Hi guys now in this tutorial I will show you how to Model a Daft Punk helmet, so there was like two helmets In the Daft Punk history, I will create this one first and in the next tutorial i will create another one To start to model that we have to prepare some blueprints like a side view, front view. I’ve done it already, and you also have to set up Pictures in Rhino I’ve made it earlier You can download it from my grubcad https://grabcad.com/library/daft-punk-helmet-5 explanation on my Facebook fanpage www.facebook.com/rhinotutorial so Remember to don’t download the whole Daft Punk helmet files, so inside There are Rhino files There are already set files of helmet with blue print box and just DUFTPUNK Connected with their pictures uploaded to it if you change the direction of the folder then you might have a trouble to find those pictures like Like that on the stage, so you can get all the files I’ve I’ve created for you Don’t worry all right, so let’s start so as long as we have a base for Preparing everything we can start. I’ve started with With the center of my design, so I’ll have a center marks it might be very helpful helpful if I want to use like a Symmetry or something like that and also And the pictures must be the same sizes and must be like precise mate they-they-they Of course they can be just Raph But you have to be sure that you you just modeling like a scale like a sketching or just sculpting all right So let’s start yeah So basically all I need to do right now. It’s to create some profiles Using carve tools and on the profiles. I will extend the surfaces and then I’ll cut a little bit and to provide some Some shapes Okay, so I will set myself up from a right view first. I’ll create that that part that earring part so I’ll create a circle here Yeah, and then I’m going to I’m going to create Line from from the From the quad so we have to have a like And you have to remember you have to have a quadrant object snap on together to get a quad And then the same on the other side and I’m going to use this To trim their the half of the circle of course I can I can write a art here, but I Will prefer it out that that part? Okay, I’ll select the whole thing and a join so I have a one piece and then I’ll try to rotate it in a direction of my sketch like so Well, I don’t need to be that that precise here I’ll try to be as close as possible to the concept okay Now I’m going to turn in the front view and I’m going to select my car first I’m going to be here so my drawing is on this plane so I have to move it like that And then I’m going to turn it here It means rotate iam going to rotate like that As you can see my carp is just a part of the sketch right now, so now I’m going to I’m going to trim it a little bit using that touch shape Here, I’m going to Sometimes it’s just good to have these two planes blocked using the just lock object and then then they not select able as long as you just right-click on it on on the air lock Okay, let’s go to them right view and I’m going to trim it a little bit like so Mmm and then I’m going to I’m going to Mirror it so let’s go to the mural comment and find the mirror the center of it of my Sketch yeah, so it’s not the sketch is not very accurate But it’s okay III don’t mind That that small detail and as you can see I’ve got a two earring earring Like shapes here, and then I’m going to create The carves we’re going to be the profile of it So I’m going to do to create arch arches from the this side like Like so I’m just extending that I can do it like that or I can do it from the top View and then Resize it. That’s going to be the bad the better idea So I’m going to right Yeah, I’m I’m here so uh Basically are kind of I’m kind of happy with this. I guess because it’s gonna be like Outside shape days here there So I’m okay with this and the same, I’m going to get the arch here Remember to be at the ends of the carves to do it you have to have an end snap Chosen All right, I’m going to make like that It’s a little bit, too small and it’s not exactly art, so I have to like Modificator a little bit, so I’m going to Turn the points on and I need to rebuild this curve by rebuild carve comment and I’m going to change amount of Of my control points on a curve and then I’m going to move remember to be symmetrically symmetrical always to select both sides not just one and That’s correct. It. Let’s change check it with the The sketch the blueprint is all right, so I’m need to switch off the points right now By pressing a right-click and then rotate Using that point as usual Yeah, I’m kind of happy with this I could have Extended a little bit more so I will turn off turn on again Go to the top view move it a little bit like so and Then go back to them Turning on off the points, and then I’m just going to rotate them the shape It’s exactly what I need and now I’m going to need Another arch, which is just the top top one here? So I try to make it the same way as I did with the first one So I’ll go I’m going to find the middle of the quad quad as I as I? choose at the beginning quadrant Quad here you have to have the small wobble appearing and then let’s say front you and then Selecting that one. It’s kind of cool Yeah and at