Star Wars Episode 7 Darth Vader Melted Mask 3D Print from the New Trailer 3DBurn Ep 3

The new Star Wars Episode 7 trailer just got released and I love the look of the Darth Vader Melted Mask. So, I downloaded the model and decided to 3D burn it. Stick around to see how it turned out. This video on 3D masks is not authorised or endorsed by Disney, Lucas Films, JJ […]

DesignSpark Mechanical Training | 7 Combining

These Engineers Want to 3D Print an Entire Rocket in 60 Days

Stargate is the world’s largest metal 3D printer entirely built and designed in-house. The core of it includes three robot arms — one of which is doing printing — and the other two are doing post post-processing. This is a six degree of freedom industrial robot arm so it can move anywhere within about a […]

Reinventing Metal 3D printing with new Direct Writing process | QPT

Metal 3D printing has enormous potential to revolutionize modern manufacturing. However, the most popular metal printing processes, which use lasers to fuse together fine metal powder, have their limitations. Parts produced using selective laser melting (SLM) and other powder-based metal techniques often end up with gaps or defects caused by a variety of factors. To […]

Metal 3D Printing on the Markforged Metal X

What could you do with a metal 3d printer? Introducing the Metal X, the easiest way for you to go from design to real metal part tools and fixtures, prototypes, and end-use parts can all be printed safer and more affordably than ever before And it’s already changing the way things are made whether it’s […]

Beyond the Metal: NASA Investigating Soft Robots for Space Exploration

There’s a lot of things that you need to do on the surface of another planet such as exploring a site or maybe correcting an instrument or creating a temporary shelter to shield from dust or wind on Mars. We are looking into a swarm of soft robots that can move around the surface of […]

The Markforged Metal X: From Design to Finished Product

Welcome everyone to the Markforged webinar. This installation is the complete metal solution I’m Jon Riley the VP of Product I’m here with Alexander Crease one of our content engineers, and we’re going to walk you through metal printing from Markforged. If you have questions, there will be an opportunity at the end of the […]

Today’s Teachers With Tomorrow’s Skills: NC3 Connects the Knowledge Network | WorkingNation

A lot of the reasons why I became an instructor is being able to pass knowledge on and help better somebody else. If you can be passionate about what you do, its going to show in your students. My name is Jeremy King. I am the Lead Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Architectural Design at […]

Your 3D Prints Cast in Metal

Hi my name’s Ian and I’m the owner of 3D print foundry there are lots of videos and tutorials online about how you can make your own furnace and cast metal but that’s not for everyone so I decided to build a metal casting foundry tailored to the owners of 3D printers how does it […]