SCM440 TIG Welding Fill and Cap(FREEHAND WELDING) 티그용접 SCM440 훌치기 용접

SCM440 TIG Welding Fill and Cap(FREEHAND WELDING) 티그용접 SCM440 훌치기 용접

Hello, today… I made a video about the “SCM440” welding. I’d appreciate it if you could press “SUBSCRIBE” and “LIKE.” This is a material called “SCM440.” It’s a high hardness of iron. It’s very hard. The commonly known hard iron has an “SM45C.” It’s harder than “SM45C.” But the reason I brought this is because… This is what happens when you weld this thing. There is a crack in the weld area. So I looked up the data for welding SCM440 But there’s no WPS. The search did not find the exact method of welding to weld the “SCM440” Of course I may not have found it. But we found a few guesses. Welding produces crack. be out of welding Or maybe this is how it works. There’s just a guess, “Isn’t that enough?” If you have accurate information on SCM440, I’d appreciate it if you could give me a link. And that’s why I’m making a video. So, how did you do this? I’ve welded some guesses and my feelings together. So, you know, it’s normal to use it. When there’s no trouble, Maybe it’s the world’s first “SCM440 weld. If you look here… I dug a groove to deepen the penetration. After welding this part, This is how the two sides are machined. Of course, we’ll do some heat treatment later on. After this process, you’ll get the exact result. I can’t see the detail even if I’m shooting from close proximity. Welding rod used “ER80S-B2” The welding rod is 2 pies. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. The tungsten is 11 millimeters long. This is how we’re going to get started. First, I put it on the turntable. Basically preheating is required before welding high hardness and thick steel. So I pre-arranged it. I slowly warmed it up over a low heat. Because the ring is relatively thin, we’ve preheated it from far away. I preheated it from the top, and it came down. I’ve warmed it up for about three minutes in this way. The warm part was burned. I cleaned it with a wire brush. If you don’t clean up, you get a lot of undercuts. Cleaning up like that will improve the weldability a little bit. So I cleaned the surface. And the rest of the debris flew to high-pressure oxygen. The color of the parent metal is different from the first one. Can you see the water vapor? I’ve preheated it to that temperature. After welding, the temperature of the weld and the parent metal can be similar. Now, let’s do the speed book on the turntable. This is how we’re going to weld it. Welding was carried out with a total of 2PASS. One PASS is to be welded with as much penetration as possible to the 2PASS will fill undercuts or underweights and finish. On the first weld, we aim the end of the weld rod as low as we can. We’ve got a lot of welding rod supply, so we’ve got a groove on it. The preheating temperature is not just the current temperature. We’ve worked on a total of 60 pieces. I did it at a lower temperature than it is now, and I did it at a higher temperature. We’ve tested it at several different temperatures. After the first weld like that, we cut the weld off and then we started again started again The reason is to find the end of the weld easily. In the secondary weld, we did a little bit of a feed on the weld rod. So I filled in the gaps in the first weld. Now, at the end, hold the crater. The nozzle has an internal diameter of 16mm. Welding rod used “ER80S-B2” The welding rod is 2 pies. The current used 170 amperes. I’ve been working on these things. And when it’s processed, we’ll have an accurate result. After this, we expect to see some changes in the composition and hardness. The problems of doing this, And the result of different preheating temperatures. We’ll also show you additional comments and comments when we’re done processing This clip was made to leave data for people who are embarrassed because they don’t have any data in case of such an embarrassing situation. I hope it’s a good source for many of My welding method is not necessarily correct. However, it is one of the various welding methods that can be applied in various situations, so I hope it will help. I hope this video will help all welders grow and help them a little bit. And “SUBSCRIBE,” “LIKE” and “SHARE” are the main forces that I’m going to make better videos. Thanks for watching.

46 thoughts on “SCM440 TIG Welding Fill and Cap(FREEHAND WELDING) 티그용접 SCM440 훌치기 용접

  1. 용접실력이 참…
    기계 수준이신거 같아요 대단하십니다

    혹시 저번에 플랜지 파이프 직각 잡는거 댓글 달았었는데 팁 좀 가르켜주시거나 영상으로 가능할까요?

  2. Amigo AGOHIBI cómo siempre hay pendiente de su canal y muy agradecido por exelente video es algo que no había visto antes admirable su técnica y seguimos cresiendo y averiguare al rrespecto feliz día chao

  3. Very nice. You and I feed wire in the same manner. I just walk it with all my fingers like you were. These kids hassle me on it because it isn't like they do it or were taught to. I tell them to watch kanekid videos and see if my wire feed is still weird to them. Lol most say no. Good job sir

  4. 역시 엄청나네요

    섬세함에 박수를 드리고

    영상을 계속 올려주셨으면 감사사겠습니다

  5. 가공하는 사람입니다. 틈틈히 가공품을 직접 용접해볼까 해서 영상을 통해서 배우는 중입니다. 주로 SS400(SS275) 작은 구조물들을 용접해야 합니다. 이미 볼트로 체결한 구조물에 강도를 더해주려고 (주로 6T~20T) 정도를 제살로 하려고 하는데, 혼자 연습해보는데 잘 안되네요. 제살 용접도 영상 만들어주시면 감사하겠습니다.

    SCM440을 일반적인 용접이 어려울 것 같은데 저희는 SM45C도 용접이 불가하다고 보기도 합니다. 가공하는 입장이다 보니 용접으로 인한 열로 경도가 올라가는 문제가 발생할텐데요. 예열을 하셨는데, 용접 후에는 후열은 없나요? 경도가 올라가면 가공이 어렵기 때문에 용접 후에 아예 열처리를 다시 하기도 합니다. 그리고 작업하신 선반물은 왜 용접 했는지 궁금합니다. SCM440은 저렴한 소재라서 저정도 크기면 가공에서 다 만들어도 될 것 같습니다. 모재와 링이 각각 다른 소재인 것입니까?