the end I’m going to make the middle like a symmetric shape by using control point carve from the From the right in the point But I first I have to anchor my points at the middle or quadrant so I will start with the crowd one on Selected on perspective and then select the view phone to the right and then I’m going to justa Just draw on a on my sketch my blueprints like so I can be something went wrong with that. Okay. I can be very close to the sketch but It takes the time to correct sometimes but If you have a time to do it, and you have a you know very Patient you can do it Okay, I’ve got it I’m not exactly Right with the top view as you can see that in this view carve is not one straight line Let’s say I need to be I Need to be the same plane so let’s do again Yeah quad here What there and then front view and? Ligther yeah, now, it’s baracy and I can actually Make a small color small correct Corrections of my Carpet actually this is not big deal It’s kind of alright. I’m happy with it could be bearable We don’t have a time to do it you can do it by yourself all right, so that’s exactly what I need those couple of carbs made by using Your blueprints all right. Let’s try to do some shape you have to find them common called Network surface from network of curves, so I’ve actually have networks, so let’s try one two three one two three That’s great, it works well fantastic Shading is fantastic right now. I’m happy with it so if you have a more Advanced net worth at on it you just increase that amount of Num that that number yeah, and then you got it like a but. I don’t need it I I Feel like less is more in this case Okay, I’ve got it So now I need to go to the right view and then copy have this shape Draw so basically, it’s just copy of that curve here, but by using By using where is it offset offset Karp? You just need to find the right amount of let’s try five Amount of amount of offset carve three yeah Now it’s good. I’ve got a carve here as you see I Needed a little bit Longer so I need to extend so extend tool. Is there it’s just like a extent carve And then I’m showing that I need to extend that one and now on for some purpose all right and I Need to cut it again by using that To make it one line all right And I don’t need that line and I need to just close those shapes And all I need to do it now is just cour Just join this curve, and then go to the right view sorry front you and then Modeling to be exactly on my sketch so I’m Like that as you probably noticed I’m going to need that one on the other side, but I don’t need actually carve. I need to Make surface out of it Why not and then I’m going to? mirror surface So let’s mirror it I’m going to find the middle point of that shell already created. Yeah, that’s great I’ve got it. You know and now I can actually do one thing I can do Blend surface, this is gonna be blended. Yeah, so this is gonna create like a bridge between those two surfaces by using position only I don’t want to have a smooth blend and the same here you can use this pace to Repeat comments if you like as I did before yeah, it’s great All right, so I can now close this by Closed join it by having one Piece and I’m going to do right view right now, and then I need to cut these bits off, so I’m going to create a control point curve I Can actually create interpolate porn carve case is better because it’s just going on my sketch It’s much much more Precise according to Sketch I’ve got on my On my stage yeah, it’s it’s like that and then I’m going to create those shape by creating lines Like that and then I’m going to create line here on line here and Maybe let that be more let’s be more precise wider Okay And I need to create a circle in there Okay, let’s find a circle, and if you want to select Center Point you need to go to the Objects that have a center not to the center of some orbit if you know what I mean, okay, and now I Need to cut these shapes by trim trimming them Okay All right So I need to check if they’re on the same plane a not so as you can see one Curve is here the some of them are over there, so I need to be The same plain to do to align it go to their common cuts called set XYZ coordinates, and then said x coordinates to To align it like that let’s do it here all right? Yeah, I got it Okay, and then I need to create as small as you can see Phyllis here so this to do so you need to find the Feel at this is the fill it and I need to be sure this is the right field it’s okay. It’s right line down and then here It’s alright so I’ve got all surfaces and now I need to actually split the the First shelf so I’m going to find the comment called split select the shelf and then catch the Curves created so my surface is pleated as you see on the Smaller parts like that okay So now I need to create them separately like they look like like just a little bit inside inside So I need to get that curve and make a offset It’s gonna be two here Maybe two too much one Is enough and the same here I? don’t need that bit actually so I can delete it and I need to go Just move it if you if you click on arrow and type for example three Then you check you you’re moving them series a little bit too much and then if are always up the directing