Skeleton Tig Welding Torch Holder

Skeleton Tig Welding Torch Holder

whats going on?…its like 9:30 at night everybody is in bed, and im just chillin in the shop I flet like making something so… I have had this little tig torch holder at my welding table it works but I wanted to make something cool

61 thoughts on “Skeleton Tig Welding Torch Holder

  1. Cool! Love it.
    How long did it take you to make?

    My next major purchase I think is going to have to be a tig welder. I have a mig, but you can't easily weld alloy with a mig.

  2. Try silicon bronze filler next time. Its not as strong as er70s2 but on not crucial welds and metal art it really helps. You won't have no run no where near as much amperage as you do with er70. Melts as a very low temperature which make it ideal for stuff like this

  3. also i know the diversions torch is not the best but theres a cheap mod you can do to plug different torches onto it. If you google it should get plenty of hits. Cool stuff tho keep it up

  4. my TIG welder I just drap over the front pull handles for the welder. This idea is really cool, makes me start thinking about ways that I could better start storing my torch while I work on projects. Really cool man. love your channel.

  5. Love the project, but I noticed a fair bit of zinc smoke from the galvanized bolts. Did you have any zinc poisoning symptoms after making this?

  6. Very cool project. An idea that popped into my head was dipping the hand in plasti dip. Would give a little protection from scratching the torch as well as generate a little more grip to hold it.

  7. damn man, that really changed the way i want to design my cart for the cable holders and tig holder. Really cool tool. Any ideas for a beginner making a cart? (for a bottom compartment with doors to hold equipment. basically a cabinet in a way)

  8. 0:57.. why are you using thoriated tungsten? And then even sharpening it with a benchgrinder…? not a that good idea.. 😉

    And yes.. zinced parts.. as i learned 2 minutes before.. you need to clean the crap outta it and then clean summore 😀

    Just found your channel.. subbed! 🙂 most of your stuff reminds me on the stuff what i've been doing in my garage.. i wont say me is you.. cause you put stuff to youtube.. me not 😉

  9. Nice vid on using what you have to make something artistic and useful. I am inspired to make a tig torch holder.
    I am new to TIG welding and have had some trouble welding galvanized metal. Maybe I just need more argon flow to blow the white smoke away. And no, I am not afraid of welding zinc plated metal. I just avoid breathing the fumes.

  10. You have inspired me to make something. I built the tig torch holder. great idea and fun to make. I cut the top off of my magnetic mig torch holder and welded the skeleton hand to it so now I can move it around. Turned out great thanks for the idea. Not sure how to send a pic.

  11. Your nuts and bolts are a whole lot cleaner than mine. I usually have to wire brush off the rust and then check for proper fit, lol. You're fortunate.

  12. Might have to have a rummage around see what I can find lying around at work, although gonna have to look for some stainless bits mind you, rather than galved

  13. I wouldn't be a proper ass hole if I now didn't try to one up You. I have to build this super bad ass torch holder ! But I'm gonna use ball bearings and dowels. I can't believe how cool this is. It looks great even with just bolts. Thanks for the inspiration !

  14. wooow thats awsome may i loan it for my chop nice done good luck in your progress and working of art with cars and stuff me like it man me like it a lot follow!! HANS IN SWEDEN

  15. Happy halloween! Great fixture. I need to make a torch holder for my everlast. One of these days the weight of the cable is going to drag my torch to the floor and break the cup off.

  16. Muric acid cleans it off real good ,but the fumes are strong! Takes your breath away. Hurry and rinse real good with cold water in a sink. That makes the acid go away!

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