Spot Weld Kit for MIG Welder with Kevin Tetz from Eastwood

Spot Weld Kit for MIG Welder with Kevin Tetz from Eastwood

Spot Weld Kit Tetz Sema Interview So, spot welding. Spot welding is something
that every guy in automotive industry needs to learn how to do no matter what your job
is. We have this new attachment that basically gets you at the perfect height, just threads
on to any tweco style nozzle and you can set it down and do perfect spot welds every time. I am absolutely knocked out with this tool.
These were done with this, right? Yes. Okay. The thing about plug weld, spot welds,
and rosette welds, whatever you want to call them, is repeatability and if you do in a
restoration, repeatability means consistency in the look. The more consistent we are, the
less distracting it is, the more professional it looks. This is repeatable. It is beautiful.
This looks like the factory spot welds. Now, part of the problem that I even have today
with making a nice rosette weldor or plug weld is the consistency between the two. Your
metal sometimes it has a mind of its own, so you have taken that out of your equation,
in the first place, right here, my distance is now, I don’t even think about it, instead
of looking over, leaning down, and figuring out. Yes. Whether I am the correct distance or never
mind perpendicular. This, it makes it easy. This is so great and the pliers are prefect
and they are engineered to work together, yes? Yes, just to fit perfectly in between there,
so again takes away the thought process if you just let it move, let it move just like
that. On top of that, we just touched on saving
space. Well, this plier is obviously I can use this for other things. I can use just
to hold something, so now I leave another set of locking pliers in my tool box and I
can use this for multitasks, so on top of being part of this set, the hair on my arms
are standing. I wish I had this 10 years ago, so thanks Eastwood. This is awesome and your
well penetration. Look at that. Look at that, your heat-affected zone is as consistent as
the welds themselves. This is restoration quality. I am going to prime over this and
I am going to paint over this and I am not going to be embarrassed with somebody seeing
this in a pinch weld, dude, well done, home run. Awesome, thank you Kevin.

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