Shoppe Keep – #15 | How Meaty | Let’s Play Shoppe Keep [Shoppe Keep Gameplay]

Shoppe Keep – #15 | How Meaty | Let’s Play Shoppe Keep [Shoppe Keep Gameplay]

I’ll come on at least one of you guys
have the case may meet you PR Johnson I know UPR when it is my me
to train your dog not the other meet you pervert this one right here no ok hey
everybody welcome back to Falcons house a bargain hearing shopkeepers go ahead
and get this day under wraps up net really under wraps but under Rolex for
some reason obviously under wraps I’m starting an episode which implies I’m
ending it not really starting it you know whatever my brain works and really
silly ways we have all these guys are here set up we have our story a restock
what to do here today is testing back here we haven’t had too much love from
the customers like I have never restocked shelves someone since he
started and I’m considering as is the case because I have a bunch of books
already up front so I’m wondering if light didn’t even come back here unless
it all the things that they wander up here up front right so what I did here
is a removed all the gold in them ship the golden armor in terms of the chess
piece and also the pants and some of the house as well and I’m gonna place the
golden ones up here so we have some chess pieces of here we have some pants
and let’s go ahead and if we can put up some helmets somewhere around here you
know one let’s get you guys out of the way what I want to do is see if this
works out now where is my golden stuff that we have to hear perfect we also
have some boots now what I would like to do as well as maybe get one of these
quest under going here is too often the only one available to his house to
unlock a statue which is gonna be the golden the leather stuff right so can I
like camping down suddenly away while tell me know you can do it why white-out
ok whenever will do now letting us can pick this up the first time it said no
leather gloves other jessel the hood whether she should have leather
everything over here available rained so let’s see let’s remove this one over
here I should have a leather chess piece somewhere out here leather hood when you place one
right here really quickly led their chest as I know I should have wonderful
place when here we need leather gloves and leather and since well no I know I
should have some somewhere let’s see if we actually do get this completed here
we have a Romney already have to throw me to not that type of messing around
with you I saved that for off-camera purposes alone in the privacy of my own
homes today sure you let their shoulders will need those two small place that
here if we can use me place it there ok let’s see what the
future leather gloves leather hood and leather pants though we need where the
pancetta I know for a fact that a few tell me I have any leather pants now I
would be quite a surprise that that’s the case here game apparently not you
know what let’s go ahead and order some here really quickly just get that into
you know I’m a hoarder a few extra ones as well so a leather pants let’s go
ahead and he’s here twenty is just about fine for now many people being killed I would be present so nothing yet I
still leather gloves leather hood and leather pencil were looking for champion you go off and do your thing of
the Year dragon bloody gloves hood vents so here are the pants up and down to use
he has won a definitely buying clubs around here and good but we have a bunch
of kids everywhere let me put one even closer here perhaps Skyrim helmets come
over here my friends and replace you like so and that’s about it so we have
pants we have the hoods and we have the gloves I think that’s all we’re missing
you forget relatively easily when you tell you a joke gloves hood pants yeah
that’s everything that’s what we’re up front so this quest done it should be
done here today now we have I want to say that we have
we sold in ulee’s gold stuff or ahead ages been picked from the racks for my
own doing because they’ve been restocking I’m not really sure not
entirely sure I also looking back over here for now so it’s pretty good you
know what I did you do for a fact I put it shields up here in front of them are
still here the golden winds are near so here he adds unfortunate so it’s not
really happening is it a one-goal shield against that’s probably the case snobs like gold gold was so less here
than we probably get some plant and equipment here Falcon plan would be
quite amazing and need that’s what they sound like to me that she was really the
first time I know on the spot and even at that boys but whatever you know what
I have Romney but I really do offerings dude I did
they see here I can place a cookie or something wrong mean how it could I
don’t have any idea what if we set it down somewhere of fires but apparently
it doesn’t you can place anywhere what if you had for raw meats cooking stuff
