RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

yeah everybody it’s matt from the school
company where I see me 2013 that will admit a lot of years we kind of heavy on
the street rod muscle car stuff but we also love off-road vehicles and we’re
with Kristen from JP magazine jeeps are one of the fastest growing trends in the
automotive aftermarket and these guys are right in the center of it so we’re
with them extra protection yeah thanks for showing this vehicle so this is the
rescue one this thing is massive what was the idea
behind building us a discount tire approached source interlink and JP
magazine to build a field service vehicle to carry out its mission of
helping people to execute the build plan we we approach off-road evolution of
quality in California there JK wrangler experts so first of all we started with an 07
wrangler okay cut it in half lengthen the frame
used some rectangular tubing and inbox and dusted all right stretch the frame 30 inches well then
offered evolution tongue it’s double throw down ebow suspension system it’s a very high dude very high quality
coilover suspension using bypass shocks right it’s just about the best stuff out there
you can put on a regular outback it’s a cantilever system so you can get more
travel without running out of stock ok factory v6 just wasn’t going to cut it
so I took it to Turkey powertrain and Oceanside California ok we had a 5.3 liter gmbh installed we
get a six le six-speed transmission for Speed
atlas transfer case dynatrac throw rocks 60 front axle with
our CV shaft I’m going to step mom in there five
thirty eight years the rear axle is a dana 89 interactive rock ok this thing could take a beating for
each axle – yes it is a skill to survive sure so this this thing was made to pull
in over obviously as the names of rescue other vehicles so you know tell us about
some of the cool you know gizmos he got on here that’s going to be filled with
high survivability in mind for the vehicle itself recovery here for itself
for others you know form for the family to the front we’ve got a 30,000 pound
which in the back you got this couple close out here but we left the factory
rear seats oh cool so the ball cat in front between
oversees the bulk storage winch accessories and welding helmets
and things of that nature you’ve gotta you know custom little
access doors back here for additional storage service bed was custom made to
our specifications – integrated 40-inch spare tires into
the rear of the bed and then this is the the party piece fully functional fully
operational coach tire machine just like you find in
a medium caliber our storefront the power small house wow so we’ve got fuel jugs off-road jabs
race tracks pretty much anything we can we could think of that you might need
out on the trail to assist a an off-roader who may need education or may
have suffered a catastrophic break running weld anything back together we
can almost anything we need to off the trail guys need handles right they need
ya none of this stuff is very good unless
you can get the Brooklyn components all right a lot of off roaders here eastwood and
they just take oh and those are the guys who make paint supplies & but really you can find
only automotive tool that I don’t have to tell you yeah any automotive tools you could ever want
Ryan east with website and so that’s just what we did we went on we spend a
lot too long in the website and just expect that pretty much anything we
would need from from cutting and flaring tools for broken brake writings really
good quality and tools impact tool and as you can see we have actually this
things done a lot of trail miles so far we put the same yeah yeah well it sounds like you guys
are probably know you’re putting on Susan the tools through some real
testing you even more than a guy is home for just by doing yeah that’s that’s the thing is if
they’ll survive in the operating environment and still survive in your garage right so yeah we were confident that he’s with
a would meet ya the high quality scares be sent to the
restaurant cool we’re going we’re happy to have this stuff on there now where is
you know you mentioned alluded to the this is already done a bunch of miles what is the done truck done so far has
been any casualties to this trucker oh we put some games in it here in an
area but a yeah we don’t talk about our own
failures it’s been able to do every to complete
every mission we sent it out cool its maiden voyage was our sister
publication for will and operates ultimate adventure which is one of the
most hardcore trail and road trips out there oh wow at night this was the this was a
mobile garage guys would come over to fix their their brakes oh wow start with the east the tools
with our hearts after alternate adventure a spin on all
for fun in Colorado we get the Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevadas one of the
California yeah it’s done a lot of desert it’s it’s it’s putting its time and it
served it’s strange alright so this isn’t just a show vehicle is just
sitting here this is yeah it’s this is a purpose built vehicle awesome lunch into
the front seat right also well next showing us the vehicle i
appreciate it not know anybody out there definitely can check this thing out of
here at any awkward events this thing is massive it’s awesome to
make sure you check it out thanks again Christian and i’ll catch you later yeah yeah

25 thoughts on “RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

  1. You had me till you mentioned putting a Gm motor in a mopar. Why would you not put a hemi in it?? If you wasn't going for power since we all know that small Gm motor doesn't have any ,,,, could've went with a 4.7 mopar!!!! Hate when people do this garbage. Hey lets build a 34 ford coupe and lets put a Chevy motor in it!!!!! What's the point??? Money???? Then your in the wrong business! One motor isn't necessarily better than the next its just the point of keeping things original the way the factory may have done them. Sure you chevy fans wouldn't like it if someone built a split bumper camaro and painted it ford blue and was powered by ,,,,, you guessed it,,,,,,,, a ford!!!!!! I understand swapping out a 10 bolt for a 9" but we're talking heart and sole of the car!!! Just ranting folks!!!!!! Mopar or no car!!!!

  2. I love how the undercarriage is Dirty, Some rust, Dings, Rock Rash it shows that is gets used and not pulled on a trailer. Very nice set up.

  3. I watched the "Way of Life" video series and the RESQ1 didn't make it that far.  I hope they fixed it's severe overheating…

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  5.  4:56 he said it has completed every mission it has been sent on… very first wayalif video I watched with Resq1 in it. The jeep continued to overheat and they had to tow it off the trail. Meanwhile Mel Wade in Evo 1 kicked ass the whole time lol

  6. Lol it was awesome till they put a gas engine in it. seriously huge rig tons of weight…. put a turbo diesel on it. a 4bt cummins would have been perfect.

  7. it's not the old days any more. a chevy 350 is not the go to engine for jeeps you dumbasses. should've been a hemi or a cummins. Jeep is dodge now, put a Dodge in it.

  8. You put all that crab in a jeep and you will still need another vehicle to resq you behind! Jeeps are for yuppie wanna-be country boys, the trails belong to ford and chevy!

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