Hey guys on this episode of Make It Real
we’re building the resistance crossbow from half-life that’s right it shoots
red-hot rebar this video is sponsored by next games which allowed us to build
this awesome weapon for hunting the undead now obviously we’re gonna need
quite a bit of steel for this project so we’re gonna go to the supermarket! “The
supermarket?” Yeah, The metal supermarket. Alright so how are we gonna build the
half-life 2 resistance crossbow well as you can see I’ve got some nice
blueprints here a screenshot from the video game so let’s figure it out the
beauty with this project is it’s literally made of scrap materials in the
game which means we can actually make it look just like this quite easily so
first of all we’re gonna need some box tube we’ve got right here now the
trickiest part about building a crossbow is probably the release mechanism so
we’re gonna cheat elope so we just got a cheap crossbow here how they can see
it’s actually a pretty slick little crossbow
we could actually modify this to become the resistance crossbow but I’d rather
make it look just like the one in the game we could also make use of the
existing limbs but I think it’d be cooler to try and use this so this is
actually a truck leaf spring and might be a bit powerful yeah it bends a little
bit I think we’re probably gonna have to remove a few of these extra pieces of
steel oh yeah I think that’ll do the trick now because the weapon we’re
making is gonna be really accurate we’re gonna need a scope so I picked up this
airsoft scope which is actually a 4x scope complete with illuminated red and
green crosshair like I’m kind of joking like it’s not gonna be accurate but
we’ve got the scope because as you know adding a scope adds 10 plus accuracy
points alright so as you can see in the design the limbs actually this is
actually technically a compound crossbow where is the cross but we have is just a
regular one so we’re actually use these pulleys and add them to the ends of our
crossbow limb next step will be to actually cut a groove out of these two
is in order to hit the pulleys inside all right time to take apart a crossbow
and see how we can make use of the components we have all right so we’re
going to start by trimming off all the unnecessary parts of the original
crossbow so we’re gonna cut off the tail stock molten plastic grouse Dremel
probably would have been a better idea but too late okay you gotta remove the
fun cool part yeah so we might have to go a bit off the plan first of all the
actual trigger mechanism is behind the grip and I wish these well a bit prettier now I was thinking imagine this is a
very expensive and time-consuming project in fact we wouldn’t even be able
to do it if not for a sponsor so I’d like to take a minute and tell you a bit
about this game I’ve been playing it’s called The Walking Dead no man’s land
I’ve put a link in the description below including a special offer that’s only
available right now it’s a turn-by-turn strategy game so if
you’re the kind of person who likes playing chess or checkers you’ll
probably like it the best part is it’s an officially licensed walking dead game
which means you get to play the characters from the show in actual
walking dead locations including Alexandria during my trip down in
Michigan for the artprize with Ian I played this game for hours and made it
pretty far it’s kind of addictive during your turn you move your characters
around every time you move the zombies move too which means you’ll have to use
a bit of strategy and problem-solving to get out of tight places and beyond
adventuring you also get to set up your camp build up your fortress and defend
it and if your fan of the TV show The Walking Dead you’re gonna recognize the
in-game characters like Rick’s and shown Ezekiel Daryl and even negan who’s a
special character you can get for free right now if you use my download link
below when the newest updates the game includes a new game mode called the
distance which is a biweekly event or you play a survival mode there’s also a
new crafting mode lets you collect components and craft badges for your
survivors to increase their attributes the game is available on Android iOS and
pretty much every other device so if you like zombies saving humanity and being a
certified apocalypse survivor download the game for free today
the offer is only available right now so go ahead and click the first link in the
description below alright let’s finish this crossbow
I think Daryl will need it now honestly it’s not actually as heavy as I thought
it would be I mean it’s pretty heavy it’s gotta add some stuff to it but I
can flex with my fingers I’m just scared to pull it all the way oh my god all right so we’ve been able to actually
draw and fire the crossbow which is pretty awesome so we had a bit of
difficulty when we made it it was just too damn powerful and what we did try
and fix that was first we machined slots into the limb of the crossbow so it’d be
a bit easier to actually drop back that still wasn’t enough so we made the slots
even bigger and we actually used our mock CNC milling machine to do a nice
little curve right here unfortunately it was still actually really hard to draw
back now we didn’t want to weaken it anymore so we decided to turn to a
compound crossbow we actually went out we bought better higher rage pulleys
that are a bit smaller we’re going to replace them with so let’s do that right
now which means we have to actually now add
the most iconic part which is the actual heating of the rebar part so we’ve got a
few copper bus bars which were actually a machine in our time our CNC machine
had a slight groove for the piece of rebar to sit in them males here what is
it just you it’s a are five hundred proof steel yeah we’re making the
frying-pan from pub G we’re seeing how much current it takes to heat up one of
these projectiles so we have two car batteries in parallel now hypothetically
we should be able to get about 2,000 amps out of these ready well she getting red-hot
how’s her current there we go look at that red-hot yeah okay yeah good job you
have one directed by the Red Hot 900 the dropping yeah for that ant
hey 50 so as you can see there’s also a sweet spot before the red-hot metal it
gets highly unstable just for shits and giggles we’re gonna see how much power
will take to heat up actual rebar there’s some pretty good sparks so the
