Sidearm Showdown – M1911 vs. Compact .45 – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Analysis and Review

Sidearm Showdown – M1911 vs. Compact .45 – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Analysis and Review

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: The masses have spoken, and today I’m looking
at the M1911 versus the Compact .45 in today’s Sidearm Showdown. Both of these weapons have
some pretty similar characteristics and at first glance I didn’t see a really big difference
between the two. However, once I started playing with them, the differences became very apparent,
and today I’ll be talking about my experiences with them. So first, I want to talk about my impressions
of these two weapons before coming into this video. I’m quite familiar with the M1911,
as it was one of my favorite pistols in Battlefield 3. I was happy to see it returning to Battlefield
4, and I love its look and it’s classic feel. I’ve run with the M1911 a few times
before today’s episode and I never really gravitated to it as it always seemed to get
beat by other pistols. As for the compact .45, I’m looking at my
stats and figuring that I probably shot this weapon once or twice before moving onto something
else. I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to prefer weapons that stand out pretty
remarkably, and like the M1911 I’ve never been terribly impressed with the compact .45
enough to switch to it full-time. Looking at the community favorites from,
we can see that the Compact .45 is definitely preferred over the M1911. The nostalgia factor
apparently isn’t enough to win over the community at large. So let’s take a look
at how these two weapons match up against one another in a stat battle. Both weapons have the exact same damage model,
at 36.6 maximum damage and 15.4 minimum. Both weapons drop off in the same fashion, starting
at 8 meters and damage finally hitting the minimum at 40 meters. On normal mode, this
means roughly three to four shots to kill with both weapons at the closest range, and
7 to 8 shots at the maximum range. Keep those bullets required to kill in mind, because
they’re going to be important shortly. Both weapons have roughly the same rate of
fire, with the Compact .45 slightly edging out the M1911 at 320 rounds-per-minute versus
the M1911’s 310. The rate of fire difference is pretty trivial. For most players, you’re
not going to notice the difference in rate of fire between the two weapons, but it does
mean that the theoretical minimum time to kill of the Compact .45 is slightly less.
By about 12 milliseconds. The most statistically significant difference
between these two weapons is in the number of rounds each weapon carries. The Compact
.45 carries the larger magazine between the two, with 10 rounds in the magazine and 1
in the chamber, for a total of 11 rounds. The Compact .45 pays for this advantage by
carrying two less magazines than the M1911, or four less bullets overall. So you can run
your ammo out, but it’s not common. The M1911 carries just 7 rounds in the magazine,
meaning a total of 8 rounds when fully loaded. This leads to a pretty huge difference in
how the two weapons play. Remember when I said to keep the bullets required
to kill in mind? Well here it is. When it can take up to eight rounds to kill
an enemy, and if you haven’t put a bullet in the chamber of the M1911 after a reload,
you can see how that might be a problem. The M1911 only carries, at most, eight rounds.
This is a problem the Compact .45 does not have. This is really the worst part about the M1911:
the ammunition load means that you don’t have the capacity to deal with missed shots,
or even a second enemy. Having a second enemy appear means you pretty much die as you’ll
run out of ammo killing the first target. Or best case, you’ll only get a few rounds
into the second. Overall, the M1911 is a more accurate weapon,
and expects you to use that accuracy to land headshots. The M1911 has a higher maximum
range of 465 meters to the Compact .45’s 405 meters. The M1911 has better overall recoil,
with less upwards recoil. And its initial spread while aiming down sights is half that
of the Compact .45. But realistically, these accuracy bonuses matter very little for a
weapon that drops off to 15.4 damage at range, and performs better in close-to-mid range
overall. So what does the M1911 do particularly well?
As I said, it has that ability to be accurate at middling ranges that the Compact .45 does
not do quite as well. At least not over the course of an entire magazine. While I wouldn’t
recommend replacing your primary with the M1911, it can certainly get the job done slightly
better than a 9mm pistol at a similar range. And that’s sort of what the M1911 and Compact
.45 live. They’re not quite as damaging a sidearm as the magnum pistols, and they’re
not as weak as the 9mm pistols. There a sort of middle ground. But where the M1911 gets a bit of a kick is
in the Hardcore game mode. On this particular game mode, its up-close damage means it’s
a one shot headshot, and every other shot is a two-shot kill. At most, it’s a four-shot
kill. Because it fires faster than the magnums, it’s definitely one of the best sidearms
for hardcore. It also doesn’t suffer from its ammo reserve problem as much on hardcore
as you have the capacity to deal with multiple targets and some reserve for missing as well.
But again, the only advantage over the Compact .45 is that you have a bit more accuracy when
quickly letting off an entire magazine. As for the Compact .45, I was actually pretty
shocked as to what a difference that ammo capacity made on normal mode. I was able to
finish of multiple targets on a single magazine — something that was extremely rare with
the M1911. Furthermore, the range handicap versus the M1911 wasn’t really that penalizing
if I stood my ground and took time to land my shots. And given the ranges that most engagements
with these two weapons happened at, accuracy didn’t really represent a big difference
in their performance. If I were to add attachments to either weapon,
I think only a laser sight for either is necessary, as it gives an added benefit to hipfire. You
might desire to attach a heavy barrel to either of these pistols, but it’s not really going
to give you a huge advantage over their basic characteristics. And they’re not particularly
good at damage at their maximum range, so pistol sniping is not advised. For two weapons that are so similar in characteristics,
I didn’t expect to have such a night-and-day opinion of them. It really came down to how
they performed in close quarters. Both could consistently win me a single battle, and only
one of the two weapons was capable to win a second battle. So in a sidearm showdown of the M1911 versus
the Compact .45, which one do I think is better? Well a clear winner emerged, and the winner
was most definitely the Compact .45. And the three extra bullets are really the
margin of victory on this weapon. A few more bullets for missed shots, a few more bullets
for that extra enemy coming around the corner. Both weapons reload at a blazing 1.2 seconds,
but sometimes that’s just not fast enough. Particularly when enemies have CQB guns drawn
on you at less than 10 meters. I don’t think there’s a lot of margin for error when it
comes to the M1911, and I think it’s kind of strange that the weapon lacks a significant
enough difference to overcome the very similar Compact .45. Honestly, both these weapons
occupy the same niche — and I’m not really sure why DICE originally put them both in
the same game. Now, the differences between these weapons
pretty much dissolve in Hardcore, and I think if you were playing that game mode I might
actually prefer the M1911 over the Compact .45, but not by a whole lot. Again, you still
have that ammo advantage with the Compact .45 — it’s just not as pronounced, and
the M1911 remains slightly more accurate when aiming down sites and pulling off multiple
rounds. Overall, for normal I think the Compact .45
is just good enough to edge out any desire to ever use the M1911. Unless of course you’re
going for style points. And I do so love the M1911. But I’d love to hear from you folks. What’s
your favorite of these two weapons: the M1911 or the Compact .45? Hash it out in the comments
below. But before you go, choose two sidearms you’d like to see on the next Sidearm Showdown,
and I’ll review the top comment from this episode. And as always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Sidearm Showdown – M1911 vs. Compact .45 – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Analysis and Review

