Soldering Without A Soldering Iron (Update Available)

Soldering Without A Soldering Iron (Update Available)

This video is about soldering without a soldering iron in case you get stuck in a situation and and you can use things like cigarette
lighters I’ve used matches, candles, what have you the trick here is this little piece you just make your normal connection
where you twist the two wires together but this piece you carry out beyond the end of the place where you are going to solder and this becomes your soldering iron. You apply your heat out here with your matches or your cigarette lighter,
whatever. Normally if you apply the flame directly to the area where you’re going to solder, it will oxidize the wire then the solder will not stick very well if it sticks at all. So you heat this area and it becomes your soldering iron you apply your solder and then you’ll get a nice joint and we will do that. and there you have it there’s the completed solder joint. When you’re done you snip off this portion of it and there you have it, there’s your solder joint. That the end

40 thoughts on “Soldering Without A Soldering Iron (Update Available)

  1. How does this work? Soldering irons are nothing more than hot copper which melts a mix of tin and lead. You can heat the copper with electricity or gas and I've seen people put a piece of copper in a charcoal fire and solder with that. In this case, the copper is just some extra part of the wire you are soldering and the heat is from a lighter, candle, matches, …

  2. When I was a child I tried to solder with a lighter and failed, now I know why, thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks. I thought that the loop was for wicking.  The blue part of flame is hotest. Hadn't thought of the the carbon or candle aspect. Thanks.  Save money.

  4. Was anyone else waiting for the lighter to explode lol. Thanks for the tip if I'm ever in a jam I now now it's possible.

  5. Dude! Thanks so much for this video.  I was in the middle of assembling a 3D printer and I was on the last solder joint when my cheap china soldering iron went dead on me…and it's a brand new iron!  Your video meant I could continue with a candle flame.   Many thanks my friend!

  6. um yeah from experience you never want to leave a bic lighter on that long, I've had one fail and shoot a one foot jet of flame out the side, luckily I was able to chuck it in a toilet… If you're gonna do this, use a candle or something like that.

  7. Nice way to solder wires together. Especially if I am in a situation where I don't have a iron, but need some wires connected! One time I had to solder a pl-259 connector to a coax cable, but didn't have an iron, so what I did was use a heat gun and pointed it at the connector and it melted the solder just fine, but the insulation also melted a little bit so it was not the best substitute lol

  8. Damn the videos good but like you should probably do some with the audio Oliver although it would just a really good and helpful video thank you very much

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