  6. 초보가 한가지 문의드립니다

    2.5t 스텐을 제살 용접할 때 전류를 얼마로 하면 될까요

    너무 얇았어 질문드립니다

  7. 바닥에 있는 파이프에 작은 파이프 연결 용접하는 것도 보여주세요. 저게 더 어려운게 아닌가요? 작아서 더 어려울거 같은데.

  8. 죄송스럽지만 또 질문입니다


    2t스텐용접시 찍기용점, 점용접이라해야 하나

    스폿용접과 비슷한데요

    세로일때 밑에서 위로 해야하나요
    아님 위에서 아래로 해야하나요

    2. 세로인 상태에서 구멍이 나면 용접봉으로 매꿀때
    위에서 아래, 아래에서 위

    어느것 입니까

  9. 하루에 한개 씩 질문드리는 것 같네요 ^^

    밑에는 큰 스텐이고 위에는 작은 스텐을 겹치게 올려놓고

    모서리를 용접하려고 합니다

    근데 첨엔 용융풀이 동그라게 잘나가다가 약간의 틈이 있는 곳에 도착하면 용용풀에 작은 구멍같은게 생기더라고

    그래서 용접좀 하시는 분에게 물어보니 용접물이 틈사이로 덜 들어가서 그렇다고 하네요

    맞는 말인지요….?

    맞다면 해결방법이 있을까요

    꼭 좀 알려주세오

    그리고 서스 용접봉을 용융풀에 대고 용접하면 용접봉이 자꾸 미끌려서 다른 곳으로 갑니다

    해결방법 있을까요

    저번 질문의 답변에 불순물이 있어도 용융풀이 일그러지더라고 그래서 용접시작시 깨끗히 청소 후 용접합니다

  10. sangat bagus…. pada saat saya mengelas tig, gerakan tangan saya dalam mengeluarkan filler rod masih sangat kaku dan sulit, bagaimana cara memegangnya dan gerakan jarinya supaya bisa lancar?

  11. Вот смотрю на такую клоунаду, и диву даюсь, вы для кого эту шляпу выкладываете, просто пиздец!!!!

  12. Very cool video. I've actually had to leave a job because of a similar failure. I'm not sure its exactly the same material, but pre-heating "should" prevent that center cracking. If that doesn't fix that, maybe have the turntable go not as "quick" or slower perhaps turn the amperage down slightly. Then I guess, wrapping the piece in a NON-FLAMMABLE: carpet or blanket or something will slow the rate of the weld "cooling off" and that may prevent the cracking.

  13. Pensando que sean los códigos que yo conozco y tengo experiencia daré mi comentario..4440..el primer número corresponde al elemento .(molibdeno)el segundo dígito corresponde ala cantidad de molibdeno en este caso tiene menos del cuatro por ciento..los dos últimos dígitos (40) corresponde al porcentaje de carbono en este caso son decimos o sea .40 de carbono ..(cuarenta centecimos de carbono) y le tocaría estar en un nivel clasificado de medio carbono ..para soldar está aleaciones de molibdeno y de medio carbono se necesita mínimo 300 grados centígrados continuos y pos de 350 grados centígrados. Cómo relevado de esfuerzos .yo trabajé por dies años este material en drill collar y lastrabarrenas que se usan a 4000 metros de profundidad para perforar posos petroleros..esperemos que aya una relación del acero que estás mostrando.saludos te apreciamos por tus vídeos

  14. You’re using a low chrome wire to weld something that you have no idea what the chemical composition is???? Are you actually serious???

  15. 45c나 440은 2pass용접이나 영상에서 처럼 60도 정도로 예열후 용접하면 되죠…
    고장력강 계열(방탄강포함)의 아토스,아모스,웰텐,포스텐,밀룩스,비샬로이 등 도 같은 방법으로 용접하면 크랙없이 용접이 됩니다^^
    그리고 예열시 백심에 가깝게 최대한 좁고 빠르게 온도를 올리고 용접하는것이 더 좋구요..

  16. 9:26 정말 대단하신것 같습니다…
    저도 기량을 계속 갈고 닦아 저런 특수한 재료로도 용접조건을 잘 맞춰서 용접할 수 있는 용접사가 되고 싶습니다.

  17. 아주 좋은, 공유를위한 감사합니다.

    예열 및 사후 열풍은 무엇 이었습니까?

    나는 비디오를 좋아한다.

  18. aju joh-eun, gong-yuleul-wihan gamsahabnida.

    yeyeol mich sahu yeolpung-eun mueos ieossseubnikka?

    naneun bidioleul joh-ahanda.

  19. 호주의 경우에는 시방서와 사용 용접봉이 지정 되어 나오고 보고서에도 그렇게 작성해야 합니다.
    나중에 문제가 발생하면 그 보고서로 책임 유무도 가릴 수 있습니다.
    이번 영상은 주철용접을 응용한 것 같군요
    오랫동안 용접을 손에 놓아 다시 보고 있습니다.
    티그 용접기에 대해서도 영상을 부탁합니다.
    여러가지 옵션이 많은 용접기면 더욱 좋겠지요.
    예로 수냉식 극성 펄스 시작과 끝 컨츄롤등.

  20. This steel is noticeable for good fatigue and torsional strength and toughness, so either preheating in welding area up to 220°-250°C and then welding or, which I doubt it will be your option, UTP 65 B electrodes for for torsional, spring, tool and high carbon steels.

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