Remove Rust, Paint, Seam Sealer, Undercoating & More! Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool – Eastwood

Remove Rust, Paint, Seam Sealer, Undercoating & More! Pneumatic Rotary Removal Tool – Eastwood

well thanks for tuning in for another live at the eastwood garage today we’re going to go over the pneumatic rotor removal tool so this tool is going to be great for moving everything from undercoating seems healer pinstriping and even rough and all those new areas that are hard to get to with a lot more power than you’d see so we will bring up today is I believe it’s an often overlooked tool for its true potential so we want to be able / that today so today’s panel has created just gives a quick demonstration of everything that this tool can really do so you started out you saw me I was running the the plastic wheel it’s going to be able strip paint it can strip some rough it can strip undercoating it’s pretty quick after this panel created I’ve used you know our policy primer I’ve gone over with our prostreet read in case you’re wondering what color this is and then over top of that is our premium show clear you get a pretty nice finish for something I’m going to destroy pretty quickly so on this side of the panel i put down a nice strip of seam sealer because you all know you grab some seems to grab it seems so you need to strip for anything in the ruse restoration business it’s not fun you’re out there with a putty knife you’re trying to get a screwdriver scraping it not necessarily the safest thing and it’s not gonna come off very nicely and we also some undercoating because you all know that’s not fun to get off the years it’s on there can be gooey it can be hard depends on the brand and last but not least is going to be pinstriping and also dealership put those pesky little you know stickers on your on your car you may not want you want to get rid of it without doing any damage to your paint so this tool is going to be able to do that so I demoed all the things you could possibly come across and what it can really deal with the exception of rust removal which we give another video out there which demonstrates very well what it does only could get this thing clamp down and let’s run over what the tool can do so we’re going to start out with the Pinstripe removal tool i like to slow down just because doesn’t create quite as much of a mess you guys can see what it does and now go over to wear this thing really gets fun as you all know it’s pretty quick it’s easy long changing it over this tool does come with three different wire wheels you going to get a fine medium and coarse 14 different levels of aggressiveness have laid out in the order so you can see pretty quickly you can see why they’re more growth of the finer you know obviously for your senior removal you’ll go with the gorgeous one if you just want to kind of gently scrape the surface up you know especially if you’re looking to use are busting caps later on you know on a frame or something like that just will write here would be absolutely perfect for that because it doesn’t do a whole lot just gonna rip the scaly stuff off gets you ready like some free and you’re good to go so we’re going to put on the pinch of eraser wheel now this tool has two different screws that comes with that makes swapping back and forth between the two different things very nice and easy hopefully going the right way it locked down in so you don’t have to worry about you know getting it on right you’ll know when it drops down in click tighten the Allen down and again it comes with the supplied key with a really nice spot in the blow molded case for it so you don’t have to worry about losing it really got you always have handy with you let’s get started here with the Pinstripe removal and I can quick demonstrate one of the new product we’re going to be having coming out and have to face shield on wearing it’s really nice mold around your face it’s not just a flat peak plastic the nice part is it is impact related unlike most of the brands out there this one are not this one is impact really it’s not to worry about it and this will be coming soon you always want to go a little bit slower with the pin slide rule that way you don’t burn any paint you can adjust it as you go to get it just right and you can see in just a couple seconds something that would have taken you hours picking by hand stripped down to actually nothing now all you have to do is wipe that areas a little bit of free painting preps like that clean off the remaining residue you’re good to go there’s no more pin stripe on there so you ever buy used cars got pinched a grunt you don’t like you can see how fast or just rips four layers of rock pinstriping instead of saying they’re picking out for ever and ever hoping to get a piece off let’s jump over to the real fun of this tool which is where we’re going to be working with the undercoating and the seam sealer and you said before you all know how fun that is to get off quick swap the wheels yet again you can see how easy this is swapping wheels and I’ve left the air screw and this other wheels liability drop it right on just observe which way the rotation is insisting rotates in a counterclockwise want to make sure you get this wheel on so you can see that these are arched forward they’re always