Spiral Stainless Steel Chastity Device

Spiral Stainless Steel Chastity Device

Hi, welcome to UberKinky, I’m Mistress Victoria.
Today I’m going to talk to you about the spiral chastity device.
Prevent male orgasms in style and make him beg to escape. Actually, once he sees how
great he looks in the spiral, he may not be so eager to get out.
This Spiral Chastity Device is new and improved; our old version was made of iron, the new
one is made of stainless steel. The spiral chastity device is hands down our
most popular chastity device, our original had so many 5 star reviews.
The new version comes with two cock rings, 40mm and 45mm.
The internal diameter of the cage is 35mm. It’s lightweight, it’s comfortable, it’s got
an open design — it’s the perfect look, but don’t touch scenario.
Right, so to put on a spiral chastity device, what you do is, put your penis and balls through
here, through the cock ring, make sure this is up at the top. That goes up against the
body. Then I would use a thin sock or a nylon pop sock, put that over your penis, then thread
it through the penis cage. Make sure that that goes in through there. Once you’re in,
pull the thin sock or the pop sock through and off you penis, and that will get your
penis all the way through. Once you’re in, put the padlock on, and give the keys to your
keyholder. This is what it’ll look like. Easy! So if you’re looking for a great, light weight
metal chastity device in a body safe stainless steel material, then you’ll love our new spiral
chastity device.

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