Sawmill Operator (Episode 26)

Sawmill Operator (Episode 26)

It’s a job that requires attention to
detail and a commitment to safety. Do you have what it takes to be
a sawmill machine operator? Throw on some protective gear and find out. Hi. I’m Viviana. Hi, Viviana. I’m Travis. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. These presents for me? You bet they are.

Great. Let’s go check out the mill.

Sounds good. My job duties as a machine operator is to ensure wood flow coming in and out
is working correctly. I’m cutting the optimal cuts out of the woods, making sure all the optimization is working correctly, waste conveyors are operating,
there’s no jam ups in those. A typical day as a machine operator… When you start, ensuring that
the machine’s ready to go, cleaning your scanners and lasers, making sure that the optimization
system is going to be working, orientating them to get the maximum recovery out of them to the best of its ability, clearing jam ups when there is some,
watching waste conveyors. So, tell me about your career path.
How did you get here? Well, I had worked at some smaller
reman plants in the community. Ended up getting hired out here. Over the last ten years,
I worked in various positions around the mill—different jobs. I’m hoping to get apprenticeship through the company and then,
don’t know where I’ll go. Be a manager, maybe? Possibly. Supervisor. You are working a lot with numbers. You’re watching your optimization. A lot of it now is optimize
the scanning of the logs. There’s a day shift—an eight-hour
day shift—and a eight-hour night shift. And then on graveyard shift is the time
then they maintain the machines. Well, there’s definitely potential. There’s always opportunities for overtime. All different levels of machine operation in there, which all pay different wages. There’s also room
for advancement into trades: millwrighting, electricians, welding. As far as opportunities for advancement, you can go as far as you want to go. My advice for someone just coming out of school is definitely give it a try and see if they like it. There’s huge potential for development, within it. There’s career opportunities in trades,
supervisory roles, management roles. You definitely need to be a fast learner in this. It’s a fast-paced environment. There’s a lot going on. You’ve got to be very aware of your situation, what’s going on around you. Well, as you can see, this is where all the raw logs are coming into the sawmill. This is a where we store them. The logging trucks will be offloaded here Sometimes they’ll be put right on the deck. Other times they’re stored in different sections and eventually will all be brought
in to the mill for processing. Well, as you’ve probably seen,
when we are out there, there is a lot of big machines,
dangerous machines. There’s a lot of safety training that goes into it To ensure that we are safe
when we’re working, we wear proper personal protective equipment. To make sure that we’re safe on our jobs, we do lots of job safety training. Some of the rewarding aspects
of this job is its excellent pay. I get to work with a variety of different people. There’s such a large variety of jobs. It’s versatile. Through a bid process, you can bid on different jobs. If you don’t like a job, you don’t have to stay with that particular job. You can get rotated around. There’s a huge variety of different jobs you can do. Put in an application, you’ll go through an interview process, you get hired, they’ll do all on-job training. Start out on entry-level positions. Work your way up to doing various jobs. Skills required to do my job is definitely you need manual dexterity, hand dexterity. Favourite part of working here is getting to work with all the different people, meeting new people,
developing lots of friendships. Thank you so much for everything, like, I–I’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks for coming, Viviana. Nice to meet you. Likewise. I’m Viviana and this is Career Trek, reminding you that this career could be yours. See you next time.

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