5G Tig welding pipe CS 1inch sch10 ROOT PASS 티그용접 파이프 1인치 백비드

Hello. Today… I made a video of the 1-inch pipe “ROOT PASS.” I’d appreciate it if you could press “Subscribe” and “Like.” Okay, this is an inch sch10 CS pipe. The steel plate thickness is 2.77 millimeters. Pipe thickness is less than 3mm I’m going to do a back bead welding with this. First of […]

SCM440 Weld Results and PT (Liquid Penetration Detection Method) SCM440 용접 결과 와 PT (액체침투탐상법)

Hi. Today… The results of the “SCM440” welding and the PT test (liquid penetration testing) were included. I’d appreciate it if you could click “Read” and “OK.” This is the SCM440 we’ve been welding before. If you’re curious about the weld video, please refer to the previous video. It’s been processed for the first time […]

SCM440 TIG Welding Fill and Cap(FREEHAND WELDING) 티그용접 SCM440 훌치기 용접

Hello, today… I made a video about the “SCM440” welding. I’d appreciate it if you could press “SUBSCRIBE” and “LIKE.” This is a material called “SCM440.” It’s a high hardness of iron. It’s very hard. The commonly known hard iron has an “SM45C.” It’s harder than “SM45C.” But the reason I brought this is because… […]