other issue with actual rebar is because it’s all rusty and rough it is super
hard to actually get a good contact so honestly the other option is probably
better if I would loo that I cut through the arc yeah test two today we can’t fit two car batteries on
the bottom of our cross now we’re gonna power this crossbow we thought we were
gonna be able to use some of the normal zippy lipo batteries that we had already
but it turns out they’re not powerful enough and in the game they use a what
looks like a six volt lantern battery and that would just not heat up a piece
of rebar so we’re gonna have to use some modern technology
each of these can actually put out 250 amps which means all aid in them
together what’s that around two thousand amps plus they have a peak discharge
rate of double that so that means hypothetically we can put out 4000 amps
that’s almost 30 kilowatts of energy are you guys staring now we want to make
this look as close to the crossbow in the game as possible so we’re gonna
disguise these light bows as lantern battery and to do that I got some yellow
duct tape ha and there you have it one lantern bed so we still need to connect the power
wires from the battery to the contactor which connects to this copper bus bar
here and in the battery to connect directly to the bus bar in the front
making it short on the rebar in between them
now before we did the X we’re basically now to take off take apart the entire
gun just to fit the wire through the inside of the gun we’ve got to add a
stirrup so we can actually load this thing okay you give that beep three it’s
like if that mechanism failed as I’m pulling my fingers there hmm
the safety didn’t auto engage that time please work trigger mechanism all right
so just for a point of reference we’re gonna try shooting a regular crossbow to
see how it compares to the one we built that’s so easy cross puzzle cool
yeah once again this is how easy 135 pounds draw a cross bill it’s below just
like that cannot do that on mine well sure what’s more since a little you
can’t dry fire these things yeah we shouldn’t shoot this one I saw another
one somewhere I like crossbows hey back to our craft
oh come on three two one all right first test of the crossbow
we’re not going to eat anything up just yet but let’s see if it can shoot a
regular arrow oh you go at me okay ready all right let’s move on to some more
serious firepower more serious ammunition and bent it oh my god let’s
shoot it from the ground I have to hold it
holy shit yes that’s my sparks here we go why is it not turning red there we go holy and I’m gonna aim for this shoot holy Sh
I hit the Apple zoom and zoom in get the steam I chased really good for us
alright I missed it but half her skulls gone oh boy yeah let’s talk about what we’re going
to test the song we actually picked up some Ivan heads from zombie go boom but
unfortunately these things don’t come with brain matter on this episode of
cooking with a hack Smith we’re making ZOMBIE BRAINS we don’t have a lid do it
it’s in the messy you know we don’t have a lid have you guys ever seen chicken
hearts before what’s the candy that’s shaped like this
no Swedish great alright play a gumdrop but like I like that they’re weird oh
yeah throw any eggs in fridge this was actually an CH he graciously
donated to cooking with Zack Smith yeah they think things are bad man that is
nasty I guess I’ll just I’ll Jam a few chicken hearts in I’m a chicken hammer and there you have it
zombie brains made a lot of extra you want some oh hello my name is Gordon
Hackman and I’m a research associate at the Black Mesa facility in the anomalous
materials department at least I was until everything kind of went sideways
so I’ve had to create this weapon to deal with the issues we’ve been having
so let me show you how it works all right now it’s time to test our highly
experimental weapon for killing head crabs
I mean zombies I guess we gotta draw this first now for the purposes of this
test we want to make sure we have a exact baseline for the weapon so we’re
gonna be shooting it from this platform as opposed to actually holding it all
right so ready to test safety off what really sliced the head open there tick – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this
happen during I haven’t had before so I think we I I didn’t actually holy crap I didn’t quite get to the red-hot part so
that’s why it’s not a fire he’s not having a good day yeah yep what so in
the game when these red-hot rebars stick into a frigging concrete that’s just
that would never happen because once it’s red-hot its malleable it is soft as
you can see here like it literally became like I almost lay a little
corkscrew and pretty much all of them have bent so so one thing half life
probably got a little bit wrong with the the physics in that game among other
things yeah I’d say that’s pretty effective all
right so the resistance crossbow proves pretty effective against zombie heads
especially because it actually lights some on fire so even if you don’t get a
critical hit you’re lighting that zombies head on fire and they’re not
gonna last very long after that but we got finished this guy and I got a
crowbar oh Jesus Christ those things are hard
yeah I’m a lot more impressed with the bullet went through him now like seeing
how hard this skull is there we go all right final test big bolt super
red-hot we’re gonna see what it looks like in slow motion when it literally
squiggles itself on this plywood skid all right so we’re likely pumping around
15 to 20 kilowatts of electricity into this piece of steel and it is just
glowing orange hot it is going to start melting soon we need to shoot it ready I
didn’t go to squealy he’s definitely wood flying but better if we actually
had some well I hope you guys enjoyed that project we had a ton of fun making
it and we’re super thankful to our sponsor for helping make it a reality
because we wouldn’t have been able to do this project without them so please
check out their game The Walking Dead no man’s land there’s a link in the
description below and a special offer that’s only available right here as
always make sure you’re subscribed with notifications turned on you’re not gonna
want to miss our next projects and don’t forget to check out our other makeup
real projects in this playlist right here thanks for watching



