(C/S) 카본파이프용접 중력의법칙 !!!

Good morning. Welder jin. The theme for this video is Carbon 6 “backside beads. Subscribe and like before you watch. Please press.It will motivate you to create a new video. Simulation that must be performed before welding. What size tungsten rod should I use? What kind of ceramic? What size wire? I’m 5 ceramic.2.4 pie […]

“용접노하우” 손 빠른 용접사가 되보자!!!

nice to meet you. welder jin. In this video, we will see how to extract the quantity without any defects. Please subscribe and like. It will motivate you to take a new video. Use 2.0 pie welding rod on plate plate. The cabinet is wide but unstable using 2.0 pi wire. Normally, the wire is […]

6인치 카본 파이프 미그(MIG)용접/mig welding/CO2용접/솔리드용접/스틱(SMAW) 용접시 주의사항과 용접방법.

Hello This video is MIG root pass & 7018 stick welding image Please take a good look and if this video is helpful, I would appreciate your subscription and good press. The welder I use in the video is a Miller product. There are various modes of welding mode, but we will weld in the […]

[GTAW] Tig welding ER70s-2 vs ER70s-6 티그와이어비교영상 오해와진실!!!

Hello this video er70s-22 and er70s-6 We prepared two kinds of TIG welding wires If you’ve been watching my video for the er70s-2 You must have heard If you know before the video first, I had a war with someone in the past Um … In my video, In the wide gap welding method video […]