Syrian Metal Is War – A Força do Verdadeiro Metal!

Syrian Metal Is War – A Força do Verdadeiro Metal!

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I’m Eduardo Zang. And today, let’s talk True Underground Scenery, is not it? That’s right So before we start the video (although we’ve already started it…) Do not forget, join the channel! See people on social networks there Nerd Metal It’s on Facebook, it’s on Instagram. Has group in whats, has group in the Telegram that nobody else uses…. So look for us and subscribe mainly to the channel Enjoy the video and look for the other videos We’re always trying to talk a little bit about Heavy Metal, are not we? ever And please, let’s contribute, let’s talk, give us tips. And pass us bands And more information as we like of running after new things And speaking of new things It was in one of those that you showed me a text from the site of Judah This is from Thiago Cardim Yes, what’s about A documentary that was made from heavy metal or how heavy metal survives in Syria Exactly The text is very well written And in it already has the link of the documentary “full” Yes, we will put here the link of the news of the site of Judah as the link of the video of this documentary that we are going to talk a little and talk a little of what we got into it, right? Exact Let’s put the links in the description It’s a very well done documentary. On the scenario of Syria, metallic scenario of Syria And it’s awesome. Awesome, exciting Makes us reflect a lot on everything Review concepts. of what is our “scenario” here And what heavy metal actually means to certain people Truth And he has a really cool story. how the documentary came about cool, in the sense of beautiful, like that touched the person…. the Monzer Yes And he solved it in a way much…. almost traumatic, starting to want to document that scenario He was going to an essay, a recording… And the moment he was going a man bomb exploded And he at that moment resolved In fact, he discovered That his real mission there was not to touch But documenting what was happening there And he did it very hard, right? So real Exactly, that’s what I was going to say. Not that of wanting to hide what reality is Because today, a lot of what we see I do not know, from the Syrian news on wars But we do not have the notion We do not have the notion, even seeing a documentary we will never have, perhaps, the real notion But we can see a niche like that still the dream of Heavy Metal gets like this get people to come together and have spark of hope what it can improve, that music can, at least Giving relief in the tension of living in that place So the guy who made this documentary Sorry if I’m talking wrong. Let’s talk how we think it is Then the Darwish Monzer Then again, sorry if the translation is wrong. It was he who documented And man, you remember those war documentaries a lot, you know? It’s just that it’s geared towards a musical scene And it’s amazing how Heavy metal does a social function, does not it? He joined a galley And he makes these people get their heads off that moment And the bands do it, the music does it, they can discuss other things They can get out of that reality a bit And in a little while they manage to overflow in a way that we ourselves use Because we also use music to overflow So let’s say that the best way to go They are with other people who like that style Oh and a parenthesis, heavy metal is prohibited there, it is punished with imprisonment This, then people are doing it all “under the covers”, breaking the law To be able to listen to something that you like or to be able to be with people who like that Impressive Another curious thing is the style of the bands, they are of the extreme metal So we talking we came to the conclusion that there would be no way to be extreme Because melodic music, or a song of another style, might not speak to them He would not communicate with them, and they would not be able to communicate either. show what they feel, the reflection of the situation And their music, the extreme goal better reflects the situation reflects more realistically And as we were talking, like the place, the surroundings of them They do not need to invent a “thematic” You do not have to invent a plot to write a song Just open the door to the house. so they are experiencing that scenario It’s very fucking this… There is no word to describe it, or one word only that describes it all If I’m not mistaken it was the Orphaned Land that said it in an interview, I think it was the vowel But I’m almost sure I think it was up to Sam Dunn In Global Metal? I believe it was there He said that many speak of various subjects in heavy metal usually one speaks of the fears, of the death or of several other things And there they live in an environment where a person has so much hatred of them Because of religion or because of… Anything Anything he wants to blow up to take you along, to kill you And that’s their biggest fear, and it’s a real fear, so there’s no way they can talk about something else, because they live in that situation And that makes them react through the music talking about it And I think in Syria it’s just that, right? Not only a bomb, but a situation that generates an equal reaction through music An aggressive reaction, they put out these fears, these anxieties of them or even until some hope also, of course it is always present Because sometimes the aggressiveness (music) does not mean that the lyrics can not have a positive message And even the many bands I saw in the documentary I’ll even link some songs from some bands so you know There are fantastic bands that I discovered in this documentary and I went after I heard the sound and I want to hear more things and try to find, until I try to contact to see because sometimes you do not find the guys stuff easy And how do you find good things about the place you least expect, you know? And one of the things that “hit me the most” It made me dismayed, kind of angry, it’s like we are right here and we have a habit of complaining And I’m talking like this about the musical issue, both personal listening and band personnel Who are always complaining to the public, complains of the locals, who complains about everything The guys get everything ready and still ask: “ah but this equipment,!?”