Simple Way to Melt Temper Chocolate with Jill

Welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple Today I am showing you the simple way to temper chocolate Tempering chocolate is melting chocolate in a safe way to keep it glossy and even color Once melted you can dip strawberries, make candy, or fondue and more You can dip pretzels, make new chocolate bars and other lace designs The goal is to get the chocolate back to original state When not tempered the chocolate cools to a dull and off-color gray color I am going to show you the basic microwave method to tempering chocolate First you need a microwave save bowl You can also do it the double boiler method You can use chocolate chips, but I am using a 70% chocolate bar I prefer using chocolate bars Chop the chocolate safely on a cutting board Do not let children cut the chocolate We are not going to melt all the chocolate Divide chocolate pieces in half and add half to a bowl If you melt all the chocolate it will not cool properly Melting half and adding the other chocolate will allow chocolate to cool down properly Melt chocolate at 30 second intervals Once melted you will add other chocolate pieces Tempering is bringing the chocolate back to the original temperature in a slow and safe way If using a candy thermometer, melt to 104 F degrees You will cool it back to about 87 F degrees Chocolate is melted It took 1 minute 50 second, using 30 second intervals and stirring each time Now add chocolate pieces and begin to stir Keep stirring until chocolate is all melted Make sure to keep microwave melting at 30 second intervals This protects chocolate from hot pockets Also, never add water to chocoalte The water will bind the chocolate I also use a wooden spoon I don’t use metal utensils when working with a microwave The longer you stir, the better tempered the chocolate will be In the description box below, I have a link to a chocolate lace cake I made with tempered chocolate Now you have beautifully tempered chocoalte

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