Replacing a Door Skin : Live From the Eastwood Garage! PLUS Behind the Scenes of Our Web Series!

Replacing a Door Skin : Live From the Eastwood Garage! PLUS Behind the Scenes of Our Web Series!

here you know I know you wanted to get it for the web series but sometimes tight so the money shot we didn’t have again tell me it came off easy i see the glass is still in one piece well after you gave me a hand getting this it started actually did come off pretty easy classes in one piece so I don’t have to use a hammer break it just kept trying yep yeah so it’s only words that one nut and bolt when i was able to just pry back and forth on each side and pull the frame off so we would have stuck around for like another minute we would we could have so we could actually seen it all right but the good thing is the glasses in one piece you know you’re not going to use it not going to use it but we didn’t make a mess yeah and so that’s how you do it so anybody out there with a I’m not sure it’s just first-generation Camaros might only be 67 we should look that up we have a 67 Camaro get that bolt tons of little brown right out yep alright so now where’s the where’s the regulator and everything and now the regulator in the window frame that’s back in R&D the painting right so I got some cleaning is dry yeah danish try so so you put paint on it too yeah so I cleaned it up with rust encapsulator little clear zinc and we didn’t get to okay but was rusted calculator yes ok so that’s waiting so the original plan was we were going to I guess what everybody okay we’re live that’s ok so we’re alive today if you have any questions or comments Dave break out the ipad and get on how we were actually just at a meeting and we got back a little late which is why I want to talk about four minutes late and so Cody because we are original plan was to try to show the entire process of putting this door skin got this door skin from AMD where you get one that they fit it’s amazing the fit yeah we already did drivers or fit awesome so so that the and the sheet metal fits great and so the original plan was to show you how to do the entire door skin today on this this one in epoxy primer with a2k arrow spray yesterday we had to do a couple patches on it throughout this week in the lower area which you’re going to see in the series and private bunch of other instructional videos but the regulator give a little bit of a problem it took a little longer like Cody said it’s in it’s in a it’s in rust encapsulator right now drying because to try it if you’ve ever had to do this to try to shove that regulator which is the light around all around to try to show that regulator through these holes the window regulator of the actual amounts to their you’re all comes in through there and then to try and get it in fish it through like Randy saying it’s to get tough maybe it’s really hard so the plan is to do ahead of time like make life easy on us so we would mount it in here at a time then put the door skin on and then we’d be set yes but it’s drying because we’re trying to shoot everything to show you guys how to do so you will be able to get so you will get that video at some point it’s just not going to maybe today but today today we’re gonna get the door skin ready ready so it can be skinned we’re going to punch holes on the side of the flange with this awesome punch lands school will test fit the door make sure everything fits good most important moment yeah and then and then want to get the regulator in which is probably another but you gotta check out this punch plans still the same sheet metal on everything so wanna get started on that yeah let’s start with the punch plan school and if you see Joe in frame he’s a he’s the camera guy he’s shooting for the web series so so this is automatic let me grab the other glamour punch tool so it’s nice that this will be a joggle if you want to create a lap well with sheet metal it’ll actually offset the metal electric set one on top of the other without having it exposed dead but then this will also do a 360 punch and that’s what the side that we’re going to be using today we’re going on around the door skin every few inches we’re going to punch a hole and that a lot of spot weld it onto the frame so let’s get started see there’s a nice hole can you explain how it works again shows the tool yeah this camera so this is the flames punch tool so it will do an offset bend if you wanted to create a lap world of metal and have a lap joint and then we’ll also punched 316 whole works 90 psi air pressure that simple wow that was quick definitely beats drilling holes those are perfect hole and you’ve done what a dozen holes in the time would take you drilled one or two yeah it’s amazing and what spices you don’t get like the birds in the air out they would get this is like throw this smooth so what’s so what else that tool do besides punch this will also create an offset joint so that way you can do a lap well Oh laughter like say if you want to put a floor packing like a floor panels yeah you just keep going along just keep would keep going on the edge planet and we also have this in our panel prep tool as well so we’ll do a 45 for big wedgie yep and then it will also have the punch and after that just came in at the end of this week so look for that soon the perfect final prep tool yeah automatic version of the matter manual vary a lot of you got your pricing the one we’ve had it out for a few months we did some videos on me up so there’s actually pneumatic when i work a little yeah it’s based off this tool as well but now instead of just doing an offset it will actually tip that 45 degree thank you anyway yes so on so we got a couple people just joining us okay so we just join in we were showing how to skin a door the am the sheet metal yep we already did one door it fits great so the plan was to do the entire process today but we had some issues with the window regulator and we’d rather put the window regulator in first because if you done it’s a it’s a nightmare to try to put in afterwards and you’re going to be skin left on your arms so we’re going to put in first so he was using this pneumatic panel prep tool can we maybe just show it again quick yeah this is the pneumatic this is actually the flames punch tool now they also offered as a pet and prepped oh yeah but i’m using the punch your I now so it’s just a 316 problem and you can see in just a couple minutes we were able to punch