Сварочный робот – не СВОИМИ РУКАМИ

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Непровар в корне шва?Сварка аргоном труб!Как он выглядит?Что делать и как исправить!(Tig welding)

Hello everyone On the topic of how to determine the penetration at the root of the seam or not ??? When we cook the seams, we look inward, shine with a flashlight It happens that you seem to have a penetration But actually it is not We have a welding seam in which we welded […]

Мой сварочный стол

hello. in this video I’ll talk about my welding table. initially considered many options for making a welding table, but this option seemed to me optimal. the table is small 750 by 750, but it’s enough for me. size of course an individual thing. if necessary, then you can do more of it. I repeat, […]