СВАРКА НЕРЖАВЕЙКИ своими руками. СВАРКА НЕРЖАВЕЮЩЕЙ СТАЛИ электродом своими руками. СВАРКА ♦DIY CAM♦

Highly alloyed Electrode Zeller 6816 molds created for welding stainless acid-resistant steel welding material stable between crystalline corrosion and can used in temperatures up to 400 degrees there is not much point in it you need to tell her experience and everything will be clear stainless steel and put somewhere centimeter 10 he is the […]

Непровар в корне шва?Сварка аргоном труб!Как он выглядит?Что делать и как исправить!(Tig welding)

Hello everyone On the topic of how to determine the penetration at the root of the seam or not ??? When we cook the seams, we look inward, shine with a flashlight It happens that you seem to have a penetration But actually it is not We have a welding seam in which we welded […]