Soviet WWII Song “Eternal Flame”/Советская военная песня “Вечный огонь” (“От героев былых времен”)

Soviet WWII Song “Eternal Flame”/Советская военная песня “Вечный огонь” (“От героев былых времен”)

Nothing is left of the heroes of bygone days,
even names sometimes Those who sacrificed their lives,
Became just ashes and dust, Only their formidable courage
Settled in the hearts of the living This eternal flame was bequeathed
For only us And we keep it in our hearts. Look at my soldiers,
The whole world remembers their faces. Here stood a battalion in line-up.
I can recognize my old friends again. The hard times they had to go through.
Though they were not even twenty-five years old They were those, who with bayonets in their hands Stood as a single entity. Those who took Berlin. There is no family in Russia,
who has not remembered their heroes. And the eyes of young soldiers
Are looking at us from faded pictures They look at us, and it is like the High Court
For the guys that are growing now. And the boys cannot lie. They cannot deceive
And they have no way to turn away.

11 thoughts on “Soviet WWII Song “Eternal Flame”/Советская военная песня “Вечный огонь” (“От героев былых времен”)

  1. Its a really good song.Respect those soldiers of USSR.This song will be remembered by many as not a memory but a source of courage and sacrifice

  2. Нет в России семьи такой…
    Это верно.
    Но более точно было бы спеть:
    Нет в Союзе семьи такой…

    В Союзе ССР.

    Барлық елдердің пролетарлары, бірігіңдер!

    Граждане разделенного СССР, пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (аудиокниги)

    Workers of the World, Unite!

  3. It was the Red Army that saved us from the Aryan forces of the fascist Germans, and saved millions. The unknown soldiers will live on in our hearts, even though we shall never hear their name, whispered. If it wasn't for the great army, and our leaders, we would all be either non-existing or a member of the Nazis. Glory to the Soviet Heroes we shall never know. Память! Слава Героем!

  4. The world no longer remembers the feat of the Soviet people. Now everyone in the world believes that the Nazis were defeated by the United States, which together with Great Britain actually helped Hitler come to power and then entered into a conspiracy with him in Munich, and after that set Germany against the USSR! USA traded with Nazi Germany during the war, selling it the strategic goods needed to continue war with the USSR! The United States gained enormous wealth from this, and entered the war only at the very end, when they realized that the USSR would be able to defeat Germany alone. But even after entering the war and faced with a very small number of WEAK German units (80% of the SELECT the best German units fought against the USSR), the Americans and the British could not do anything and asked for help from Stalin. Churchill wrote a tearful letter to him and the Soviet units launched an incompletely prepared offensive to pay for the lives of Americans and British with Russian blood and the death of Soviet people. After all, if this attack had not begun ahead of time, the number of dead Soviet soldiers and officers would be much less! But the Americans and the British remained to live! Well, they are white gentlemen, and the Russians are half animal! Is not it? After all, that is exactly what Americans and the British think -nobody should pity the Russians , let them die like flies, who do they need?! And now, in our days, the American media write that it was the Soviet Union that launched the war with Germany, that the Russians (who paid for the destruction of Nazism with 27 million lives and 18 million of them were women, old people and children, and 9 million – Soviet warriors and it is the undeniable fact that Russians saved the world from Nazism) are according to the American media, the same criminals as the German Nazis! And the United States, according to the West, together with Great Britain are the saviors of the world! They even released such a postcard! The USA and Great Britain finally fell to the very bottom of the abyss, consisting of filth, rot and incredible meanness! But because of American disgusting lies, the whole world thinks about Russia same as they – this is wildly unfair and terrible !!!

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