Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes – REAL VS FAKE | tango2+

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes – REAL VS FAKE | tango2+

doing well and welcome back to my
tango2plus channel he today as promised with a comparison between the real real techniques bold metals and the fake ones that actually in my region eBay haul so where
I got them from pricing and just compare them for you guys so if you’re
interested then please keep watching ok so first I purchased the real ones from
I was so excited when I saw that they now stalking the gold medals brushes
because yes I didn’t think that we’re going to you and yet I was randomly all
netanyahu not and I came across them and I ordered them straight away it will go
probably should have waited because I saw I had this morning that its 20% off
makeup then be autumn’s so I probably should have waited illegally to our have
in the description by I paid just under $68 for these sick but they did with the
20% off even better off going to discount card if you want to use that
operated in the description far as well so yet just under $68 Australia Bank be
helpful and then the fakie if you what worries that even a whole you know that
I’ve got them from eBay seller in the description by around $15 for this debt
you get a face brushes and three are brushes so the essentials of signing up
with three but this one has got seven from watching other peoples videos and
see Instagram peaches on these faiths brushes I feel that the fate while vary
in quality for example some don’t have the team logo on them all the numbers on
the back just bear in mind these ones do okay so this is what the real ones look
like out of the package II just a little bit sticky at the moment they have like
a blasty around them inside the package he have
to get better off don’t like to keep things there is the 103 which is the
angled brush number three hundred teaches the tape it approach to which is the oval shattered
so many compared these two guys but always of these side will be the real
one thing not exactly the same number these 2103 this one is 100 but their
birth pata brushes this one’s just got an angle to it white these 20 ease a lot heavier up and
down the barrel of know sometimes if you guys can hear that rationale this one is
a loss on the product the right team the acts he on the real one is just a little
bit doc up and sang with the numbers on the back catalogue this is just a really
nice college is a nice light yellow gold where is this money to benefit to turn a
little bit she tried to do for you guys but the water isn’t as precisely cut as
the real life as well so pretty much identical yeah pretty much identical the
real money just got a little little bit more to it than a precious I’ll compare
the actual number so I 300 which have a tape it blush brushes 1301 this was the fate once again color
wise this one is just a really nice rose gold and then this one sort of a little
bit to china very similar shape so once again the real ones are just a little
bit so and white wife is well this one and then comparing the number two
hundred brushes which the oval shadow brushes pretty much nearly exactly the
same brush wife the fed funds looks like it cut more precisely so they are very
very similar deal with the real one just a little bit
heavy oh and the real one has a little bit of a great Andre look to it where is
this one is more of a creamy white so are you guys the rest of the fake ones
as well as you can see what’s included which is 30 this is looking forward to
getting looking forward to getting the real one of this one as well from what
I’ve seen the real one is just a little fluffy one here so contrary it depends
what you’re up to 40 more blurry outlook I think you prefer this one bit for
almost all 2012 maybe the one is better how about this one isn’t 22 turned which
is good next one is that foundation brush and
1014 to try this one out so it got like that triangle look to it very flat to
apply your foundation these two little eyeshadow brushes here these are
misusing the real ones who have a little bit of weight to them these WHYY’s number 201 just a shadow
brush and then this 1202 which is a little angled brush in relation to wash
shedding and how they apply makeup gonna do a follow-up post on my blog soon and
let you guys know about that cuz ya want to get this up for you guys ASAP on a comparison of the look feel
and everything although actually using a report back on that comparison for you
guys hopefully this video is helpful if you were to ask me which ones would
recommend a probably have to say the real one Australian price for them but I have
priced I think they definitely worth it they just they just look and feel a
little bit soft I probably did these over if you’re after the full sit at a
cheaper price various stimulus softness and look and
everything like that then these are great as well a personal preference for not properly
carried the real one and only everything in the description are interested thank
you so much for watching if you like the comparison type videos please subscribe
if you haven’t already almost social media link in the description by
definitely come say hi and I hope you had a wonderful take $150 each well to today