… or because it could not be other or is it “little people”… face, the person does not cross the street to see a band, does not pay ten reais and still find an absurdity What is nothing today? So, dude, we have to learn a lot from the other countries. And learn from these people, with this documentary This documentary was a punch in the face A lesson ne… a punch in the face and another “opening in the heart” Because he has both: he is shocking and at the same time opens you, makes you reflect on various things About the scene I yesterday when I was thinking about the documentary I thought to speak things here to put it out even, to vent on the bands, on our scenario almost nonexistent here and suffered that is but I do not think it’s worth it I will not react aggressively to something that we are living here I think we have to do is keep the Metal Nerd talking about it And keep people talking about metal, I think we do better. that we have said several times that we do not do hater video We only indicate good things So there’s this fantastic documentary These guys are the real ones. These are the “Warrior of Metal” Are our teachers, even if they do not speak their language, they are teaching us something hope Change it one day, and they can get big bands there And another interesting thing is that, now talking about it, they do not have shows there almost they have local bands that do the scene itself And the guys move absurd distances, in a complicated terrain, risking life To see a metal band! The only band, which are often of their own friends And that’s it, let’s say this is the true Underground metal Exact This is the underground, this is underground What we do here is not underground. We have Facebook to show the band, we have Instagram, we have video, youtube Of course, everyone has Youtube, but we have free access to these things, that’s what I mean We have access, we can do anything, set up, put up a poster, we can listen without having this repression We have the minimum of criticism and we think bad And they make the event or the few events they do they have to do the hiding they can not disclose the event So people who go is in the “word of mouth”, is the guy who warns the other and so goes And this is underground metal I do not want to defend that it should be so But it was interesting if it was accessible to all Exact Or to whom you want to receive this information So people, this is the video talking about the documentary Syrian Metal is War As we have already said, we will put the links in the description Leave it in the comments after you watch or if you have already watched Let’s continue this conversation. share this video, seriously, share this video! Because so, I now see I’m not going to say it’s modinha because I do not know how it is this question of social networks What people are you putting from “pray for that”, “pray for that” is the case of Syria, “peace for Syria”, among others Like, I’m not criticizing who does this. of heart made of heart exact If you did not just win likes, but I’m not getting into that merit I’m telling you that if you’re watching this video and you think it touched you sometime and you went behind the documentary or if you were just reading the report from the site of Judah It’s great can only read it, because the documentary unfortunately only has a caption in English So soon if you can not understand, the report will help But soon you just look at the documentary, you do not even have to read it, just watch it Because the pictures speak a lot Like, he interviews several bands and in the middle of the interview has sound of silly exploding And they look at each other, give that half-hearted laugh that it seems they no longer have “fear” It’s become a routine, like, “Look there, once more…” The guys know and feel, even one speaks that when he leaves the country he will not miss that Wow, you have to leave your house…. is very sad Then search the video, share, I’ll say share this video If you play, share that of Nerd Metal, or just shortly the documentary, it does not hurt But so seriously. If you want to help in anything, in this issue of Syria share what you like is Heavy Metal Make people watch this Makes people aware of this Exactly, it’s the way we always talk. that soon does not have a way to express so well how heavy metal plays everyone That documentary is the best way to show how the metal is integrating and it is for everyone and everywhere. What else happened here lacking words to describe I think it was very necessary to describe what happened, what we feel or what the work of the guy is You have to watch to see, to feel Exactly so guys, let’s stick around until the next video Thanks, flw !!

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  1. Eu entendo que a situação lá é muito crítica, mas nós também vivemos nossa guerra diária. Eu moro no Rio, e não há um dia que eu não tenha medo de bala perdida e ouvir tiroteio é algo comum. Irei ao show do Angra, no dia 31/05, mas com muito medo, já que será feriado e o local estará vazio. Infelizmente, nossa realidade não é tão longe da deles.

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