are up on the Directing now up the shape you need to go – if you want to go down. Okay. It’s cool And the same here Let’s say minus 1 And minus 1 on this time Okay, and now I’m going to cut trim this bit here And I’m going to trim this bit here It’s fantastic. I done it well as you can see It’s good. You can actually scale it a little bit, but this is not a big deal I think he’s gonna look right anyway, so Now all we need to do is something you already know It’s blend surface. I’m going to create it The same way is a position And position And it looks great So now basically we are already already at the end now we need to find out what’s What’s left? Actually there is one thing left I need to get that curve and offset it again It’s gonna be like a 2 4 3 3 is great and I need to Change that bit and trim it like that and then Connect it mean join it it’ll be one piece alright, so now I Need to basically I need to cut the hole in the in to this part in that part and then Create like a insert so you’ll see how to make it so now. I need to just go and Just trim it Maybe not that way Lida Sometimes it’s better to be in one side so Let’s work only on one side and now I need to do offset again. This is gonna be a very small offset Just one maybe 0.6. Yeah, it depends on the scale you are right now, okay? And now you just need to go a little bit Inside so we can get click and narrow and clean narrow, and then just minus 1 And then Minus 1 should do the job, I guess Yeah, so well. Let’s say is enough, and I’m going to make a surface And then I’m going to make a blend as you know already one Two and it’s great, and I need to do the position two and I’m going to copy that two bits join it and then I’m going to Like mirror it as you know mirror You use the mirror middle of my Shape so this will tell me as well. If I’m I’m good in With my object if I can cut with that shape It means that the symmetries It’s okay, so it’s alright Yeah, so we only nearly there and the last bit I’m going to do is just the circle so this is going to be Like I’m going to create a circle in them in the in the middle Somewhere Like that And I’m going to basically project that circle on my shape I Need to be from the right side the right view project Yeah, it’s predicted. I hope yeah this I don’t need down, and I need to basically Scale it all in vain. I guess I guess I need to project it again maybe Maybe it’s cool to stay like that. No let’s let’s make make it a little bit bigger Let’s do it lineup Bigger, so let’s go let’s be closed the design, it’s done by someone All right, he’s okay. It could be better Yeah, okay, so now project again and They let dot part and just Cut the whole inside and then it’s something called extrude Extrude to are carved up right, so I’m going to extrude that carve just maybe like – Yeah, that’s great and basically I’m going to get mirror of this shape And And do the mirror inside cut And the treatment inside And Use this to trim again Yeah something went wrong probably maybe not yeah, I don’t need to trim it because it’s It’s it has been Created as a solid so I need to explode it Select it, and then delete it the same here probably Yeah, and live at it. Yeah. That’s better and at the end you can actually get Johnny and One part you need to go into just a small in inside of this shape, so I need to go and make some Some offset of this Let’s do of this carve It’s going to be inside here are this and then maybe just do the same thing which is extrude carved up right inside this very very Primitive comments really easy to do to do it by like that and then Explode it together To get this on the inside shapes yeah And then use that one to trim it Yeah, okay, and then Used up that bit here and that one join it try to make a mirror as this Here and then use that one That shape I’ve created to Trim it and then basically Basically, I think it’s it’s kind of done All I need to do and of course there. There’s a couple of more details. I could make but are there the basics of Modeling it’s kind of fair enough Or one thing I might do and it’s going to be really cool for you You can take it and print it in your printer as you as you have Its take that That shape here and Maybe maybe Cut it a little bit I’m going to use that bit To Make it for for your purposes to like Make yourself cut it or something so let’s try I need to trim it a little bit here Yeah It’s just extended surfaces, I’m going to cut it and then I’m going to join that curve, and then I’m going to adjust extrude that curve so This helped me to close the shape to have a volume As you see We are closed right now, and then basically If you add some hang hanger here You can print it on 3d printers as it is and you need to don’t need to do anything. I’ll just post the STL file to print as well on my graph cut for profiles that we can download and play with of course I recommend to see my We know tutorials page on we’re on Facebook and like it and You got your very welcome to subscribe my channel. I’m going to post some more stuff in the future So you’re gonna be updated, and you know for sure you’re gonna get to learn a lot of good things in Rhino, so good luck

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