Yo! Have you ever heard about something called Swedish Death Metal? You probably have and sometimes you may even have heard about a thing called Gothenburg Melodic Meath Metal And maybe even Stockholm Raw Death Metal. Okay, so a quick little lesson on Sweden for you noobs The capital of Sweden is Stockholm Stockholm is placed on the eastern side of the country and Gothenburg is placed on the west side Some refer it to the Swedish front side, but since I’m from Stockholm I refer it to being … the Asshole of Sweden. It’s a joke, don’t get offended But it’s true. You get to point: 2 different cities, 2 different styles of Death Metal. The Gothenburg sound is what people refer to as the Swedish Melodic Death Metal with bands like In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity … … bands like that. Stockholm had a more raw Death Metal sound, with bands like Entombed, Dismember, Nihilist … and yeah, a bunch of them. So, many of these awesome Death Metal bands, that have influenced a lot of other bands to come had one thing in common This. This is the Boss HM2 pedal a classic pedal that is the main ingredient for the typical Swedish Death Metal guitar tone And okay, you might ask “Ola, show us your best settings for the Boss HM2” And I’m like: “Okay, here you go, buddy” Max it all out, like this. “But shouldn’t I back down the gain huh … ” NO. Stop that shit. Everything on max, okay? That’s all you need to do and just plug it in to any guitar amp that has a clean channel And today I’m very excited, because I have a new amp to try out as well It’s a Marshall Valvestate, It’s an old classic amplifier, and it has a clean channel So, let’s try out this Boss Heavy Metal 2 into the Valvestate clean channel and see how it sounds. All the settings maxed out, okay? Very important. Also very important is to have a sip of coffee Think about life … Nah, I don’t have a life. My life is YouTube. So, for this demo. I’m using a Solar A2.6 guitar For that I also need a cable, to hook it up. And if you’re wondering: “Haha, where is the volume knob, Ola, you stupid son of a bitch?” I have no idea, to be honest. it’s gone. I took it off and now I can’t find it anymore, so there’s no volume knob on this guitar. And capturing all this beautiful awesomeness is this Beyer Dynamic m160 microphone that’s micing my Hesu212 cabinet with Demon Speakers in it, okay? So *BURP* And since we’re talking about Swedish Death Metal, maybe I should make the rest of this demo in Swedish. Okay? That’s just f***ing awesome. I love that eller … på svenska. Yeah, definitely gives, like, immediately that old Dismember and Entombed sound Entombed was like one of the … Like, the first main Death Metal band that I listened to back in the 90s You know, Left Hand Path is an awesome album if you like the HM2 sound but I think my favorite album was Wolverine Blues or “Woolverine Blues”, I don’t know how you say that. Tell me in the comment section. Is it “Volvo-rine” or is it “Vulva-rine”? Who cares. Wolverine blues was my favorite album of Entombed back in the day And yeah, it’s just, you know, It’s a killer f***ing band to be honest. Check them out. If you have not heard about Entombed, you need to … you need to … you need to … educate yourself, okay? I mean, it’s just a lot of fun and the cool thing is that you can have the cheapest amplifier ever but it will still sound like this because this pal is just generating this sound and it’s unmistakeably a very unique type of sound And it’s like, for me personally, I love this type of sound, because it just brings back all the memories of all these old old-school Death Metal bands. I think a more recent band that are using the HM2 it’s the band Bloodbath and also The Resistance, with Marco, who also sings at The Haunted. They used the HM2 for their album So yeah, it’s f***ing killer Remember: do not touch the settings, max out, at all times, okay? This just makes me very happy! Let’s hydrate for a little bit. Okay, let’s try the overdrive channel and see how that sounds. Okay, just a little bit of gain, let’s see how it reacts now. Yes! Damn, I mean this is … This is awesome. I’m having a good time, you guys. This is what I love about making demos when you kind of like get a really cool groove going, you even get like … you can see all the riffs I’m playing around, it’s like really … Yeah, really inspiring. Maybe I’ll make a song out of this, I have no idea. We’ll just see. So … So, a band obviously that used the HM2 was At The Gates I think they also used a Metal Zone as well So they used an HM2 and a Boss Metal Zone to get that At The Gates Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal sound So, let’s try it out see if I can replicate it. I think that’s too much gain. Obviously I’m in drop now, so I can’t play the song. Okay, maybe I need to bring my seven string. Awww shit. ♫ My neighbors will love me, my neighbors will love me, but I love you, too ♫ F***ing hell man That’s … let’s try the At The Gates sound. Sorry I do not know this song, exactly how it went, but yeah that was a lot of fun. I think that was a little bit too extreme Compared to the sound on the Slaughter Of The Soul album Alright. Shit, that was a lot of fun, damn it. So there you have it: if you want to replicate a lot of the Swedish Death Metal tone, this is where it starts It basically f**** up your tone in a great way and makes it so grindy and unpleasant to listen to that you cannot do anything, but just love it, you know? If you dig this video, please subscribe to my channel for more. Check the description of this video as well if you want links for the stuff I’m using. These are not being made anymore, but there are replicas like this. I’ll throw up a link up there, you’ll see it and blahblahblah Okay, alright. Thank you so much. See you next time


  1. I cannot be the only person who think this tone sounds like ass. Yes I get it… its heavy and nasty and raw, but it also sounds like ass.

  2. Hell awesome tones from those Swedish bands, Dismember is one of the most powerful death bands of all time…. SKIN FATHER🤘🤘

  3. Wow amazing. Blast from the past here. I remember listening to Wolverine Blues way back in the day, and I remember reading an interview in a magazine and the guitar player was talking about a Boss pedal they used and just cranked all the knobs up to get that sound. Such an amazing tone, and At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul was and still is one of my all time favorite albums and guitar sounds. Cant believe it came from this shitty old Boss pedal.

  4. leif cuzner was in nihilist and he told me back in the days it was his pedal and every band in sweden was stealing it from one another.

  5. He forgot to mention that in the Euro coin, Sweden looks like a dick!! hahah 😀 (P.S. I absolutely LOVE SWEDEN, even did my own record with Fred Nordstrom in Gothenburg! Really good people, funny sense of humour haha ) 😀

  6. Ola… you should stop playing death metal and transfer that energy into rescuing your country…'cause in a couple of years, death metal or not, it won't be Swedish….

  7. What type of chords sound best with the HM-2?
    I am an old Alt-Rocker who is the proud owner of a MIJ HM-2 (and no, I am NOT selling it). Is there any significant difference between the MIJ and the MIT HM-2?

  8. То чувство когда играешь на уровне ученика приходится обзирать говно-примочки

  9. LUUUUUV that sound. Dismember did gave once an interview and they where asked how they got the sound? They said: Max'em out all. And now i see and hear that VID. 😛 Love Entombed (ad) and love Dismeber (why the gave up?)

  10. Best traditional heavy metal: UKBest thrash metal: USABest death metal: USA/SwedenBest power metal: Germany/FinlandBest black metal: Norway

  11. as someone who grew up listening to 'left hand path', 'clandestine', 'pieces', 'like an ever flowing stream' and 'indecent and obscene' this just took me back almost 30 years, haha.

  12. Love the detail description of your signal chain, can you also let us know what tuning you're using on these demos? For those of us who don't have well trained ears. Thanks, love your vids!

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