Scandinavian Rosette Cookies A traditional homemade Christmas cookie recipe for Jul! ♥

Scandinavian Rosette Cookies A traditional homemade Christmas cookie recipe for Jul! ♥

Hi there! I’m Karen Grete. I’m going to
make the traditional Scandinavian Rosette cookies today and I have all the
ingredients in front of me. What it is, it’s really easy. I have a cup of milk.
I’m going to add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Also. I’m going
to add a teaspoon of vanilla. If you like almond extract, you can use
that, but I’m using vanilla today. And also I have to add two eggs. Mix it up a little bit and then I’m
going to add the flour. So as you can tell, it’s very few
ingredients. It’s real easy to make. Now pour the cup of flour. So mix it
up again and it will have about the consistency of heavy cream. And those rosettes we’re going to cook them in oil, or if you had lard, you can use that.
I’m using oil today. And we need a special Rosette iron,
as you see here, for frying them. So all the ingredients have been added.
I’m ready to make the Rosette cookies. Of course, I wanna make sure
I don’t get any lumps in here so I’m gonna whip it up kind of a lot. And it’s getting there. So I have to heat up the oil now. They’re going to be deep fried in about
350 to 375 degrees. So I’ve heated up the oil and I wanna make sure it doesn’t get
hotter than 375. It should be between 350 and 375. So I have a thermometer here. I’m
checking the temperature and it is at 350 now so I wanna make sure it
doesn’t get any hotter than that. All right. Actually, It’s perfect. All right, so now
I’m going to dip the iron in the oil. Take it up, let it drain a little bit,
stick it in the batter, and you don’t want the batter go all on top of the iron,
okay? Here we are, now we’re frying them. And it doesn’t take long at all. I think a little bit more
brown will be fine. And they’re getting nice
and brown already. Okay, they look good. Okay, shake off a little bit,
dip them in the batter. Stick them back in there. And you can serve the Rosettes, if you
like, with a little bit of jam in the center of them. Sprinkle some powdered
sugar on them, it makes them look really pretty. Also if you like,
a little cinnamon sugar on them. It also tastes great. So any way you serve
them, they taste wonderful. Hopefully you will enjoy our Rosettes over
the holidays, but of course you can eat them any time of the year.
They always taste good. Enjoy! And please subscribe to our channel!

16 thoughts on “Scandinavian Rosette Cookies A traditional homemade Christmas cookie recipe for Jul! ♥

  1. My mom made these every year at Christmas. She would fill the inside with caramel and it tastes amazing I really recommend these. Although they are pretty hard to make. Some years my moms find not work well or fondant stick'll know once you try it

  2. My mother in law passed away before I could learn how to do these. I tried them on my own but they were a mess. Now I see that I should have been dipping the iron in the oil before the batter. I will try again this year. Thankyou for sharing! Crossing my fingers I can do them justice.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this video and recipe! Brings back memories of making Rosettes with my Mom. God Jul! 

  4. Hi Karen, I'm back to your video on how to make Rosettes as the only time they turn out correctly is when I make them following your directions! Thank you so much for helping me pass down Danish traditions!!Mary

  5. I have enjoyed these cookies from my great-grandmother and my grandmother my whole life! But they always had an extremely helpful tip to follow when making rosettes:
    use a flat whisk or a fork to mix your batter and let the batter sit overnight – you will end up with a much smoother batter with very few bubbles which results​ much smoother looking cookies that don't have all those blisters in them! This definitely helps in making a much nicer looking cookie

  6. In Sri Lanka, we call them "Kokis" and usually we do not add sugar and is savory in taste. As for the milk, we mostly use Coconut milk. I read that we got this dish during the Dutch ruling of certain areas of our country around the 17th century. However, now it is considered as one of major traditional dishes. It is a favorite especially during the traditional Sri Lankan New Year.

  7. I've had a kit of these fun shapes for decades but cannot find any new ones for the batter mixture. thankfully I found your site and now can make proper "Butterflies" which taste as good as they look

  8. Wow… The world is Soo small…I am from India, we do prepare this rosecookies.. But we don't use egg and milk..we use rice flour, all purpose flour, sugar and water… Great recipe..I will try this recipe 😘

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