  1. You pretty much nailed it. Sure M1911 has better accuracy and is better at range but that 8 round magazine is going to get you killed if there's multiple targets. My heart says M1911, but I gotta admit, Compact 45 is kinda better since pistols are mostly used at close quarters.

  2. I love the M1911, for me its a total comfort pick… I've used both, but I just have better results with the classic over the new age hype

  3. I simply don't like the sound of the M1911. It sounded so cool in bf3, but in bf4, like many other guns, in an effort to sound different, it sounds like a toy gun.

  4. As one of the masses who suggested an M1911/Compact .45 showdown, great video Darth! I loved the M1911 in Bad Company 2, but wasn't a huge fan of it in Battlefield 3 (my preferred sidearm was the suppressed M9). Right now I'm rocking the Compact .45 on every class except Recon, which gets the shorty shotgun. I've seen a couple other people suggest it, but I'd like to see REX vs SW40 next time.

  5. While i loved playing with the 1911, the ammo capacity wasn't that big of a negative as i had anticipated at first. I did however exclusively use it as a "finisher" sidearm and thus only used it in action when my primary was empty and the opposing enemy needed to be finished off. What's interesting is though, that thanks to its blazing fast reload time, i often did not switch back the primary again and just took on another enemy with the 1911! It's just such a pleasure to use. I ran it with a heavy barrel ultimately, because all the other options seemed pointless on this gun in particular, where precision is all what it is good at, apart from the solid CQC damage characteristics of course.

