Sailboat refit: installing a stainless steel arch for solar panels and dinghy davits #33

Sailboat refit: installing a stainless steel arch for solar panels and dinghy davits #33

So now we are on our way to the welder where we are going to be talking about design and price Ryan and I will probably have a bit of a conflict of interests my interest being the aestetics of the boat Ryan’s interest being preserving our budget You’ve got much flatter stern than this you see how that one curves in so that will curve in there and sit forward then you’ve got the davits there the bar like that one for all the aerials but that will come further over so that will be like that one as I said I can do that, so what we do is so where your pole comes like this this is your existing handrail that goes like that, ok, depending on
where the stanchions are so it goes like that I can cut that out and put the pole there instead but it’s much more expensive because it takes so much more time how much more expensive? I’ll have to work it out I mean they look really nice but it’s a lot more no, I understand, so that’s our conflict that’s the conflict that we have yeah that’s the thing to decide, what I’ll do is I’ll do you the price, the difference things so we can see the difference, that would be great

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  1. The arch looks amazing and your really gonna enjoy all that solar power. Did you have to upgrade your controller? KEEP ON SAILIN ON! cheers RJ

  2. Oh No, Disaster!! We’ve caught to all your videos. Now what do we do. You guys always put a smile on our face. Thanks so much

  3. Practical! Watch Captain Rick Moore how his arch handles picking and landing the tender. Delo's has the same set up as well. One person quick and easy!

  4. I am curious how the lateral stability is? Does it flex side to side (port to starboard) at all? Hang your dinghy on it when you try it.
    Used to install custom arches in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Ours all used at least a second tube on one of the hoops with short ladder bars joining the two tubes together. Arch looks good and the price in fantastic. In San Francisco Area would cost anywhere from 10,000 to $15,000 US. I am now cruising the Sea of Cortez, and your arch would have cost here about $7,000 US. If it flexes sideways you could add a diagonal truss tube at the top of the aft hoop on each side to eliminate any movement. Hopefully it does not need the trusses but best to find out now .

    Best wishes, Voyager, Catalina 470

  5. Great video, as always. Thanks for sharing. Any chance of putting a link to where you got the solar panels. Cheers

  6. Well done guys, looks excellent. One of the best I have seen. It's always worth doing the best you can with your budget otherwise you end up dissatisfied and later spending more to correct it.

  7. Great project video,love it.It look great on the boat.I don't like Rch 2 much but will consider for my boat probably.
    Once again great and video and arch

  8. Love the arch and how smashing the integration looks !!! It is good that your relationship afforded conversation and the willingness to "ask." Strong relationships build beautiful projects together !! 🙂 ❤️⛵️

  9. That's an awesome idea! If I was you guys I would add solar panels to it as well more power is always better Haha! But then it would help with power for your slat to fresh water system and gives you more freedom inside of your cabin!

  10. Buy the way, 20-22 min is kinda the standard average of the sailing vlogging system of most successful vloggers on a weekly basis. Often the shorter ones, 8-10 min kinda leave one hanging or the detail zips by rather quickly and we all want to see our faves for a bit longer. 🙂🙂 ❤️⛵️

  11. It looks fantastic! I think you made the right decision to integrate, rather than keep it independent from the pulpit.

  12. You found a highly skilled, honest, fair, craftsman who does super high quality work at value and delivers on schedule. That’s like a super unicorn. Congrats on finding such a rare specimen of marine tradesman!

  13. Sophie, my heart breaks for the fire at Notre Dame and 500 years of beautiful history. Ut benedicat Dominus et custodiat autem populus de Gallia

  14. Nice looking set up..
    I noticed that the American Ensign is flying under the French Ensign, No disrespect to your girl friend but the American Ensign is to never be flown under another .. never higher but never beneath.
    What's up with the military flight suits ?

  15. Good job and great video!
    I am in exactly same kind of project right now.
    Could you tell what is the diameter and wall thickness of the arch pipes? It would be interest to see how mounting pads(size, thickness etc.) have been done. Pictures of those would be awesome. Any chance to upload those to your website?

  16. Do you mind me asking about the details? I'm in the process of doing the same thing, but I'm DYI'ing it. What alloy is it, and what's the outer diameter and wall thickness of the tubes? Just found your channel a few days ago and this project + your DIY watermaker are exactly where I'm at, so it's perfect!

  17. Great result integrating into the boat beautifully. I could fully empathise with Ryan during the initial fit worrying if it was ok. Excellent tradesman, only downside, was that item 🤔 in the workshop 🤭

  18. Great addition to your yacht. Have you test loaded those dinghy davits. I don’t see any braces or strong back to help reinforce the horizontal tubes.
    A bit of trivia. The bow has the Pulpit. The stern has the Pushpit.

  19. Very nicely build arch!
    Ryan, have you noticed that in lavatories the ladies toilets are on the right side? Can you figure out why?
    Simple: a Woman is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!

  20. Sophie that was a fun film, a great way to present this project and gave us lots of details. So interesting to find such a quality Englishman craftsman living in Spain. And the end result, defiantly worth it. Cheers Warren .