90 thoughts on “Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes – REAL VS FAKE | tango2+

  1. This was really interesting and helpful, thank you! Saw the RT bold metals collection in Priceline the other day …. $60 FOR ONE BRUSH!? I'm all about 'quality over quantity' but that is just crazy! Your right, better hop onto iherb for the originals. On the other hand I think I'm going to check out the replicas haha πŸ˜€

  2. Great video!! Have you tried the brushes out and do you know how they compare in regards to blending? Also, I love your top/dress.. so cute. Looks lovely on you! xx

  3. I agree with not paying Aussie prices for them. Other people must agree with that. My local priceline has got a lot of them in the clearance bin, reduced to $20 and I can't even justify that! I love RT though, I get them through iHerb too. Gotta love iHerb!

  4. Great video! Yep the fakes vary because I also bought some recently and mine aren't two toned, they look like the originals with colour and are really soft. But I don't see myself paying for the originals at this stage! xx

  5. Very interested to know how they all wash. I've bought real and fake brushes before and the fake ones after washing they go kind of frizzy and the real ones stay straight.

  6. I also have also the cheap and the real Real Techniques. On using them,, I feel they are just as good as the real ones. I guess time will tell in how long they last though.

  7. How long did the shipping take for the fake ones? Buying anything from China takes over a month or month for the product to arrive πŸ™

  8. so informative xx i have 1 x real bold metals brush.. i got one for contouring.. use it all the time.. so i spent the money. the others were all similar to other brushes that i already own – seeing how white and clean yours are i should clean mine 😯

  9. Are you going to buy the RT version of the contour brush? Great video! Many of us would like to know how good are eBay products.

  10. The real 103 is an angled powder brush. That is limited edition to that three brush set😊. The fake 100 is a dupe of the arched powder brush in the original bold metals😌. They aren't differentπŸ’™

  11. I can't justify buying from people that are blatantly ripping off an affordable brand like Real Techniques. Plus, you really don't have any guarantees about what kind of materials that the counterfeits are made out of, if they're using non-toxic materials or not. I mean if the counterfeiters have no qualms about blatantly ripping a not so faceless company off, then why would they care if they're using safe materials?

  12. I live in the U.S. so that same set only cost 34.50 usd. The regular real techniques brushes are also really cheap. You can get a set of face brushes for 12-16 dollars usd. I couldn't imagine paying 68 dollars for real techniques brushes. If they were that price I probably wouldn't own so many.

  13. I was very disappointed because for Christmas my mom got me the 7 set and I was so exited and so happy, I actually do have the original orange purple and pink rt set but I wanted these just by your video I found out I have the fake ones, I just want to know are they ok

  14. The reason one powder brush is different is because the one in the essentials set is limited to that set whereas if you were to buy the bold metals normal powder brush they would look more similar

  15. I've just recently started delving into the world of make up and wanted to thank you for your videos. You offer great tips and things that really help me with my dos and don'ts haha. Also, regarding iHerb, I was going to purchase RT brushes from it and they were offered at such a good price, I only assumed I would be getting ripped off. Your input is appreciated to a beginner like me! Thanks again and keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

  16. I got the real ones and fake and i love them both. luckily i got the real ones as a gift but i purchased the fake ones. I love them both equally πŸ’•

  17. Any thoughts on that fake brushes? How they wash etc. Just check your blog and cant see post about them. Are You still planning to review them? Hello from UK 😘

  18. i didn't even realise there were fakes about! i don't own either of the sets, fake or real. but i do love RT brushes that I do have xx

  19. In the actual Real Techniques brand, they do sell all eight brushes (and have recently brought out more)! The real set you have is the christmas essentials set, where the powder brush is exclusive to that set, however RT do actually sell the rounded powder brush xx

  20. I usually hate buying fakes of anything, but I really wanted the bold metals collection just because they're so pretty. I didn't need any more brushes, so I just bought the fake ones to have them sitting in my makeup brush holder so they look nice. hahahah.

