Red Bull Air Racing Biplane! (Mystery box 17) Steel airplane welded sculpture

[Music] Florida won I am Jason this is works by Hurst and welcome to the shop before we get rolling on this week’s mystery box I wanted to say thank you to each and every one of my subscribers we have actually broken 17,000 subscribers and that is huge for me and I love this channel and I wanted to say thank you for helping me make this channel possible being able to work in the shop and have all of you come in and hang out with me and and work together toward a project it’s a dream for me this is like my dream job and you are making that possible so thank you it means it means more than you could really ever know so I just want to say thank you and we have made it – mystery box 1717 weeks we have not missed a single week I’m excited about this last week’s box is a little bit of a struggle and I learned something about myself on this week’s box last week I didn’t have a direction and so I was kind of I was kind of floundering because I you know I really didn’t know where I was going this week I saw a biplane in the pieces and so I I started I made the decision I’m gonna make a biplane and having that clear-cut image and clear direction may give me it gave me a positive outlook on this box and so that image helps inform all my decisions going forward so maybe if you’re having difficulty with a project or with sculpting in particular instead of trying to just free flow maybe pick a direction pick an object that you can work toward and over time and over practice it gets easier so I I can tell you this much right now there are some times I can just roll roll with no direction and have something good come out but on the mystery boxes where kind of under a time crunch I need to knock one of these out every week I need a direction personally I feel better if I have a direction so that is what we are doing this week we’re gonna make a little bitty biplane and hopefully I can take this base and maybe make one of those balancing sculptures where the plane will balance that’s what we’re gonna do it should be a good time welcome to shop I’m glad to have you [Applause] [Music] I really like the shape of this plane right here and we have enough for a fuselage and we have enough for some wings here so my plan is to base all of my dimensions off this fuselage and base my wings off this there’s there’s enough meat and these here that I should be able to contour them in order to give me a an airfoil type profile [Music] let’s talk about the fuselage for a second as you can see it tapers up like this toward the tail and the fuselage actually stops right here this is where the actual rear rear rudder I guess would you call it the rear rudder begins so it tapers up from here and then I’ve already cut this part out but it also tapers from the wings back to the tail so this is our fuselage this is where the prop will be this is the front of the plane I’ve already started marking and cutting so this is the thickness that it will be when I’m done and also this is where the bottom will taper so I’ll start a cut right here and I’ll cut all the way toward the back on both sides and that will give my my bottom the nice taper and then the sides the sides I’ll so I’ll cut all the way back from here and here and I’ll need to leave myself some meat on the bones when I do this cut so I can blend all these edges in with a grinder with something like this it’s it’s really not super difficult it’s just you got to take the time in the beginning to do your layout and plan your cuts but time spent in the beginning will save hassle in the in the end or was that old saying measure twice and cut once [Music] [Music] [Music] and through the magic of editing you just missed out on about four hours of grinding and cutting so if you’re wanting to try a project like this and you’re curious as to where to get flat disks like this or your broom wheel or belts for bulk render its benchmark abrasives I got a link in the description they’re worth a look [Music] [Music] [Applause] 11:24 [Music] – eight zero zero finally done after 2 days of working here we go we are done the this particular sculpture out of all the mystery boxes that I’ve done is one of the most sculpting like what I mean by that is take the mana wheel for instance I will put a link to the monowheel mystery box that was more of an assembly process I didn’t really modify the pieces that were given to me I cleaned them up and I did a few things to them but there wasn’t a lot of really hard shaping and then I assembled a mana wheel out of those pieces this was kind of like taking raw material and bending shaping grinding cutting cutting it into a shape you know and and then fabricating an image out of those raw materials so it was just different and I made it small on purpose I really wanted to exercise the old detail muscles you know if you don’t do that all the time if you don’t work on little tiny details you can don’t practice that you don’t you’re not you don’t stay good at it so that’s that’s why I made it so small and that’s why I made it so detailed and also I like the details I really like the details for those of you wondering how I MIG weld those really tiny wires together you turn your voltage way down on your MIG welder and I use a small wire in my mag I use point oh four oh excuse me the 0.024 and o3o wire and you’re gonna want to when you strike your arc it’s gonna be quick they’re just tacks you’re gonna want to actually start your arc on the larger thicker piece if you have two pieces that you’re trying to tack together one is really tiny and wispy and one’s heavy you want to actually weld on the heavy one and then have that weld rise up and contact the small piece and it really isn’t a weld you want to set your voltage down low enough so that when you when you do attack you’re not actually really welding the parent material you’re more like depositing filler metal onto whatever you’re you’re working with so it’s not structurally really sound but when you’re trying to tack 0.030 wire with 0.030 wire that’s how you do it without blowing everything apart it’s almost like a braze process because the he is so low voltage is so low and the only way to really dial it in with your particular gear it’s just practice get yourself some some small wire take your welder turn it way down and just sit there and try and see if you can get things tacked together that’s all that is is just practice I am really happy with the way things turned out I will say that I spent the vast majority of my time grinding shaping and cutting I actually didn’t start putting things together and assembly assembling this plane which the assembly is my favorite part until well into this well into the first day and then I just kind of wrapped things up today so if you’re if you’re considering doing something like this you have to know that all the time that you spend in getting all of your parts cut shaped polished assembled detailed first before you go and assemble your sculpture it pays dividends because that’s less you have to do once you assemble it you may have some a little cleanup to do some weld sputter here and there to clean up a time spent in the beginning doing the monotonous stuff standing the grinder for five hours and cleaning and shaping things it pays off in the end and this is a pretty simple sculpture you could make this with an angle grinder and a MIG welder you don’t have to have a bandsaw or a belt grinder for this if you have an angle grinder with cut-off wheels and flap discs and a gas shielded MIG welder there you go and end time and two days of time if you liked watching me make this sculpture as much as I enjoyed making it please consider subscribing to the channel and ring the notification bill because I do a mystery box build every week this is box 17 and work I’m shooting for 50 so if you want to be notified for all the future mystery boxes ring that bill and then YouTube will let you know when I post I’m gonna upload every Sun every Sunday morning and if you’d like to send me a mystery box and have me make a sculpture for you the address is in the description so I am Jason this is works by Hurst this is a biplane I’m going to call this a pylon racer biplane and I will see all of you in the next video [Music] [Music]

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