Rust Electricity: Staging PoC – Turret Redundancy for Reload

Rust Electricity: Staging PoC – Turret Redundancy for Reload

Hey everyone, it’s Thumper the Rabid Rabbit.
I know I said I don’t like doing builds on staging but since I don’t know when
I’ll have time to do a good example of this after next week figured I’d give
you a little preview here this is I’m gonna show off two things here first of
all a little proof of concept that you can combine these small generators show
you here if I have them both up both on 80 units of power already out of each
they root combine so they behave like any other power source so that’s a good
news you can turn them on and off but they can be on a root combiner network
so you can combine it with other power sources in case they get too low but
what I really want to show you is proof of concept on these turrets since you
can’t reload them while they’re running you have to cut their power to turn them
off to reload I thought it was important to demonstrate here’s one possible way
probably not the cleanest way but one possible way that you can set these up
so that you get cover by one set of turrets while you’re reloading another
so let’s say these four were covering your front door or front patio of your
base you wouldn’t want one pair of these to run out how and then have to power
off all four of them while you’re reloading a pair because that leaves you
vulnerable to whatever attackers are out here so instead what I’m going to show
you is I’m going to split some power coming in
and I’m gonna use this branch to tap off a little bit of power for a reset but
these are gonna be my two primary power sources for my turrets here so I’m
gonna put one branch here one branch here good to use splitters but I don’t
have a wall handy here so the branch is on the floor so I set these up so this
is like pair one and that’s pair two they’re independently powered from each
other so if I just take this power and there
and I’ll just show you the basics first if I just hook both of these up so that
they both have power bring it in from my source here and I’m gonna go ahead and
just split this there’s like make it forty cuz about eighty coming in here
seventy six so I’m just gonna split it about evenly between these two here then
on these branches I gotta set it like 20 and 20 so they each have relatively even
amount now they’re all powered up but if I drop a bunch of enemies out here
they’re all gonna fire until they run out and then I have to power all of them
off to reload them well if they’re still enemies left I’m gonna be SOL right so
another way of doing this is to put some controls over here I’m gonna put in that
memory cell and on the wall I’m gonna put a timer that I’m gonna use for reset
and a power switch that I’m going to use for power loading so the way I’m gonna
do this is pair number one here I’m gonna take their power and run it
through this switch means these only run if I turn the
switch on there and then pair number two I’m going to take their power and
run it through this memory cell now they’re off what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna hook them up so that if this guy hits low-ammo and these should shoot
roughly the same so if this guy hits low-ammo he’s gonna send a signal set
that’s gonna turn this on that’s gonna activate these so what that means is
when this turret hits low-ammo these guys power on now they take a second to power
up but that’s okay because the low ammo mark is 50 so basically when that turret
gets down to 50 rounds left these are gonna power on and they’ll be
up and running well before he runs out of actual ammunition but then if I come
over here and hit this switch I can power these two off only reload them
while these two are firing but then I need a way to turn these off again which
means I need a way to either toggle or reset this memory so so what I’m going
to do is just use the reset which I’m gonna run into this timer and that’s why
I left this extra branch over here because I need a couple units of power
around the timer so let’s show this in action here I’m
going to spawn some friends looks like this here now we haven’t hit low ammo quite yet
because you can see the memory saw isn’t toggled yet so let’s on a few more still not to low amo maybe a couple
more of these guys there we go now you can see they hit low ammo and these guys
activated so they’re on so if there’s more scientists coming here they keep firing away now I can come over to
this switch turn it off it powers down these two it doesn’t power down these
they have their own power source it does turn off the trigger to the memory cell
which is okay because I don’t need that anymore then I open this up put some
more ammo in here put this guy up reload his ammo and then I can go here and
power back up again now they are fully loaded and ready to go these guys are
not quite fully loaded anymore because they burned some of their ammo covering
after they activated and I want to turn them off so I need to go hit this case
I’m using a timer but you could use any switch to hit that reset now the reset
turns the memory cell off no more power to these now that they’re not powered
anymore now I can start reloading their ammo and there they’re sitting ready to
activate again as backups it may be that you don’t necessarily want these even
you might have you know a dozen turrets with one or two mixed in as a backup
that are off and so if someone comes up and starts attacking your base your main
turrets start plowing them down and if for some reason they run out of ammo
these guys would fire up and give you some cover while you go out to reload
the rest of these turrets so there you go that’s a simple example of one
possible way to build a redundant automatically triggered backup pair of
guns which will become important here when these turrets become electric
that’s all for now and good luck don’t suck

8 thoughts on “Rust Electricity: Staging PoC – Turret Redundancy for Reload

  1. What if the turret for the trigger is destroyed will the others come online? With the new HV rockets doing extra damage it's a higher risk of that happening.

  2. once they get your power source,which they will – its game over.
    Turrets with no pass though is a recipe for disaster.
    Will wait till modders add back no elec for turrets as this is just daft.Solo players will be hurt the most.
    Players numbers for rust are already dropping – this will make them drop more because why build if u you cant protect your base.

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