Science in Simpsons(Static Electricity)

Science in Simpsons(Static Electricity)

What a smart way to spend a snowy day Good grief Slurp!! Oh-ho!!Right in the carrot. Huh!! A branch must have knocked out the power lines
Fine,I will see what’s on TV. That runs on electricity also.
Alright!I will watch a DVD.There is no way that runs on electricity. *One of Marge’s grunts* Really?Does Obama know about this? I can’t believe this is how pilgrims lived.

15 thoughts on “Science in Simpsons(Static Electricity)

  1. "Does Obama know about this?" Know about what? That there are children of Bart's age who don't know that TV runs on electricity? 😛

  2. Im not allowed a fidget spinner rainbow i was wondering if u could buy me on and ship it to me pls oh pls im poor

  3. Bart is more intelligent than that. In any case he would have done what his father would have done, stolen power from Flanders, or taken the car battery out of his father’s car and hooked that up.

  4. What exactly did Bart think TVs used for power besides electricity? If it uses an electrical outlet it uses electricity.

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