Safety precautions while welding plastic – safety & health at work ?

Safety precautions while welding plastic  – safety & health at work ?

Ataszek – Modern Technologies of joining Materials Safety precaution while plastic Today, we’re going to talk about safety at welding In other words, a short health and safety guidance film What to have, wear and be watchful. The first, the basic is a stabilised table Where you may attach any piece with rubber bands or clamps. So to make an item immovable while welding. You may also put this kind of chipboard like this one. To keep everything nice and clean, replace it occasionally. You may cover it with a fireproof varnish. However, all we use here is no open fire, just high temperature so stone tables are needed. Therefore, all we need may be this type of plank. Covered with fireproof varnish. Or you may use resin, in most of the cases there will be rasin. Be it single or double composite fireproof rasin. The other important thing is a protective apron. Just like the one I have here, easy to put on and take off. Note, that the material that you wear is temperature resistant to some degree. To wear an artificial material apron is not advisable. As it may melt at higher temperatures. I’m talking of those artificial aprons, like those worn by hairdressers, for example. It has to be a high-temperature protective material, it may be denim, for example. While grinding remember to wear at least glasses or a mask, would be perfect. And gloves. You will need a pair of gloves to work easily and also hard to cut, like those here. They should be robust enough to resist occasional cuts. Or thicker ones, leather ones like these, here. They will protect you from many slips of hands. The other item is a pair of such welding gloves. A thick leather. They will help you while you wish to replace a nozzle. It is cold now, in some models there is a protective mask. It is usually cold enough to hold it with your bare hand. Although I don’t advice that, it’s better to use a glove for that. You hold it now with safety and you may unscrew it . And with pliers remove a piece, no problem. Now you may remove it and place in a safe place to cool down. And you may replace a different one. Usually, when you will use a single nozzle you don’t have to remove it. However, if use various nozzles, like fast-welding nozzle to another nozzle it would be easier to do it. And one more item. So far I have covered obvious protectives, I think. However, some of you ask what to do while welding and we have a fumes Normal thing. At most materials, we may use a simple ventilation or open the window. There will be no much risk. Unless you do that in a 2 square meters room for about eight hours than it is obvious. Usually, where you have unobstructed air flow and I am not talking of draught, but some ventilation No worries. You may purchase or make your own filter like the one here. This a stationary carbon filter one to consume the fumes. Or, if you have a separate room, the easiest solution for you will be channel ventilator for 100, 200 or top 400 dollars. Place in the wall and attach a spiro duct to it and hang it over the place of work. Additionally, you may use another duct, while you work on smaller parts instead of the one, here. Then, all the fumes are directed outside, it is very useful at low temperatures outside. Then, you will not need to open any windows in the workshop or any other places you work. Then the duct is enough. Note that while welding to different materials like POM or PVC Then you will need extremely good ventilation or do it outside. You should be extra careful with those materials. While other materials like PP, PE, the regular ventilation will do. Don’t forget to wear fume protective masks. Special carbon filter protects you against liquids and particles. It is extremely important while working with POM, UFLEX, PVC, PS or ABS materials. See the film below. Subscribe! Visit our store at

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