    -Why not use an induction coil?
    Induction coils are not as efficient as resistance heating. You would need a power supply (+ the battery) the size of a microwave to produce 15kW of heat. Where as with resistive heating, you only need a battery pack to produce 15kW to get that much heat.
    -Why isn't the tip red hot?
    If the tip was red hot, it wouldn't penetrate at all. It would deform on impact. We can do it (just use a shorter bolt).
    -What's the music at the beginning?
    It's the Valve intro music in many games.
    -Why didn't you use real rebar?
    It's not very conductive because it is rusty and bumpy. Hard to make a good connection. That's why we used smooth steel rods. This is shown in the video.
    -You should test this against the shield!
    The shield would win 😉

  2. Zombie takes first cross bow shot to the head "tis but a flesh wound HAVE AT YOU" zombie takes second shot "OW OW OW MY EYE IS ON FIRE"

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  4. The problem why it wasnt flying straight is because of a lack of front havyness, of you added more weight to the tip, it would not land on its side or whatever

  5. something that heavy might look better on a pintle-mount.
    also i suggest Building a drawing-bar with two handles and two hooks to have a better grip while drawing.

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  8. If you put the Wings on the ammunition it would be a one time thing so you see the ones in that it can’t be used again so if someone else picks it up and traced fired at you it’s can’t be used again

  9. I know that the crossbow was based on half life 2, and that was a freaking awesome build, but I cant help but wonder if the battery set up you used could be used to make an auto reload function instead of the resistance heating it was used for? Im thinking something like the teeth of a chain saw blade, but not sharp, on a track that automatically pulls the string back into place.

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