RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator

When you need to repair, remove, or replace
an iron or steel object that’s underground and out of sight, you can’t
afford to waste valuable time and money trying in vain to find its location. That’s why you need the RIDGID
MR-10 Magnetic Locator. Nothing works better for quickly locating
buried iron or steel objects and alerting you to their exact position and
orientation in the ground. Use it to find valve curb boxes, manhole covers,
cast-iron pipes, steel enclosures, well casings, septic tank lids, survey pins, and any
magnetic or farrous metal object. To prevent time-consuming false alarms, the locator ignores non-metallic
metals like copper and aluminum. The MR-10 Magnetic Locator’s
lightweight ergonomic design makes it easy to control with just one hand. A built-in LED screen is easy to
read, even in bright sunlight. To locate buried objects, hold
the magnetic locator close to the ground while sweeping
it from side to side. Audio signals and LED readouts lets
you know when the locator is pointing in the direction of a local magnetic field. When nearing the source, adjust the gain or
sensitivity of the unit up or down depending on the strength of the magnetic field detector. Observing where the magnetic poles change
from positive to negative allows you to determine the size of the underground object. To ensure the accuracy of your readings,
the locator’s auto-null feature cancels out magnetic interference from nearby objects
such as automobiles and chain link fences. An audio signal and LED readout will let you
know when you’re directly over the target as well as if your target is vertically
oriented or horizontally oriented, and it works in any weather condition
and environment including water and snow. The MR-10 includes a protective
carrying case and 6 AA batteries. Nothing outperforms the RIDGID
MR-10 Magnetic Locator for ease of use and fast pinpoint detection. You’ve found it with the
RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator. Visit this website for a
list of RIDGID distributors that carry the RIDGID MR-10 Magnetic Locator.

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