Samsung Galaxy Note and S Line Won’t Merge, Galaxy S10 Won’t Have 5G

DJ Koh talked to reporters after the Galaxy
Note 9 press conference last week and he has answered a lot of interesting questions. First off, he denied rumors of the possibility
of combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series together. He said and I quote, “For the immediate future,
there won’t be a change in launching the S series in the first half and Note series in
the second half of the year”. There were some rumors a couple of months
ago that Samsung is gonna merge the S and note line together. People were saying that, the Note line has
basically become a Galaxy S+ with the S Pen and that was the main reason they said, they’re
thinking about combining them together. But Samsung proved them wrong this year, the
Note 9 is way more than just the S9+ with the S-Pen. The upgrades are substantial internally and
I’m glad they scrapped the idea of cancelling the Note line. I mean, There are too many loyal Note fans,
enough that many OEMs, including Google, would die for. So yeah, glad there’ll be a Note 10 next year. Koh also provided his views on recent reports
that the Galaxy S9 sales weren’t up to the company’s expectations. Koh said that looking at the trend of the
Galaxy S9 sales reveals that the figure has been increasing and that in some markets it
has already outperformed the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 was released in April last year,
and the Galaxy S9 went on sales in March. When we look at the first six months, sales
rather increased by 6 percent, Koh added, pointing out that It is not too late to make
a judgment (on the Galaxy S9) at the end of the year. and he also said that the Note 9 will outsell
the Note 8. The Galaxy Note 9 gets many firsts for this
series. It’s the first Galaxy Note flagship to feature
an S Pen that’s Bluetooth compatible and it’s also the first with a 4,000mAh battery. So he’s confident that it’ll perform better. And lastly, he also talked about the Galaxy
S10. He said it won’t be the first Samsung phone
to have the 5G connectivity. Koh mentioned that this title will go to a
separate device instead. He did not clarify whether this separate device
will be the long-awaited foldable smartphone or another device altogether. It’s reasonable why Samsung doesn’t want to
include 5G on the S10. The 5G bands may bring instability and will
be battery intensive and also it’s gonna be a few years before 5G equipment is launched
in any sizable number. I mean sure it’ll be nice when it’s here,
but I’m not going to let 5G radios affect my purchasing decision. Anyway, let me know your thought on this and
I’ll see you’ll tomorrow…Peace out!

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