grabbing as they go that’s an easy way because this tools you can swap them out the hub gets reused the wheel itself is what gets changed now before I go ahead and actually attach this i want to show what would happen is if you just happen to have a DA kicking around that’s about it you’re trying to get some undercoating off and see how this is 80 grit so it’s pretty aggressive for da you show how slow this actually gets down and strips into that and i’m also going to hit the scene feel too let’s grab the lady groups and even tilted up on edge you can see how it’s really not doing too much of the undercoating up fairly put it get the undercoating same thing at the same feeling it kind of tripped into it but it’s really not making too much just making a big kind of goopy mess out of it not really shipping it to effectively so now i’m going to switch over to the to the wire brush you can see this tool in its glory now I managed to do is make an incredible mess in a very short period time in the shop but it goes to show is Magic you’re saying and doing replacement quarter panel we have seen feel all around the rear body panel you know down in the dogleg area where the rocker is and you’re saying the transcript of hours you can see how in just a second just eat this product away as a ridiculous saves you so much time instead of the traditional is da trying to stand at it as I SAT there you can still see that’s just like little mark right barely been touched it was this thing going amazingly fast me you’ll spank yourself when you’re done and you’re not sitting there trying to antagonize her over how you’re going to get it all so this tool is going to only require about for CSM at 90 psi which is going to be your your operating CFM and this one also is going to be a maximum of thirty four hundred rpm it is speed adjustment they get Joan here it’s very easy your thumbs right on it to make it adjustable so if you’re doing something like penetrate removal you want to turn down very easy to get the knob down and also for you saw as fast stripping pick it up to the high setting one other nice feature about this is and is that the handle if you’re in an all you know where I was that I was down on it was really nice and easy if you’re going somewhere you need to change the angle always that simple twist it rotates 180 degrees from side to side of your left you need to use it that way it just so happens that you’re an angle where you got the body right here and you need on that side you certainly can very easy very quick locked in place and you’re locked in solid those nice strong grip to what you’re trying to strip off anyone has done this knows that if you’re with a something like a screwdriver something that are pretty nice you’re taking forever so how about I just go strip the rest of the seam sealer all something that would have taken you five minutes I’ll doing about 10 seconds so let’s go over to the same feeling there’s some rubberized undercoating that we’re taking a long time to try to sand off as mean is it a nice solid under telling it you take a an allen key to you can see even the allen key coming as sharp edges analogy is just barely getting down to the paint after scratch after scratch at the scratch so here’s a great example how fast this to work whatever moves from paint that we can remove some paint you can see how incredibly incredibly fast or something that I believe the tools often overlooked because people don’t realize its true potential mean you’re starting out the body shop world and you’re going to start as an apprentice one of your first tool definitely i don’t recommend this thing is going to save you countless hours of trying to scrape something there isn’t a day that went by that I didn’t use this tool you know on anything so highly highly recommended as you can see this is an amazing tool to click the link to get yours today

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  1. supply:
    L/R; 2003 ford escape xlt 4×4
    auto; I heart five speed manual transmission.
    L/R rear Quator panel patch
    Outback seat;only two seat five belt harness fabrication.
    Fabrication cage.
    New rear hatch window and wiper system.
    grey cloth interior
    Quad:215/40r17 spring summer
    225/60r16 winter
    modern duce coup

  2. over and over I've said I love your videos..I'm buying the face shield next!

    and a tip for the poor guys.. the harbor freight spot weld bit isn't worth anything for spot welds, but it digs out seam sealer pretty well!

  3. The pinstriping demonstration is not what we find on old cars where the tape is brittle and BAKED on. The striping you have on there is NEW and applied over new paint and never been out in the weather. You need to demonstrate that on an OLD fender.

  4. There's a laser rust removal tool being advertised on social media right now. You don't list such an item at this time. Thoughts? Something you'll add to your line? A gimmick no serious craftsman would want? Cool but patented and can't get one in your line? Something else? Thanks!

  5. The SCT is $200 and this little tool $300??? It’s a good tool, don’t question that, but a bit unfair and disproportionate in its price…

    ps: I know know Eastwood – stupid customer always wanting to pay less.

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