The Markforged Metal X: From Design to Finished Product

Welcome everyone to the Markforged webinar. This installation is the complete metal solution I’m Jon Riley the VP of Product I’m here with Alexander Crease one of our content engineers, and we’re going to walk you through metal printing from Markforged. If you have questions, there will be an opportunity at the end of the […]

흔한 용접사의 구독자 1000명기념 잡담

Hello, this is my Hojumoney I’m going to do another V-log video today. I’m leaving now. I’m on my way. It’s a beautiful day. I’ve been wearing short-sleeved What I’m going to do today is, you know, a rabbit. I’m studying now. I’m studying in the library. I’m on my way to get some rice. […]

Metal Puzzle: Small Ring & Double Rings – with commentary

Hi there, and welcome to another metal puzzle. This time it looks like this: it’s like one big metal piece with two eyes, and a small one with one eye. You should get it to this stage which is pretty straightforward. You can either do it this side or this side, it doesn’t really matter […]

What is iro3d metal 3D printer

iro3d is a low cost 3D printer that prints solid, 100% dense, precise, and strong metal objects. It uses Selective Powder Deposition process. SPD for short. SPD is explained in details in our other videos, but basically you selectively pour build and support powders into a crucible, add an infill metal and bake it in […]

DIY Soldering Station

When it comes to creating electronic circuits on a piece of perfboard, you will always need a decent soldering iron. Now i’ve been using my Ersa i-con Pico soldering station for two years now and it still works perfectly fine. But there’s another popular soldering iron/station manufacturer called JBC which supposedly sells the best of […]

Stainless Steel Interior Door Handles on Rose with Duo Finish – Handle King

Welcome to Handle King, the UK’s number one retailer of door hardware. These desirable door handles are the perfect choice for those seeking all-encompassing stainless steel door handles for any modern interior. Featuring a cylindrical mitred lever on rose with stunning dual finish to best complement other stainless steel features within your home. These handles […]

Electricity and Fire in Lemon Battery EXPLAINED

The lemon experiment is one of the most well-known science experiment of all time. You’ve seen videos of it and maybe even try it yourself the experiment usually shows a lemon at the battery which is amazing enough, but it can even be used to create fire! Does that mean fire and electricity are secretly […]

Designer Door Handles with Mitred Stainless Steel Lever – Handle King

Welcome to Handle King, the UK’s number one retailer of door hardware. These designer door handles are a particularly popular model that make a great choice for those seeking door handles for any contemporary home. Taken from our range of designer door handles, these handles showcase a mitred lever design and boast a polished stainless […]

Launchpad || DIY or Buy || Keyboard Matrix & MIDI Tutorial

A while ago, I ordered myself This so-called Launchpad Which, in my opinion, not only features a rather decent build quality, for only 70 euro but also offers a total of 64 square push-buttons And 16 round push-buttons By connecting it to a computer through it’s micro-USB port, the push-buttons can, for one, light up […]

Smoothing PLA with Sandpaper

Hi, Welcome to Tinkerine Experiments. This is a new series where we will take different myths and rumors around 3D printing and test them out for ourselves. Today we are going to start things off with something simple. We will take these PLA prints and some sandpaper to try to polish the surface. We have […]