    Later on, on my ongoing quest of mastering as many weapons as possible, it was time to play the Compact 45. I did play some other firearm in between, for the sake of variety of course. The first thing i didn't like about this gun was simple: It's firing sound. It just made this gun not click with me properly. It was performing well, but the sound it made when firing left me in a strange state of slight disgust. The second annoyance was very mild and it was its "meh" accuracy.
    Eventually i put a silencer on this gun. Little did i know what this sidearm would become when it has a suppressor on it, regardless of the firing sound. This is one of the very best silenced sidearms in this game. Simple as that. It was made to boast a suppressor and it is a great choice as a recon sidearm if you want to use it as an offensive stealth weapon!

    So one of those two is great with a heavy barrel to collect massive style points with precision and grace, while the other is great with a suppressor to dominate enemies up close stealthily. Both have their place.

  6. You forgot to mention one major advantage the 1911 has, the 3x scope. Which makes your shots more accurate at a moderate range, something the compact doesn't have.

  7. I mastered both very fast because I play hardcore all the time. The compact won my heart, but I could not ignore the 1911. Ever. One of my favs for sure.

  8. SW40 vs. Magnum/REX

    Also, I guess I'd prefer the Compact .45 just due to the magazine size (I have both mastered), but between the stunningly slow bullets and crap damage over range, I really dislike them both. I want my sidearm to have flexibility, since there will always come a time when I'm out of primary ammo entirely, not just in a pinch between reloads. In contrast, I'd take the FN57 for all ranges and all engagements over either one.

  9. Another good analysis Darth and one I completely agree with. For next, how about P226 and MP443 – or – FN57 and QSZ92.

  10. It annoys me when DICE uses attributes like "max range" to differentiate weapons that are so closely related in other more import attributes like damage. Who cares what the max range is on a pistol. The M1911 has better stats on max range, bullet velocity, recoil, recoil recovery, and ADS accuracy. All that added up does not even come close to outweighing the benefit that the 3 extra rounds the Compact 45 has. I understand capacity is pretty much set to maintain accuracy with the guns' real life counterparts. But why not give the M1911 a more meaning full advantage like better hip accuracy or faster reload? I loved the M1911 in BF3 but the Compact 45 won't let me love it in BF4 🙁

  11. Hey, Could you please do a G18 semi auto vs everything vedio? i personalty love the aesthetics of the Glock, but i miss the G17 from Bf3, and feel like a bit of a troll with a full auto g18. Is this just me, or are there others that just <3 the Glock? If not it is ok, I am learning to love my m1911, but apparently that isn't too great ether!

  12. Just a little hint. The difference between M1911 and the Compact at Normal you will mostly note while using a supressor. The M1911 have the higher muzzlevelocity. Its a realy good sidearm as recon. You are able to take out enemys without a spot on the minimap while shooting. 😀

  13. 2:55 you should've sprinted to cover after the first kill, reload, and let him come to you, he had garbage accuracy anyways but you know… Could've stayed alive perhaps

  14. The M1911 is WAY better if you know what you are doing. It allows you to sidestep-dance and still land consistent shots even at longer range.

    I've tried using the Compact .45 but what good is those 3 extra bullets doing if they miss their target and equal to longer kill time? The Compact .45 is however better at extreme CQB (below 6m) where you are unlikely to miss even badly aimed shots.

  15. 1911 + Heavy barrel is the most accurate weapon IN THE GAME when moving. No bullshit. Runner up is the Groza-4.
    If you take your time with your shots instead of spamming it like a 9mm (like I think was mostly done in this video), the 1911 allows you to simply walk around while kicking ass and taking names. POA/POI for most practical ranges while moving.

    The C45 is more spammy like a 9mm, so someone who is used to 9mms but wants a beefier damage model will like the C45. Surprise surprise, it's the more common choice.
    The 1911 is high risk high reward. Hard hitting and accurate, but unforgiving of misses and lack of trigger discipline. But once you get good with it you're basically unstoppable, and you CAN get more than 2 kills per mag.