  21. Love these brushes I have both the real and the fakes and I think the fake ones are nothing like the real ones!! I love the 100 I love it more than the Tom ford brushes!!

  22. hey hun .. love this vid πŸ™‚ great review, really looking forward to you trying them out to see if there is a difference with the application πŸ˜€

  23. I've got the real brushes recently from iherb as well! I love them <3
    Thanks for the video! It's great help.
    Lovely to see an Aussie because it means I can get info on things easier to get my hands on πŸ™‚

  24. Lady – you're the best. After I saw this video, I checked out iherb. I'd never even heard of it before an am also in Aus. It's the greatest website and I've spent $200 on it since discovering through you. I was waiting for a 20% RT sale and I was in luck – purchased yesterday. Full price they're $70 on iherb, but I only paid $55 with the discount as-well as a free $7 credit which they give out regularly. I recently purchased the flat contour brush and the original 100 Arched please powder brush from feel Their brushes were roughly $40 each full price and I also used a first buyer promo code which took 15% off. I got both brushes for $33.50 AUD, an absolute bargain considering they're $65 EACH in Priceline!!! The $55 I spent on iherb brings those brushes down to a mere 18.30 each. Fantastic. So all up now I've paid $121 for 5 authentic Real Techniques brushes, when the original price would be sitting up at roughly $290. So good! Feel unique and iherb are the way to go. Free shipping to aus on both

  25. Are there fake original line of Real Technique brushes? I look on ebay to see if anyone is selling the ones I like as individuals. A lot of my favs are in sets with other brushes that I don't need.

  26. Hi. Is this your first video I found. I received a copy of these brushes from Malaysia. they have no letters RT. Not rattle when shaken. They look very nice. But what they're capable of will become clear only with frequent use and wash.

  27. The fake bold metal brushes I purchased off amazon for Β£15.00 are amazing. Exactly same shape and feel but not as heavy. And I have a copy of the original real techniques brushes which I compared to the originals for only Β£5.00 from Amazon and still like new after a year of use

  28. they are fake for a reason.
    on the seller's description it does not say 'Real Techniques' in fact it says 'unbranded' and it does not have the logo on itπŸ˜‚

  29. Awesome video! I'm sure you already know, but the rest of the bold metals are now on iherb for 20% off ^.^

  30. so sorry but your "real" ones are fake, actually, and the fake ones are also fake…. I saw a video about this brushes, and your "real" ones are the wrong shape!

  31. Who cares if they are fake?
    They do the same shit just like the real ones.
    Honestly, not everyone can purchase the real thing Ffs

  32. Am I the only one that would rather pay for the fakes be you get more brushes for less and there isn't really that much difference

  33. I don't know if you've see the Kmart version of these? Not sure how they go, but that maybe a cool idea. Great video as always oxo

  34. I have the fake ones and they work perfectly fine, I really like the eyeshadow brushes – they are better then my genuine Mac ones!

  35. Jesus almost 60 for three brushes?? You could get yourself a nice brush set from spectrum for 50 and those are beautiful, I bought myself some unicorn brushes on wish for 8 set of 10 and they're literally the best brushes I've ever used seriously don't be fooled these companies just want your money.

  36. it's not about how cheap you can get them. someone's worked hard on making them..and some cheapskate is trying to earn money off their (RT) hard work.

  37. i love real techniques i have the original first brushes almost all of it. but this ones is just too expensive 2 brushes cost 1 whole day of me cleaning houses ( im just an aupair in denmark ) 😒😭

  38. HOLY HANNAH these brushes are crazy expensive! I was at Kohls (US) the other day and got the $20 usd blush brush for $7.50 and then the tapered shadow brush for a little less! They must not be that great if they were 40% off… I was blown away to hear how much you spent on just those three! I don't know the money conversion but why are they SO expensive overseas?

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