Relief in Place | 31st MEU

Relief in Place | 31st MEU

What I hope the battalion and the
BLT gains from this deployment? Number one is experience. We’ve had, you know, so many years
that we were in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, you know, what I really hope
is that those, especially those younger Marines, you know, this is a
chance for them to really get back to what the Marine Corps does, that
amphibious nature, you know, pass that on to, you know, the next generation of
young officers and young Marines. 2/1, you know 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines,
our moniker is “the professionals,” and that has kind of been what we have reinforced
over and over while I’ve been in command the last few years, is to
own that nickname, right? To be a professional and again whether, you know,
that’s on liberty out in town, whether that’s putting rounds downrange on an enemy,
handing out water, you name it. It’s to be a professional person. We’re not looking to try to
pick a fight, but if you if you’re gonna pick one, you know we’re
gonna be the ones that respond to it and we’re gonna come out on top.

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  1. The MEU is a great place to simultaneously relax a bit, but also receive some excelent training and develop leadership. The opportunities are awesome, and so are the memories.

  2. In my 50yrs I've witnessed many changes in my beloved America. But the last 10yrs has been really hard to stomach with so much disrespect to our nation. Thank God for the U.S. Marine Corps. These warriors never let us down and will forever make Americans hearts swell with pride. Marines you have all our respect and 100% support from our nation and all it's citizens. Semper fidelis.

  3. Leadership is essential, and I’d speculate 2/1’s commander — and his Sergeant Major — have their acts together.

  4. I was on the “Dirty Worst” (31st MEU SOC) back many years ago….
    I went on the first ship in 1998 and it was the 31st MEU….
    And that’s when I learned why it was called the “Dirty Worst”……
    Had a lot of great times….
    I miss the shit out of it.
    The last MEU I went on in 2014….
    Yeah, I’m retired now. I just hope the Corps don’t change too much. I know when I was hitting my 15-16 year mark, you couldn’t really find any Iraq or Afghan vets anywhere on the enlisted side in Lejeune. That’s some valuable information from the actual combat vets to pass on and the Corps got rid of them.
    I did 8 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan. Visited 56 countries because of the Navy and going on MEU’s.
    I would do it all over again.


    USMC / Retired

  5. The MEU concept is so awesome; flexible and adaptable.
    I did deployments with 22, 24, and 26 MEUs.
    Semper Fidelis!

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  7. So I heard they’re switching up the training from Urban, desert and arctic operations to just Urban and cold weather environments…

    Welp. Air Force here I come!!

  8. As a former FMF Navy Corpsman, our job was to make sure our Marines of the 1st LSB, 1st FSSSG was medically ready for these deployments. So please don't forget we the corpsman play a very important part ! My jr corpsman and I took 40 Marines to Honduras to train the Honduran Army back in the late 80's and We all came back home safe and sound !

  9. Let's face the truth shall we. You're thanking me I do this. You know every ten years y'all marines think you deserve the right to make changes of what you think is right. In the navy when I was announced a commandant I would shoot anyone who did so. Trust me it put the bitches back in line. Oh and thanks for trying to make me look bad to the world they never bought your he's crazy shit in fact some came out to me and assured me they have my back over yours. Even people in your own. There was suppose to be a payment in a bank account but you believed I didn't earn it causing the marine who made the payment to lose his shit for a bit. He didn't deserve it. I also stated that you have a limited timescale. So you do in fact need to pay up. Oh any russia never wanted war. Most European nations well all nations in fact are getting nervous they want to give you the boot. That means get your bases off their turf. You caused this not me. You fucked up not me. Oh and do expect to have Sargents all over your asses unlike you pathetic oh I'm an officer nerrr fucks they do their jobs and honor their words……… oh btw I love the treat you gave me or rather I took from you. Oh and for trump jr y'all never had a younger me from the past you had a skin Walker. Yeah "monsters" have my back too. And they're not monsters they're extremely different beings. At first it was me but after a skin Walker came like omg here back to your time I see this trump jr wants to do bad things to you cause he thinks you're a kid. So I left. And oh another thing hackers are pissed off too. You thought you could say fuck hackers they're nothing yet the marine I spoke with cried and weeped when the evidence of job done came in due to how it was done….. y'all still weak. And tic toc tic toc general 23 hrs 57 mins 26 seconds.

  10. Yes, we all went on a plane from March AFB nonstop to Honduras, back during the time in the 88-89 when the Nicaraguan army were killing the Honduran citizens. We were a Combat Support Service Detachment from Camp Pendleton. There is an article in the Times either Los Angeles or New York. My Marines trained the Honduran army. There was an US Army base there back in 88 that we landed in. My Commanding officer was Capt. Clark an outstanding Marine, who use to chew that nasty tobacco. Long story short it was over shadowed by the 1st Gulf War. We spent 29 days there !

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