Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

you want to know how you can fix your tired paint job for 50 bucks stick around I’m gonna show you on this Tacoma right here and today we deal with some oxidize
piant Toyota Tacoma and so what we are gonna do is look at the truck. The owner of this truck is trying to save from a total re spray and asked if I can go it see if I can salvage so let’s take
a look right out the gate you can see there’s some chipped paint just years in your where tear rubbing it with with my hand trying to see if there’s anything down there
thats useful you get up here on the hood and I there’s uh… just years and years worth of build up of dust and dirt and probably some tree sap bird poop its accumulated. Even here if we if we look all the way up through
this crack you can see where somebody else’s cum and and they’ve
they’ve tried to finish this thing off. even on the
antenna you can see around the antenna here. it looks like splatter marks some splashing a not sure of what could be paint obviously there’s some
scraped across here it’s got chips scratches of has a scuff
marks from So where do you begin? you start by washing it and that’s what we’re gonna do right now [music] about an ounce of this goes a long way. If your gonna wash your car this is like 20$ So the next step is… its dead i’m gonna have to you I jump it off and then after that pulling into the
carport there let it air dry I want to be nice and
cool before we take the polish to it we’re gonna get in there let it dry up
and them all probably take some degreaser to it and check it out do a once over make sure that it doesn’t have any any a sap or anything on the on the body what i’m going to uses is some bug and tar remover we should be able to get all the extra stuff long so because I don’t know if this is
really gonna work and I’m gonna be able to save this a I’m
gonna pick a small spot that’s easy access on the hood and I
am going to work about a two by two a square foot area see if I can not get the color out and I
get it come back if if that’s the case then now will go ahead move on to the rest the
truck but that’s what i’m going to do right now trying to this job he is some 3M finesse it I’m gonna start with this this is for
1500 and higher and and and want to go to the heavy
rubbing compound just yet unless I actually have to this should uh..
be able to smooth off and take a fine layer of that thing and bring the shine back new foam finishing pad and ofcourse you always want your micro fiber cloth you have those handy and if this works then are you lookin at you know fifty
dollars to restore paint job versus I couple thousand dollars to have repainted you know I be anywhere he
got a professional you’re looking at 1500-2000 grand easy if you
go to little bobs paint shop you looking at you
know eight hundred dollars heard quoted and two more to see where it leads the alright.. so now that i know this is going to work. I’m going to go ahead and tape off the other side of the hood and we are going to do a little time lapse. so we got off to a good start with
the Tacoma we got it cleaned we’ve got it started with the buffer. looks like it’s going to work out so
next week will pick up where we left off you’ll get to see a good time lapse of
much work is involved in doing these kind of projects but the good news is I mean if you
really think about it you’re gonna spend about $50 talk maybe a hundred dollars
max upon supplies versus paying somebody to do anywhere from one
to two thousand dollar paint job get this is not something you’re trying to
restore completely you just try to make it look good this
is a really a and he is he project that you can do it at home,thank you for watching this video if you like what you saw you can
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82 thoughts on “Restore an oxidized paint job on a truck

  1. How long will the truck keep the new shine? I was planning on compounding and polishing my '89 F250 (dark blue). It's oxidized too. After watching this I may skip the compound step and just try a nice polish and wax after.

  2. My 2003 grand marquis had a really oxidized roof and hood. i initially thought it was just faded clearcoat, as there was a patch on the roof with brand new shiny paint and there was no clear seperation from that and the rest of the paint. i did exactly what you did and it came out really bad. so i took 1200 grit and polished it. and it was better, but still looked pretty terrible, in the end i just repainted with rustoleum (which i'm going to rip off and repaint as soon as i can, that stuff is shit)

  3. …Well folks…DON'T WASTE YOUR is only temporary…isn't it Paul…You should have told your viewers this…How's that truck looking now…yes, I know'faded back to how it was…3 months later (or was it sooner)…..?…U.V.rays attack paint…red more than others…So when the paint becomes dull like this, it's past it's 'sell by' date…it's died..
    Well.!'re all going to try it anyway…so make sure that the buffer doesn't come in contact with anything rubber or plastic…because it will leave a nasty mark…Best mask all these up…or…''YOU'LL BE SORRRRY''
    Don't say I haven't warned…..good luck

  4. Ok ….I mean…I get it. This is for your avg guy wanting to buff out his truck,.,,,But clay is 15 bucks and no way would I not decontaminate that paint with clay and some IRON REMOVER. Polishing the clear-coat is a polish….If putting in that much work lets do it right and decontaminate. Just an idea.. I promise you something got bragged with that buffer and that clear is not level….It will look ok for a few months…But a lot of work and if done right it would last years….OHHHH AND THE BUFFFER TRAILS ….WTF!!! There is holograms and trails all over it I can tell be technique…..OK TILL IT HITS THE SUN….How do I know….Cus after 25 years and being a master detailer, I still leave some at times…..BUT TECHNIQUE MY MAN!!!!

