Roman Discoveries Si & Nicola White – Metal detecting & Mudlarking

Roman Discoveries Si & Nicola White – Metal detecting & Mudlarking

Well the Sun’s just peeking through, out comes this little Tudro, I believe – button. Great condition maybe it’s a bit later I don’t
know but I wonder if that’s silver or not or does it just pewter great condition though, happy with that nice
probably 17th century now thinking about it Little Tudor or 17th Century pewter button there, all complete this one’s got a little nipple in the
end I think that’s how you can tell they’re kind of a civil war as far as I
know so keep on going and get some more luck in the muck okay brilliant let’s go
and it’s very hot today so I think it’s gonna be it’s kind of exhausting yes it’s one of the hottest days of the year apparently – but got some water and yeah the more you find, the
better stuff you find keeps you going for more so yeah okay let’s go! I always like to make a massive great hole when i’m looking for my targets A beautiful… Roman… bolt (joke) Boltus Maximus So there’s the hole
there’s the clod and look there’s a little coin there now it’s got quite a
sharp edge so I think it’s probably gonna be like a half penny but you never
know let’s have a guess I’m going to say that it’s nineteen thirties – half penny What have we got? yeah it’s a half penny, it’s George the
fifth – so not far away I think that says nineteen twenty
so I wasn’t far off So Nic’s got a signal every signal gets harder the hotter it gets I’ve had a few signal and a lot of it has been little bits of metal But you never know – you’ve got to keep trying I can see, what’s that? Ah Ah look it’s another piece of metal Nevermind Looks like a Roman… very poor condition, about the size of a 5p coin Oh that’s exciting Let’s have a look over there Well, i’ve just had this up I think it might be a really knackered Roman
see if I can get it in the sunlight might help us identify it, I think there’s
something on there oops it’s the right sort of thickness and crudeness
keep dropping it I think it could be, not too much get
excited about, but it does mean that there might be more in this very spot very very chewed and mullered but you never know if it is I keep looking and hopefully there’ll be a better one
right around the corner So I’ve just had this out of the ground. Interesting, because it looks like it’s got little bits of enamel on it and small little circular blobs, so I wonder
if this might be part of a brooch? Because enamel often suggests it was decorated at
some point, there’s not much left of it something went there so maybe it’s part
of a Roman brooch. I’m clutching at straws a bit and it’s not in the best condition but
yeah it’s a good sign well just had a coin up just like its
George the third possibly farthing it’s quite nice when I see Rob you know it’s
a seventeen ninety something yes Georgia Theroux to Joseph oh well
William can’t quite work him out just yet but nice little coin nice Georgian
buckle probably just never snaps – oh look oh wow that’s so beautiful
you’re the second person to hold a in 2,000 years it’s got barbarous head it’s got the
spikes on there on the top veces barbarous that should help us ID it well
done thank you well done ages well apart from that earlier Babu we compared it to
the other one quickly you can probably see this it’s roughly the same shape there we go
se c– area interesting on the back oh okay
so it does look like more nibbled one at that so you look at you next one can be yours
thank you I’ll allow you to find one now Hey you’re melting with the heat well
maybe you’ll find a silver okay well I better go start looking can’t do it yeah
so odd pretty good thing my best finds being that Roman which is probably a
barbarous barbarous head which he saw and this other one as well yes which is
also quite interesting looks like he could be part of a bride she’s got some
enamel work on there as well so it’s really all fastener there so maybe it
was part of a brooch of some description bit battered but okay yeah if we are the
coins half pennies there needs a couple more in Georgia is pretty hard to really
identify those but probably that’s I think this might be this is a George
farthing 1790 or something like that sword a little pewter button there quite
like that and just a few urban eel bands this which I thought might be a purse
ball it’s like II could equally perspire I might even be a little knife oh yeah
maybe my the don’t thing this I might be half of a knife at some point so that’s
me all right well you did a lot better than I did I found a couple of buttons I
thought that was a coin at first I will be able to see the maker’s mark on the
back and you know me I do like my little links yeah to things so I can see that
there’s a makers mark on the back of that button so I’ll look that up
probably my most interesting is this seal and again I’ll be able to see what
that says on it might get home I’ll have a look
I found yet another button mm-hmm yeah yeah and these two shotgun cartridges
yeah watches and shrapnel there yeah so yeah well hardly a bonanza for me but
it’s always you know interesting trying it out yeah
was very hot as well so I think we were slowed down dramatically by the heat
said is that to consume you as well we were we didn’t do a full dive dance all
over two-thirds of a day so yeah still not bad then please come back for some
maybe we’ll do a return trip soon Winkle out a few more Romans my time will come
you will Oh today is a very special day Simon is
going to show me how to use these shoes and they are called what are they called
sauna they called mothers and basically their expensive pair of snowshoes kind
of mud shoes they’re designed to walk across soft mud so he can get some
places where we haven’t been to before well it didn’t strap onto your feet and
they kind of expand when you walk on them hopefully stop you from sinking but
they do so you can see cuz I’ve tried them no they’re absolutely brilliant
sighs hey I’m really looking for this you look quite quite clumsy pre-event
ray yeah nothing they are yeah the basic simple designs weren’t the best so we
just okay and the fiber veggies as well but when they’re out in the mud rescuing
people how interesting yeah that’s great okay
okay okay I’m gonna now try to walk up to Simon in my normal beeps we got to
see if these mother brother boots make a difference okay let’s go you know yeah but I fear these are
terrific so they do stop you from sinking I’m
still on the surface yeah yeah they’re great off you go there we go let’s take you
that’s the boots making that noise and that yay Oh don’t end up facedown in the mud ski Jay
I don’t think Nick meets the are to Shinichi floats on the mud sticks handy during space to stick so we’ve a little
bit of hollering a bit of chard poking out you’ll be nothing it could be
something but as anyone might find out its have a little careful excavation see
looking nice species there’s not gonna be a whole thing but it’s always so very
tantalizing isn’t it when you see something like that stick yeah he
doesn’t move quite far so that’s the lovely sure though and if there’s a shot
like that well there might be something else around yeah it could be a full room
there might be a black burnished okay last one
yeah nice flank sigh wow look at this that is the top of a Roman vessel yeah
what would you say like an amphora yeah oh yeah probably beautiful handle the
rest of it has to be in there somewhere Simon exactly well we strove and find
out let’s look let’s cut bottles down here first one is
a coke one apparently you can tell the age in these because there’s a
registered numbers I think it’s quite cool white again not sure names like the
researching that if we take out to see what see what year that was made they
just see some there’s under their registration one so I have a little
closer look at that and this one is a broken milk bowl both Scott takes their
flu dairies so no snow so I probably the same from the other site that’s really
nice embossing there so I’ll take that cut it off and make it into a little
glass beaker yeah there’s also something here this is just great now there’s a
nice little Roman twist here which i think is black burnished where but you
can see the design on it look I found this broken bottle down maybe
water forests gave me less in London I think if I cut this one down that look
beautiful with a candle in it because of all those diamonds I’ve been a little
bit get save that one I think I got the mother and so it is lighter yeah pretty

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