  21. Well that was enjoyable. A new custom made arch in about 20 minutes, how cool is that. Your passion continues to ooze through in your videos and Ryan is loosening up! Great stuff cant wait to see the Davit's in action. Keep 'em coming!

  22. Great to see that jaw dropping moment when Ryan realises it all fits and is going to look great. I will probably be stealing your design 🙂

  23. could you guys have possibly mounted them the other way and fit one more panel on there? I ask this because this is how delos set up their solar panels and they were able to get one extra on an arch.

  24. great video….I am in the same process now. Sophie is great! Wondering about the load the two horizontal support arms for the dinghy will see? RIB with engine? They seem lonely hanging out there without any gusset plates or side/ lower support. Be watching to see!! Thanks, Andrew

  25. Hi, I'm right impressed with that great bit of stainless fabrication, I had to make my own arch which I suppose I could hand a dinghy off, when are you getting the trawl doors? check mine out here[email protected]/40637618953/in/datetaken/

  26. Dude first rule of married life.. Those with the boobs win.. If you for get rule one see rule 2 which will tell you to re read rule 1…

  27. My wife is high IQ like Ryan, however she does not have to ability to see it clearly before it is built. Maybe it is the French side of me, that allows me to see the final product too, well before it is built.

  28. Ryan, how is the structural integrity ? I been wanting to do exactly that, but wonder how much under the skin reinforcement is required to handle the moving weight of the dinghy / panels etc.?

  29. Beautiful just like you Sophie!!. love you guys as always looks very shippy in keeping with the lines of your boat which is important in my opinion

  30. After watching many of your episodes, I have decided that Sophie should take up being a standup comic. She is very funny.

  31. Wow, what a reasonable price! We paid a bit over $10k U.S. to custom fabricate and install our arch and davits. They are really strong and could probably lift the aft of the boat, though.

  32. You need to subscribe to my channel so that I don't feel rejected and so that this lovefest between us can continue.

  33. pity u didn't put a slight angle on the panels – water run off/ I think u might need to beef up the dingy davits , looking good

  34. Love the video, like all your videos! Especially since I own a sister ship. Integrated with the stern pulpit was definitely the way to go. I’m curious, did you consider doing stainless tube all the way to the boarding gate? Lots of sturdy room for Bimini attachments, bbq’s, filet tables, outboard motors etc. I also notice you did not include a dedicated outboard hoist in your design. I love all your videos, and literally having the exact same boat makes every frame of footage and every reason behind your decisions that much more valuable to me. Keep up the good work!

  35. Great video guys, I think one day we will be doing the same. Thanks for sharing. Leaving to pick up the boat tomorrow. Super excited now 🙂

  36. Great Video- I have been thinking about getting an arch made on my Beneteau- this was very helpful- thank you!!

  37. My hat of to you Ryan you handled this whole project very well and with a lot of wisdom especially considering the pressure's you were under. Love to see a man act like a man. well done both of you

  38. That arch looks great! Can't wait to see the dingy on it to see how it all looks under sail. Now you need some fishing pole mounts back there to catch some fish while under way.

  39. Very nice looking arch and good decision integrating it with the stern rail. I'm putting 320 watts of flexible solar panels on my B-40 Bimini. I will let you know how it turns out.

  40. Salut! Beaucoup de temps et d'amour dans votre bateau et vos vidéos, j'adore! Je vais m'abonner pour suivre vos aventures!

  41. I have a lot of experience in antenna building, How you have your antennas mounted now is much much better than how it was, Having steel bars close to and even touching the tx/rx part of the antenna causes a detuning of it and can not only impede on its performance but also damage your transmitter, Also in the VHF/UHF spectrum height is might👍

  42. PSS in Thailand could build it just as well (look up the vid series on the refit of Esper) for about 1/3 the cost of course you have to sail to the orient first…

  43. Phenomenal job Stuart from Arcglow Inox Almerimar! You sir are a real craftsman. The arch on the boat looks great! Money well spent – functionality and beauty.

  44. Have you seen what they did with It's a real shame …. ruining a website so good and useful …

  45. Hey guys do you have the design for this and are you willing to share with me as it look great and i own a beneteau

  46. I think if it's important for your needs and you have money, go for it, but minimalist aesthetics wins in boats.

  47. Good Video ! it was not that long it was a good video. heck, i think i have a 45 minute video up. now thats long. That Arch Looks Very nice. That Guy Looks Like He an Old Pro at that and He's done Quite a few of those. He's a incredibly skilled Tig Welder too. Those Welds are Beautiful.

  48. EXTREMELY disappointed by your 'interaction' with Ryan.
    Your juvenile self congratulatory "I WIN" unfortunately silently came at Ryan's loss.
    If you value your long term relationship with Ryan you should consider eliminating this type of 'competition'.
    Over time and unabated, Ryan (despite outward denial of your transgressions) will DUMP you like an OVER RIPE BANANA. The initial YELLOW and pleasant appearance is replaced by a dark, brown and unpleasant appearance and taste.
    You both deserve better than what I witnessed.

  49. Just found you guys great videos as I’m installing a arch a watermaker and lithium batteries learned a lot from your videos thks and cheers

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