all the spot weld holds for this whole door skin and you don’t get all the garbage like when you you’re not dealing with drill bits you’re not doing with any cutting oil or anything like that so so now we basically a way for paint to dry well why don’t we test fit this okay how do we get it on see where we’re at the trick to these you want to start at the top and then you almost want to peel it over at your car led to the deadly honors you can grab that be serious if it’s that tight that tight so much foolproof I mean you just AMD sheetmetal it’s impressive wow you know I so now it locks into place so now all you would do anyone how are you going to fold this around hammer dolly you guys are going to use this is the Martin door skidding hammer we still got and also fiberglass and a wooden handle and this contoured head it allows you to get in so that look the door arrest to show people will actually allow you to it you want to back it up with the dolly and then use your whole way down the panel ok little by little yeah i mean i just want to fold a little bit of time so you don’t end up getting cancer waves work your way around the whole door skin now I have a question before you do this would you would you try to remove this epoxy primer coming out so i’m actually i will try and well through the epoxy primer ok and the way that I will do that i will start at the edge of the pond toll okay i’m gonna have good i’ll have the ability with you without with a torch and when there’s work to wire the wire their work my way around the whole okay and that way I’m not grinding off anymore paint and I need to it’s going to get best corrosion protection possible this 2k epoxy primer is great for career and it was it was the arrow sprite which you haven’t seen it’s actually an aerosol can with a bladder inside and pull the top off you put on the bottom of the can when you do that it it pops the bladder you shake it up for a few minutes like any other aerosol and you actually have a a durable two-component paint if you’re not familiar with it as opposed to regular aerosol that’s what a two-component has a harder and better catalyst and that’s what makes it so durable as opposed to regularise also what if possible or if you really want to durability of the best paint possible and like this this will stop here this will eventually get whatever the interior color is from here though that’ll be a true automotive paint okay god yeah so that for the best education possible you want to start with the true automotive to proponent yeah an epoxy you can put over bare metal or you can put over there was a bare-metal you can see Lynne I mean there was some existing lacquer on here that was well here and you’re able to seal that in as well it’ll save you some time why don’t we get the other door actually show up the process it’s in here right yeah it’s and when you do that I want to see if there’s let’s see what’s going on so yes if there’s any questions okay now there’s no way your camera now he’s get heavy yes this is my first restoration and this was actually my first door skin so I learned a lot doing this one will be able to document it on the other we’re radio so here’s the completed or you can see where it was completely folded over using the camera dolly and well then we’re gonna get the close-up here okay he’s folded over yet you just fold it over with that hammer dolly just grinds down there yeah and i’ll describe these down put some primer on you can see the window regulator would you use on this that’s just the rust encapsulator and then that’s our clear zinc oh then this is the goal yep it’s a nice clear silver mine it was no all greased up ready for installation so we’ll flip it over show everybody the good size you can see I mean it’s not gonna take much body work to get this dead on it and you hung this on yet and so you’ll see that at some point because we actually shot that it was hanging on the car and it pretty much yeah it’s really well try this one so well I guess that that’s about it for you yeah that’s about it for today yeah we want to get the window regulator and won’t be able to start folding the door skin alright well thanks for joining us live next week we’re actually I think we don’t live seven times so nothing that you want to be there all seven so almost every morning next week at eight-thirty we’re going to be going live with our daily deal so make sure you check in 30 cool see what the deal is it’s gonna be ten percent off and free shipping on one of our products different product every day man 3 days we’re gonna be going live in the afternoon at three o’clock tuesday wednesday thursday like we usually do so if you guys used to join us at Tuesday Wednesday Thursday three o’clock eastern time lunchtime noon for you guys on the west coast join us there we’ve got some cool stuff going on we got a brand new contour SE t on tuesday which was blown nice internet it’s a stripping tool stripping paint body filler primer have prep tool but also press the metal one most popular product release in a long time yeah it’s pretty much Eastwood exclusive and yeah we got some other good videos wednesday thursday thursday we’re going to do a great product you didn’t know existed I don’t get along okay so we’re gonna show you some products that you might maybe you’ve heard of maybe never even seen so thursday three o’clock will be good like i said almost every day next week at eight-thirty tuned for a deal you and it’s not what you think that cool right yeah right let’s go watch paint dry take it easy we get any more audio there

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  1. I have a 1987 Camaro IROC Z  that I have to put a new door skin on the drivers door. Is the process the same and what is the stuff that they uses on the door bar to the door skin? I like watching what you are doing it is always interesting to see. Thank you.

  2. what is the legal way to replace the vin # plate on the cars that have one on the door ?most are stickers now . some fords only have a vin # riveted to the door no number on the dashboard

  3. Hi
    i have 1990 ford taurus sho where can i get door skin rear quarter panel for my car and i have 2 car who would need it thank

    andre messier

  4. Welding door skins is so old school, not to mention time consuming. With today's adhesives and new tool technology it can be done in half the time.

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