Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Splitter

Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Splitter

Hello again, it’s Thumper the Rabid Rabbit. In this episode of my Rust electricity 101
Component Guide, we’re going to cover: The Splitter! The Splitter is a fairly basic piece of equipment
that you will use. It’s not a default blueprint on most servers
and typically it costs around 10 High Quality Metal to craft. You can find it in Crates and sunken chests
and it has one function: Splitting Power! When you take power and put it into the top
which is where the input is, you may then split power out of any of the three power
outputs along the bottom labelled:Power Out 1, 2 and 3. This fairly large component splits power evenly
among the outputs that are in use. For example, if I use only one output all
of the power will go through that output. If I use two outputs the power will be split
evenly between the two outputs that are in use. However if you use all three outputs, the
power that you’re putting in is then split evenly three ways among all three of the outputs. The splitter itself consumes one unit of power
most of the components in Rust consume one unit of power themselves so be sure you budget
for the power that the splitter consumes as well as the different outputs that it’ll provide
based on the number of outputs that you have in use at any one time. Again a basic but large component typically
costing 10 Hi qual metal has a single input and three outputs and it will divide your
input power evenly among the number of outputs that are in use at any one time. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Splitter

4 thoughts on “Rust Electricity 101: Component Guide – Splitter

  1. How would one create a counter that just counted how many people walked over it (pressure pad/ laser)just to track activity with groups

  2. I think there's an elusive bug that you may or may not be aware of regarding splitters.

    I'll log out from an electric build and come back the next day only to find that I'm left with a huge surplus of power. I use deductive reasoning and end up looking at my splitters and lo and behold, the splitters aren't actually splitting the power! For example if it is being fed 301 Power and split three ways, instead of it being split into 100 each, each output will output 300 each. In order to reset the splitter to proper functionality, re-installing the wire to it's input or re-installing any or all of the outputs works.

    At first I thought this had something to do with the amount of time that had elapsed since implementing a splitter. But then I was up one night and I was there for the daily server restart of the PvE server I was on. I log back in to the server when its live and there it is, all my splitters not splitting, simply forwarding my input power to each of the outputs. It could've been a coincidence but this is the only lead I have to reproducing this bug as it generally happens the next day after a restart has occurred since the last time I was online. Note I've seen it occur on three PvE servers, but it has crossed my mind it could be a conflict with an oxide / umod plugin specific to the series of servers I frequent (RustEZ), however I can't be certain without further testing on say a locally hosted stock Rust server where I'm admin and can control when the server restarts.

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