Stop Wasting Money on the Jobsite With ArcReach Technology

Stop Wasting Money on the Jobsite With ArcReach Technology

I want to talk a little bit today about
our ArcReach products. What this technology does is it provides you the
opportunity to stop wasting time walking back and forth to the equipment, hence
the motto Don’t Walk Weld we’ve expanded that technology into some of our other
equipment now. We have a family of products in our engine-driven and their
static equipment that offer the ArcReach technology. What ArcReach delivers
to the customer is the opportunity to control the weld output of the machine
wherever the welder is actually doing his work. We do this by being able to
connect accessories to the machine through the weld cable and it
communicates back and forth what this does means to the customer is that you
improve your safety and you reduce the work time that’s spent traveling back
and forth to the equipment trying to adjust an arc that is enabling them to
provide a quality actually finished products. We offer additional accessories
like our Smart Feeder that offers the advanced processes and we have again our
remote controls that also work through that cable technology. The nice thing
about this equipment is it does talk through the weld cables there’s no
additional special cables required so this is a nice technology that we’re
bringing to you now in a family of products.

One thought on “Stop Wasting Money on the Jobsite With ArcReach Technology

  1. You guys need to re-write the title. It says by having the ArcReach technology you are wasting money.. "Save money on the job site with ArcReach Technology"

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