right or should have known what else can I cook I I completely forgot we did have
a cooking thing to go OK with changing colors in front of me was a good they do
it right only had one run me to explore with one
Romney to explore with that’s normally what we call it quits around here I
don’t see it I think I might have printed I gotta write a measure of these guys
like it wrong well done medium rare but there you go
oh my god it doesn’t have a presence originally but I’m not sure what this
thing out here I’m sorry shop bots you you make sure they’re gonna go on
smoothly ok I gotta like watching I keep an eye out for this I’m going to my tax
gets you I hate this could mean out here no part part Mark do you want to meet no okay louise red-nosed the UN immunities
may meet right here looks delicious right here right here nobody came on at
least one of you guys have to taste my meat P R Johnson I know UPR when it is
my me to train your dog not the other media pervert this one right here no ok
wanna hang out over here because I need to watch what happens sometimes gonna
happen at some point right something has to happen quite subset of nothing
happened to him but he has had chairman are you back to your premium or meet you
somewhere stuff is actually kind of fun now I’m not sure what else you can cook
but apparently it’s just me for now we have the leather statue now because we
complete the leather little questioning you there interesting that’s how it works out
three of them for all five of them three more realism and this guy was stealing
and that’s what you get for stealing buddy just because he isn’t here doesn’t
mean you could steal buddy I know I’m over here a little more concerned with
the media outside but are not stealing from me you come over here and hang out a grand
champion get back soon how and why I want to bring pick for me for me I’m
interesting isn’t here yet still here nobody is messed around with it just
right come over here meanwhile this guy probably be on Sunday morning Langley request now so now we have to let her
snatch we have to build stand she went out so we have here this is a wooden
statue ok I don’t think I have enough food and equipment left over to make
that one so I’m gonna probably hold off on that question to next set of
recordings when I actually have some time today so I’ll probably never come
back from Thanksgiving Break I’ll probably not probably I know for a fact
I have to come back into a bunch of crafting a buncha restocking and more
than likely will now return 40,000 will probably add some more display somewhere
I want to switch up my area how it sells here because again we’re not selling the
gold stuff even up front are we know it’s interesting to me so I am I my
daughter my idea was defector now selling gold is because it’s all the way
in the back so they gonna make it back but no notable so they put up here front
so here hanging out what you meant that their shoulders I’m not sure if I have
those my friend let’s see here I’d be surprised if I didn’t have so much shit
but i cant tell apart when I have at the moment and i cant get on it here engineers book and I don’t you dare you
know what I’ve never put on the books on the table they look pretty nice to hang
out there that’s going to be able as well I prefer the bookshelves but let’s
be honest I think my championship me back now so we’ll go to check out if we
finally got me my gym there’s a chest here okay come on baby give me a dragon
you a plate helm we dragons yes yes ok I love you so much and listened yet
another quest before we wrap up here for today looks like I have never seen this
would even looks like I’ve seen in recipe listen to chop wiki but I’ve
never actually seen a picture of it so how do you like baby you look dashing
dashing profiling is blue gloves a bunch of these I never put these are for sale
that I guess you could be sold everything over here perfect bone bone bone Blue Bloods her
everybody drinking soda more UN you don’t really look at wings so like the
middle parts like the little crystal maybe a gem and then little wings on the
site is that how it works now I don’t know a sort of seems to work out forming
I’m not gonna make it right now because I’ll be honest I don’t really know what
the recipe is a point to say it’s you probably have to use like one of the
plated equipment along wid collarbone solid bone and then I would say the
dragon gem but I’m not 100% sure and find out so I’ll just wait until next
time around and hopefully before we wrap up here today maybe that’s going to come
back with a second gym and get more stuff but I do know for a fact that I’m
not gonna still wanna make what that i’m gonna make him sort now making him the
dragon soil dragon souls soar dragon gem sort
whatever it might be called making the Dragon Sword forums the most important
