an amateur. Nonetheless it is very interesting because it’s almost impervious to most acids. Let me show you. Here it is immersed in hydrochloric acid. As you can […]

Alkali metals in water – Chemical elements: properties and reactions (1/8)

There are six alkali metals: Lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, cesium and francium. They are all soft metals which can be cut with a knife. In air the elements quickly become coated with compounds that form on the metal’s surface. Here, for example, is lithium. When we slice it, you can see the metallic lustre but […]

How to strip rust and paint on the cheap | Hagerty DIY

– Hello, this is Davin Reckow with Hagerty. And today I’m gonna go through a real quick, simple, and cheap way to strip all the rust and paint off of this crank pulley. So I got a little tip from a friend of mine that’s a farmer. When he cleans his milk machine, he uses […]

Making Table Salt using Sodium Metal and Chlorine gas

So this is my little setup to make some table salt also known as sodium chloride. So just from the name sodium chloride you can pretty easily see that has two major components: sodium and chlorine. On their own, both elements sodium and chlorine are pretty reactive and dangerous. However interestingly enough when they are […]

Ology – LOCUST STORM (brutal metal acid trip)

Swatting at fly’s, Swatting at fly’s Swatting at fly’s. Anima. Vesta Till the days end, till the days end Till the days end, ever after Swatting at fly’s, Swatting at fly’s Swatting at fly’s. To no regression Forever more, forever more Forever more abaddon Forever abaddon All and all forever fasting All and all for […]

Remove Galvanization with Acid – Hackett How-To

Conduit– it’s available everywhere. You can get it for cheap from any hardware store; you can get it for free from any abandoned or not-so-abandoned building. I want to weld these two pieces of conduit together. Problem: the structural steel that you want it cladded in a very thin, very very toxic layer of galvanization. […]

How to Extract Bismuth Metal from Pepto-Bismol Tablets

Bismuth compounds have many different uses in things like cosmetics, pigments and pharmaceuticals. The most notable use of bismuth in pharmaceuticals is its use in Pepto-Bismol. In Pepto-Bismol, it appears as a compound known as bismuth subsalicylate. Each pill actually contains quite a lot of this molecule and in this video we’re gonna pull out […]

Electricity and Fire in Lemon Battery EXPLAINED

The lemon experiment is one of the most well-known science experiment of all time. You’ve seen videos of it and maybe even try it yourself the experiment usually shows a lemon at the battery which is amazing enough, but it can even be used to create fire! Does that mean fire and electricity are secretly […]