Buick Grand National – MELTED Ignition (Time to Upgrade)

Hey guys, welcome to my garage. Most of the time I’m working on something a little older than this, but I’ve got a 1984 Buick Grand National. Trying to get it tuned up, get it running good. So far, I’ve been hitting some obstacles, but I think I’ve finally found the issue and it’s something […]

1979-2004 Mustang V6, V8, Cobra Pypes 2.5″ Stainless Steel Replacement Flow Tube Kit Review

The Pypes 2.5-inch stainless steel replacement flow tube kit fits ’79 to ’04 V8 and V6 Mustangs, and ’94 to ’99 Cobras. You’re gonna wanna check out a kit like this if you’re upgrading your exhaust in stages by buying a mid-pipe and then buying a set of mufflers, in whatever order, instead of picking […]

Metal Gear – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 67

[AVGN theme rock instrumental version by Dorman T. Reign plays] NERD: This game.. is fucking horrible! *Sbam* It’s fucking horrible! Just thinking about it makes me feel like having an anal evacuation! Cowa-fuckin’ piece of dog shit! You bunny fucking bitch. I’m coming over and I’m gonna kill you. BUGS FUCKING Bunny! *Punches Bugs Bunny […]