thing because he’ll be able to do more damage that way meeting even he runs into a bunch of
fights before dragging he should be able to take them down relatively fast so we
have enough to survive the Dragons itself so the first step for effective
can equip would be the weapon and we’ll keep an eye out for that for a fact
speaking to keep an eye out how bout nobody wants to meet and sheriff’s what
is this for I guess is not implemented yet I did
redesign implemented yet but I wanted to try it out for myself you give me a
sense of satisfaction you know what I found are you guys to play all that I got it left Louis our turn to the right Chris
rego Daniel block dixy Ryu’s go deeper and go ahead and just tell Mary 2013
break 12 great one to break in a break this is where we go out and do our our
play nice no ok well so much for my my football Joubert these guys will put the
problem here oh my god wooden shelters I don’t think
I have any more of those my friend or a way I do you have to do is reach over
here you had him Romero’s wooden shelters ok where we’re
going to be out in my actually just looking for a $1 what do you need dick I would ensure
they all want wooden shoulders during here all you have to do is reach the
side this is so weird the windshield is now breaking news I would you go what
they all want the same thing you all want the same thing they all do what
happened here they did all of you want at the same time to go broke ok look I’m gonna go in and pick out
here dragon the thing that I can’t even get here busting my balls are now after item is so weird man Bowman bomb and Unix at the very least they sold all these
wooden shield as I can really be too upset about that that’s a significant
amount of money you want to see nothing to lose but he does have a disparaging
things just might be right now look you come over here and going to happen now
no more wooden shoulders so because when I come over here in trees up to 70 and
shoulders are you want when I don’t have anymore don’t come in here and freezing
it freaks me out of it had that’s ahead right there that is what you call at my
friend to hang out of here let me tell you guys probably bunch of flies and
bugs of here you get this you might want to grab an hour before its way to
unsanitary here that I really have sent your email using my store you know
people coming here and buy stuff but only barely cleared out a bunch of rugs
cleaning myself look these have actually been torn down interesting let’s go ahead and restock
here momentarily I guess you like an hour 1 minute of business leftover might
as well do a little bit of light restocking here just have too much work
to do afterwards something nice ride right now is good for being a dirty and
we have some shrooms here as well yes we do here and down here picked up here if you want you
completely so everything every single time you go out and do a job uuuu a some
viewers are you tell me man that isn’t really akiyama gertrude Baines what do
you want now mark Sahari I don’t have anymore I’m pretty sure I’m sorry I sold
the last one where you will be going out you know you’re fine retrieve items you’ll also find any fuel
cell leaving now and it was ordained and feel boom boom boom as a matter of fact
since the end of the workers go ahead and shut she live here take a little
rest buddy you guys have earned it killing people stopping thievery it’s
all good in my book wrapping up here or no a way to go one
last shot don’t miss your chance to shine solid bone me we do need solid bones but
I mean those are easier to meet with the bones and generous grant amount for
solid bombs with the recipe but our dog will catch you next time

12 thoughts on “Shoppe Keep – #15 | How Meaty | Let’s Play Shoppe Keep [Shoppe Keep Gameplay]

  1. What's about meat that brings large amounts of eroticism in Falcon I wonder, what fetish do you hide that can only be brought out by meat? hmm… O.o… on second thought…. it would be best to not know 😛

  2. I think your prices are little too high for them which is why they were standing next to the shoulders and I noticed that two of that whole group that was asking for the shoulders said no way and walked away that is also why no one buys the golden stuff I would say drop the prices about 10-20% it should be fine. Also how did you get that meat? and i'm sure many people have made sexual jokes about what you spend your time doing with the meat in your personal time. xD

  3. Falcon lower your prices a bit! People are not happy with the prices for now because they're not the same level as your champion. You got to keep selling the low items and sell at a bit of lower prices. Keep on Rocking!

  4. Falcon I am pretty sure you should not be telling the world your meat has flies and bugs. Guessing it on the same level with your wood being a little rotten. 😛

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