  5. I have a red faded 93 geo almost as bad as this truck. Have never done this before but am willing to try. A friend told me that after you rub compound you should replace the layer of clear coat you took off before final polish. Am I missing something, is the wax the same as clear coat?

  6. I just did my farther in law 94 blazer Red. I used 3D CUT and 3D Renew it. and it came out nice on panels that had good paint. but most of all he was pleased, and I was surprised lol

  7. Wow that is amazing, my 94 wrangler has some white areas near the hood, I will definately try this technique on it. thanks for the video, and the whole truck took 5 minutes, I wish.

  8. no wonder why it took you so long to buff the paint with all the paint transfer and not changing out the pad at all and using the edge of the pad more than the flat part of it

  9. Excellent job. Everyone on YouTube seems to focus on base/clear restorations. Finding good single-stage restoration examples are getting harder. My '63 Ford is in desperate need of a good clean and polish. Thanks for a great video.

  10. its dead …..gonna have to jump it off…………………..jump it off a cliff somewhere : ) hahahahahaha

  11. who would spend a couple of thousand of dollars on a respray for such an old truck anyway? To me the comparison is more about spending $50 to improve it vs leaving it the way it is…

  12. for fuck sake!!!! have ever heard of clay bars????? plus u need to clean your pad every so often damn bro…….but then again your not a pro….but u try……?????

  13. I love working on these older Tacomas. The white ones and bright red were single stage paint… no clearcoat. A lot of owner's don't realize this when they turn foggy and waste money painting them.

  14. This looks really good where did you buy your supplies and do you buff with the polisher until you can see anymore product

  15. unless the product you use is red, the color that you wipe should definetely not be red. this means that you've gone through the clear coat and to the paint, there is no protection of the paint anymore. Good video though

  16. On that paint job that you are going to correct, I would use that brush, other than that, I would not use it. I bet your pad had a ton of red paint in it.

  17. Hey man, was just curious about that buffer you are using. I saw you posted the link for it, has it held up great through out the years? Also, just to be clear, the process you would now reccomend with a black oxidized/ chalk looking car would be: Wash, clay bar, rubbing compound, polish, then wax?

  18. to restore softpaint is really not difficult. much more difficult is to prevent the gloss. once softpaint starts to oxidate the only durable solution is to paint a layer of clearcoat. otherwise after 2 or 3 washes the paint will start to oxidate again.

  19. Don't judge a book by its cover. this video is absolutely encouraging and informatics. Very good job done!

  20. Men that's a very good job,I'm also a detailer I just can't believe you did all that good work for 50$ seems like a 300$ job to me

  21. Between paint restoration videos and welding videos I've found the biggest know it alls on YouTube. Everyone is a master of something while everyone else does it wrong

  22. You should've clay barred it first so you're not burying contaminants deeper into the paint. The amount of polish you used and the number of passes shows proof positive that you used the wrong products. If you would've used a red or orange cutting pad you would've gotten better results, faster, using less product and less time. Then you could've used the blue pad with the polish you have there and it would've really shined.

    Oh, and don't ever use the very edge of a polisher. Sure way to burn through the paint.

  23. Nice finish. One question though. Would it have been beneficial to change pads during the process?
    I've always been a hand waxer, not a buffer guy, but over time my guess would have been that the pad would've gotten some contamination from using the same pad for the entire vehicle.
    Also, as a a post I've read below, you probably should've used a clay bar to remove pretty much all the remaing contaminants, as your car sounded like sandpaper when you initially rubbed it. Great video, I think that the end result came out very well considering what it looked like before. I'd like to hear other people's comments on what I just wrote, but I think your next step would to go and get a finishing top coat to help keep that hard work in tact if you decide to use it as a daily driver. My accord is black, ugh, and I think I need an orbital buffer to help with my process very soon as the sun has been beating on it during this summer, I wish I had a garage. What grit grit was the compound /polish you used? Red is tough to work with as well

  24. That's a roof dude, not a hood. Nice Cardinal Red recovery and restoration. Thanks for the time lapse. Clean out that pad a little more often. I am sure the owner was like "Wow, you are a magician". This reminds me to test before pronouncing a paint D.O.A., thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Truck looks good on really need to clean that pad though and did you clay that paint…pads get clogged up with single stage residue…and also I didn't see you use any ipa

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