Sylatech: Casting metal parts from 3D prints

The advantage of using 3D printing is that the customer has the part in metal within a few days My name is Gordon Gunn I’m the director of marketing at Sylatech which is a design and manufacturing business with a heritage of 54 years in the design and manufacture of precision metal components Sylatech has […]

Tronxy X5S / X3S New Useful Electronics Case – Melzi v2.05 – Sub EN

Hi guys .. today I show .. the new electronics case for the own x5s substantially .. what I do .. I clustered on the front panel the display and the motherboard in this way you have more comfortable use of sdcard and .. usb slot then I add a reset button .. here you […]

Bake your PLA and have it outperform everything else! #Filaween

Ok, so I mentioned how Proto-pasta promises extra strength and rigidity for their HTPLA line of filaments if you essentially bake them in the oven and anneal them. This causes the typically unorganized, amorphous microstructure of the plastic to crystallize and form larger grains that are much more of a consistent, uniform element within themselves […]

Leather ping pong net w/ lasers, 3D printing, & Bob Clagett | How to

I’ll see you guys in a minute! You’re gonna have to crouch down more. Ah there you go! Alright alright. Oh my gosh this is terrifying. Hahaha! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn! And I’m Bob at I Like to Make Stuff! And today we’re making a leather ping pong net with adjustable 3D printed […]

How to wire your 3D printer!

So the iTopie i3 is almost done, and what typically takes the longest is wiring everything up properly. Now, i know that part is not fun, it’s not rewarding, at least not for me, and it’s like this huge threshold between having a machine that looks finished, you know, with all the parts mounted and […]

Rethinking Manufacturing

[MUSIC] After the mills closed, it hit everybody pretty hard. A lot of people went on welfare. Certain sections of the town became ghost towns. Back then, everybody figured hey, I go and work steel mill 30 years, I leave the steel mills, I got a pension, I get my hospitalization for the rest of […]

Autoleveling on 3D printers: 9 myths and 12 sensors tested!

Twelve options to sense the surface of a 3D printer’s bed. Twelve solutions to the same problem. Twelve sensors that are all different. But there can only be one! Well, actually, each one of these has an upside, so let’s see what they can and can’t do. Myth busting 3D-printer style! Essentially these should all […]

CNC mill built from a 3D Printer!

So i’ve always wanted a CNC mill, arguably my interest in automated manufacturing in general was what got me into 3D printing in the first place, since 3D printing is sorta the same thing from a technical standpoint, just way more accessible. But i still wanted something that could machine materials and not just extrude […]

Finishing 3D Prints 101: How to Install Threaded Inserts in your 3D Prints

Hi my name is Sean with MakerBot Learning. Installing threaded brass inserts in your 3D prints is a really great way to make long lasting 3D printed enclosures. So in this video, we’ll cover some of the best practices associated with installing threaded brass inserts in your 3D prints. In order to install threaded inserts […]

Smoothing PLA with Sandpaper

Hi, Welcome to Tinkerine Experiments. This is a new series where we will take different myths and rumors around 3D printing and test them out for ourselves. Today we are going to start things off with something simple. We will take these PLA prints and some sandpaper to try to polish the surface. We have […]