13 thoughts on “RHINO TUTORIALS – DAFT PUNK helmet – BEGINNER

  1. Hi guys I am very curious how you getting on with DAFT PUNK helmet modeling !!!!! Would be great to see it, POST it on my facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/rhinotutorial/. And for those who haven't done yet GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. great tutorials, thanks. btw, when you're offsetting a curve without knowing how much, instead of testing different distances, you can hit T+enter for Throughpoint, and then it lets you choose the offset on screen

  3. Do you know why I can’t create a surface from network of curves? I've been struggling with this option for two hours and I can’t find a solution…

  4. Sir can you help me? I want to make something for 3D Print out from Rhino 6 now. I have 2 Boxes for e.g. They have the same size. And i want to put them on each other. If i choose now export and safe it as an STL – i have a LINE between the boxes in STL. Even if i group them, i have a line between the boxes. Even if i stick the boxes together (same size) i have a line i can see in the slicer. Only if i boolish them togeher before i export, i have no Line between. Is there a way that i dont have to boolish them before i export, maybe in the setting when i safe as STL, to get rid of the lines? Thanks in advance for your help!

  5. i was looking for something unique in rhino tutorials, then i found your channel, liked and subd, thank you

  6. Stumbled upon your video researching to prototype a welding helmet for industry i have my design sketched up and was wondering how to build it up in a cad program not going to lie most of what you did there I haven’t got a clue about but i will definitely be staying tuned to learn more my skill sets in another place as is yours one day i hope to have a similar knowledge as you do keep posting good video 💥

  7. Great tutorial .Wanted to see the final rendered model of the same like in your Video thumbnail. Please show that part too.

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