Sylatech: Casting metal parts from 3D prints

The advantage of using 3D printing is that the customer has the part in metal within a few days My name is Gordon Gunn I’m the director of marketing at Sylatech which is a design and manufacturing business with a heritage of 54 years in the design and manufacture of precision metal components Sylatech has […]

Leather ping pong net w/ lasers, 3D printing, & Bob Clagett | How to

I’ll see you guys in a minute! You’re gonna have to crouch down more. Ah there you go! Alright alright. Oh my gosh this is terrifying. Hahaha! Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn! And I’m Bob at I Like to Make Stuff! And today we’re making a leather ping pong net with adjustable 3D printed […]

Tig Welding Marathon – Marble Machine X #75

I was trying to line this one up sideways like this I was surprised because when the hole was in the middle the rest seemed to be offset But then I realized the center of the hole is actually offset The distance from the edge of this hole to this edge is 11 millimetres and […]

Cross Bracing – Marble Machine X #72

When I was a kid, I loved building treehouses. Treehouses were magical castles where I could let my imagination run totally free. The treehouses has evolved since then, but a function remains the same. I’m still building castles where I can let my imagination run free. I have one particularly strong memory. There was this […]

Effective and Safer 3D Print Smoothing with Epoxy not Acetone

So I wanted to find a method of smoothing my 3d models without using acetone. So, I did a little bit a research and I think I’ve found the perfect method Stick around to see how you can smooth your 3d prints Okay. So here we have the Darth Vader Melted Mask from one of […]