    It's my #1 sidearm. The C45 works in a pinch but I never warmed up to it. Too many situations where I feel like the 1911 would have gotten the kill but the C45 did not, that lack of accuracy really hits you when you get so used to the 1911's ability to make hits on the move. I mostly just use the C45 when suppressed, and even then it rarely comes out to play, and I usually try to take cover and reload instead of staying in the fight so it only gets used in emergencies. When I run the 1911 I'm not afraid to swap to it instead of reloading my primary and just stay on the front lines filling baddies with lead until I have a chance to bring the primary back into the fight.

  16. what happened to this series? Both of the videos in the playlist are fantastic and I woulda really liked to see more comparisons xP

  17. Because the M1911 is classic but sometimes people would like a modern design, I like both, I run M1911 Bare and Compact .45 With a Random Barrel attachment usually the compensator and a tri-laser, although I've got every attachment for the 1911

  18. The M1911 gets that accuracy bonus as well as a 3x scope, meaning that it's excellent for finishing injured targets at range. However if you only pull your pistol out when you get rushed when your primary's out you'll want the compact (or even the shorty for that matter).

  19. I think 1911 iron sights need a do-over. They are horrible compared to their BF3 counterparts where the iron sights in BF3 looked just flat out amazing epically with the S-TAC M1911.

  20. Thank you for including your opinion of the weapons in hardcore mode. I hate it when people forget to do that because all I play is hardcore and many other people do as well.

  21. I perfer M1911 due to the good experience in BF3, however .45 pistols are pretty bad in BF4; Defensive upgrade makes .45 sidearms less effective, and they are not accurate at all, normally its 1 kill per reload, unlike in BF3 you can get up to 4 guys in 1 magazine.

    So in many cases 9mm pistols are better becaues you can spam with their 12+ round capacity, once again pistols are pretty crap compared to their BF3 counterpart afterall. That's why there are so many pistol only servers in BF4, because the only sidearm worth using in normal match is G18/93R/Deagle/SW40/.44 Magnum and probably CZ-75 and Unica 6 (shorty does not count), the rest will struggle against enemy with automatic weapon head-on.

    Why I pick M1911? Because it feels more at home than Compact .45, since the person typing this is a M1911 fan in real life, you get the point.

  22. I personally like the 1911 more because its the most accurate magazine fed semi auto pistol. For me I've been in situations with the compact 45 that I have had to use 5-6 rounds at a distance where with the 1911 I would only have to fire 3-4 because of the increased accuracy.

  23. Subbed. Totally agree with the 1911 being marginally more preferable in hardcore mode. I need to try out the hk45c more but i love the status you get by carrying around a steel framed legend that is the 1911.

  24. I use the compact 45 and I used the m1911 for a while but I added a suppressor so mabye that's why it sucked I'll try it again

  25. I’ll take 1911 why I have one (Taurus pt1911) amazing gun and I only use it if I’m caught reloading.

  26. Not trying to be the Cod guy here but I'm gonna be the Cod guy here. In MWR I don't reload after every kill with the 1911 because the gun itself kills in roughly 2-4 shots. Which means that I can typically get between 2 and 3 kills per mag before reloading.

  27. I found that I prefer the M1911 for my Assault class cause it's perfect for finishing off mid-range targets. If I run out of bullets in my magazine with my AR, my 1911 is accurate enough to effectively shoot and down them. The accuracy may sound kinda dumb on paper, but in practice it really does mean a lot.

    However, I prefer the Compact 45 for my Recon class, because it is a more reliable 'primary-combat secondary' than the M1911 (however the 93R and G18 are both much better pistols for that role…).

  28. Which handgun is better? FN 5-7 Vs QZS92. Compact 45 Vs 1911. P226 Vs M9. Cz75 Vs 1911. Mp443 Grach Vs P226. Unica Vs Mp412 Rex. SW40 Vs Mp412 Rex. 44 Magnum Vs Desert Eagle.

  29. No the 1911 is not the only American handgun in the game. The SW40 and 44 Magnum are American handguns. M9 is Italian, the P226 is Swiss, the 5-7 is Belgian, the Mp443 is Russian, the QZS92 is Chinese, the Compact 45 is Belgian, the Desert Eagle is Israeli, the Unica is Italian, the Mp412 Rex is Russian, and the Cz75 is Czech.

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